A Conversation with syd B and Floyd Fuji about their new song “Guilt Trip”

Just a couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to feature one of my favorite artists, syd B for her latest song, “Freezing” and today, she’s back on our pages for her new offering called, “Guilt Trip”. What’s best about this one is that syd didn’t do it alone; The up and comer enlisted help from her dear friend and close collaborator, Floyd Fuji which makes for a full piece overall. Instead of just writing some words in article format, I thought it would be beneficial to sit down with both syd and Floyd to talk about life, music and their working relationship! Continue reading to check out my conversation with them! — Sam: I’ve actually never written down questions for interviews. I just like having conversations and seeing where it takes us; So the first thing I’d love to know is how the two of you met. Both of you can take turns telling your side of the story. syd: Okay, I want to go first! Floyd: I knew she was going to try to go first! She hopped up so quick! syd: Okay, so, we both went to Berklee kind of around the same time. I’m a …

Black Pontiac – [Floyd Fuji]

Last week I was browsing through the internet looking for some new artists to write about, and I came across an EP by Floyd Fuji titled “Black Pontiac”. This project only has five songs on it, but I liked everything that I heard here, so much so that I’ve been listening to it nonstop for the past few days. Floyd Fuji has the voice of an angel and has full capability to create the most addicting melodies at seemingly the snap of his finger, each of the songs featured on this EP had unbelievably catchy melodies. I honestly don’t know too much about Floyd Fuji aside from this EP, but I will definitely be looking into his catalog more, and I am already looking forward to his future releases. I highly suggest that you give this tape a chance, stream it via Spotify below!

Mint – [Floyd Fuji]

Floyd Fuji is the omnipotent R&B artist and producer melding his own path. After producing an entire EP for the enchanting songstress Syd B, lending his vocals and lyrical expertise to tracks from the R&B trio Hablot Brown, embarking on a European tour as the opener for the soulful R&B powerhouse Kyle Dion, and acquiring a cosign at his first show in LA from Tom Misch, Fuji has returned in “mint” condition and bearing a fresh new single, “Mint”. “Mint” is a tuneful, psychedelic twist on modern R&B with a dash of 80’s nostalgia provided by the Galaga-esque soundboard sprinkled throughout the charming single. Featuring the tranquil vocal prowess of Syd B, “Mint” surpasses the threshold of merely being a song, it is a soulful experience that lifts it’s listeners gently into the clouds. It’s no secret that Floyd Fuji is a soul-driven force, you can hear it in just about anything he so much as touches. Having been creating his own music since the ripe age of 15 years old, Floyd Fuji was first able to spread his wings by playing at his local church. It was there that he learned the true power that music has and that …