Gemini – [Flipphoneswhty] [Nerdcoke]

Recently I covered Alabama artist Jayboe who has been making a name for himself in his in many ways great but obviously out of touch state making plugg-music and other underground stylings and has grinded out a fanbase both in his area as well as all over the internet and another plugg artist who is doing the same thing is Clarksville, TN’s Flipphoneshwty who comes from a place that is lagging very far behind other areas in terms of cultural awareness, especially in music, but nonetheless has managed to make a name for himself in the underground in less than a year, teaming up mainly with CashCache recently who has personally been giving plugg a sort of revival and new more laid-back spin than usual and gotten many hip, and biting, in the process. However today Flip is not assisted by Cash at all on his new EP Gemini with North Carolina producer NerdCoke who, alongside CashCache and fellow NC producer Dylvinci, have helped change plugg music from either a more explicitly trap sound, or poppy and lo-fi such as ‘pluggnb’ to a more dreamy and jazzy sound that still allows artists plenty of room to spaz with whatever flow or tone …

In Between! – [Fliphoneshwty] [CashCache!]

Clarksville, Tennessee’s Flipphoneshwty is back today with a new visual for his sanguine new plugg-track “In Between!” where Flip skates over Cashcache’s bubbly instrumental with his slightly autotuned vocals and unique flows as he is not shy at all about changing up his cadences, which are all some of my very favorite moments from this song. Flip came together with Noah Stenhouse for the well directed new video that shows off Flip’s charisma, and I am looking forward to hearing him develop his own unique sound more and more as his vocals are already quickly recognizable and his beat selection is first-rate. Keep an eye out for Flipphoneshwty as he continues to make more and more of a name for himself within the plugg-universe track-by-track.

I Love Cashcache 2 – [CashCache!]

Atlanta’s Cashcache! has been one of the foremost breakout producers in the entire underground rap world that is clearly derived from the plugg-sounds of Mexikodro and StupidXool that first captivated SoundCloud in 2015-16 but never quite had the true mainstream moment most fans thought it deserved, despite numerous big songs that helped forge their almost god-like cult-followings in the producer community and greater rap world. Nonetheless a new crop of artists are popping up on SoundCloud almost daily looking to revive or build off of this classic internet sound and Cashcache has led the charge as far as working to further expand the sonic possibilities of the sub-genre, making at times stripped back and minimal plugg beats that are almost borderline jazz rap or futuristic and warped ideations that push plugg music further onto the razor sharp tip of hip-hop’s cutting edge. Cashcache’s new mixtape I Love CashCache 2 builds on the sonic achievements that he has found this year most notably with 10kDunkin, Tony Shhnow, and BoofPaxkMooky but also introduces and co-signs a host of new artists as well making noise in the current underground realm. “Deacon Tony” has been one of my favorite Cash and Tony Shhnow collaborations since I …