Not Yo Opp – [Fo Guala]

Fo Guala and Rari Digital have both the streets of Newark, NJ and internet on fire this week with Guala’s latest visual for his frenzied new visuals to his track “Not Yo Opp” which quickly ran up fifty-thousand views in just a matter of days. Guala takes on an ostentatious instrumental driven by a hauntingly harmonious vocal sample overlaid atop characteristically chaotic percussion that allows the overall tone of the song to be somewhere between sinister and triumphant. His flows are passionate and animated establishing a mix of bravado and juvenescence that endears him to his young fans who can relate to his anger and restlessness. Fo Guala is certainly one of the many artists on the rise in New Jersey to keep an eye on and I hope he continues to keep his foot on the gas pedal for the remainder of 2022 and I would love to hear a full-project from him by the year’s end.

Bringing It – [Fo Guala]

Newark, New Jersey’s Fo Guala continues my trend today of focusing on the burgeoning group of talent emerging from North Jersey as a youthful and refreshing crew of artists are breathing new life into an area that hasn’t had a true mainstream moment in rap just yet. Fo Guala’s demeanor is menacingly charismatic and his lyrics are brash and confrontational, daring his enemies to play with him and exalting those who are behind him. Gwop Digital brought this like so many indispensable visuals to this scene to life and is one of a few cameraman who can be credited with much of the Jersey underground’s increase in notoriety and output. I look forward to hearing more from Fo Guala this summer and am sure that this won’t be the last artists who makes their mark from Gwop Digital’s channel.

5 AM In Miami – [WorldIsGualaa]

Star on the rise, WorldisGualaa from New Jersey is bringing a versatile sound with hip hop, rap, and trap soul finishes. His new Single “5 AM in Miami” showcases his versatility well in contrast to his last single “EYE 4 EYE”. WorldisGualaa’s new single and visual, tell the story about being caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to women. The new single is a vibe, light and easy to bob your head to.  The New Jersey artist is making space for himself and he is hungry. Him and his team have been working like crazy to put out project after projects. In April of 2020, he became serious about his music career and put his all into an 8 album EP. Since then his music capabilities have expanded and he is trying new avenues to find where he fits in. Using his music as a form of expression and a way for him to escape, he hand picks his beats, writes his own lyrics, and even co-produces from time to time. All of this makes him feel sure that he is connected with the music and gets the exact feeling and point across that he is trying to make.  In his words, he writes music based on how …

Rain – [Tommy Ice] ft. [Annamarie]

Atlanta is obviously a music city that needs absolutely no introduction, but it goes so much further and deeper than just the surface. While names like Future, Young Thug, Gucci Mane, 21 Savage, and countless other massive artists are lucky enough to call this city home, there are definitely so many other artists that are making remarkable music, even if these aforementioned names might get all of the mainstream attention. Nonetheless, I want to bring these underground icons the credit that they rightfully deserve, and my list begins with Tommy Ice. Tommy is someone who I have been listening to for years, watching him come into his own as a producer, rapper, and all-around creative, and at this point, I feel like I’m lucky enough to even consider him a friend, even if it’s just through the internet at this point. He never fails to impress me, and he definitely continued to do so on his latest SoundCloud released song “Rain”, featuring Annamarie. Produced by Tommy himself as well as Guala, this one features lighthearted ukulele-sounding strings that clash with pungent 808s and crisp percussion that give a slightly trap-like sound to an otherwise serene foundation. Annamarie, who I wasn’t …

bandz gone – [Zee!] + [Guala]

Beyond all preconceived expectations that the digicore scene holds stands Zee! — a talent within the community that stands head and shoulders over nearly all of their contemporaries. This is not from a quality-based perspective necessarily; his music by itself is just as fantastic as any other artist working close to him. Rather, it is just how different of a route he takes towards his craft that gives him all the deserved acclaim in the world.  The Novagang and Co-op standout is a hitmaker through and through. His recent string of singles exemplifies all the traits that define this aforementioned artistry as it stands, whether that is his mix of soothing and hard-hitting vocals, masterful sense of rhythm and flow, or his incredibly rich combination of pop and hip-hop stylistics. All of these features present themselves in a package that is equally of-its-time as it is forward-thinking — a line seldom crossed by his fellow scene acts. As if anything else could be expected, these facets are on full display with his most recent single “bandz gone.” A collaborative offering with Guala, this track is just another example of how he is making his artistic status that much more dynamic …


Ease World is someone who I’ve been familiar with for some years now, he used to pull up to all of our cyphers that we used to host back in the day, and it’s been dope to watch him grow as an artist over the years. You can tell that Ease World grew up a huge fan of Pharrell, everything from his production to his sound to the whole aesthetic will tell you that, and he says it himself as he pays homage to him a ton. Ease World’s sound and style is extremely likable, his music is super quality and we can’t overlook that. Get in tune with one of Chicagoland’s many talents by pressing play below! Shot by @OG_GRAPEAPE • produced by @DONXTREVINO

Right or Wrong – [Tommy Ice]

When it comes to the layers of talented artists in the Atlanta Rap scene paired with the recognition they receive, it’s pretty much never-ending. While household names like Young Thug, Future, and 21 Savage call the Georgia city home, there are consistently more and more artists coming up and making a name for themselves on a more underground level. One of the most notorious underground legends out of Atlanta has to be Tommy Ice. He has been grinding for years to perfect his music, introducing a wide variety of sounds and a multifaceted arsenal of capabilities within music including rapping, singing and producing. Although he doesn’t get nearly enough recognition as I think he deserves, he continues to do his thing consistently which will undoubtedly pay dividends in the long run. Thankfully, he’s back with a brand-new track entitled “Right or Wrong”. A mystifying beat is created through bubbly synths, spacey notes, and calm yet impactful percussion. Tommy delivers a very consistent cadence, accenting certain words at the end of some of his lines to add even more catchiness to the already alluring flow. He gets slightly more melodic as the percussion kicks in, almost humming his words as he …

Fool In Me – [J Wade] prod. [Guala]

On-the-rise Chicago rapper J Wade has followed up on his previous single “Grit” with a change of pace in the form of a new song titled “Fool In Me”. As an emcee who often gravitates toward sample-based beats, J Wade continues to work with that motif on “Fool In Me” while adding more of a trap-inspired sound to his arsenal thanks to producer Guala. This past year marks one of hip-hop experimentation for Wade, and holding together each of his recent releases is solid, reliable lyricism. He comes across as introspective and self-reflective by nature, but he’s able to maintain a sense of bravado at the same time. It’s in this balance of humility and self-confidence that Wade’s raps thrive, and his gravelly delivery helps to cement him over the unsteadily syncopated instrumentals he flows on. Here is a rapper who’s able to give the illusion of effortlessness while still making listeners aware of the craftsmanship that fuels his creative process. Wade’s attention to detail ultimately comes to fruition in glimpses of brilliance that seethe to the surface between bars, and if you listen closely, you can hear them for yourself.

Fast Life – [Muddy Mick]

Muddy Mick is certainly no stranger to our website, and today the Chicagoland based has returned with his brand new project called “Fast Life”. Muddy Mick has been doing his thing and making a name for himself in these Chicago streets for a minute now, and this latest offering is definitely some of his best work to date, which I am more than glad to see! I have been rotting for Mick and his collective spacedoutgualaboyz for a minute now and it appears as if they are all about to his full stride, and this solid tape is just another sign of that! Peep this brand new tape below and if you enjoy it don’t forget to follow Muddy Mick here.   Production from Kaiyoshi, Mike Frost and Luke Almighty

Staff Picks: Top Songs of the Month (March 2018)

March was undoubtedly the busiest month for new music so far in 2018. From XXXTentacion’s chart-topping album ? to Rich The Kid’s highly-anticipated debut project The World Is Yours, it was pretty well close to impossible to keep up. Luckily, the LL writing team has helped put together another Top Songs list that features tracks that may have gone under the radar throughout the past 31 days. Check them out below and here’s hoping April brings much of the same heat! _ – Get Up With Me One of the undisputed highlights from the beginning of this month was latest effort in Get Up With Me. Featuring production from BLKYTH, the vicious instrumental and high-octane lyricism was yet another hype setting record for his forthcoming Chest Pains album in which assured in the description that its release is ‘soon.’ Let’s hope that day isn’t too far away, but for now, don’t slip-up on one of his most impressive tracks to date. _ Bernard Jabs – End Goal Georgia rapper Bernard Jabs is somewhat of a newcomer on our pages, and he very well could have been on a number of these Top Songs lists in the past. Enter his …