bishop ford – [femdot]

It’s no secret that Chicago native femdot is like family to all of us here at Lyrical Lemonade, and it’s also common knowledge that he is one of the best spitters that the city has to offer, and today he is back with a brand new visual for “Bishop Ford”. This is a record that fem released a couple of months ago as a part of his BOGO 2-packs, and it’s been well received by fans this far, so you just knew a music video was going to follow. Fem connected with fellow Chicagoan Jon Levert who directed this visual, and if you know anything about their prior work together, they just seem to understand the assignment every single time that they connect. The rest of 2021 is going to prove to be pivotal for fem, his fans are ready for more new music and it seems to be on the horizon. produced by gold haze x blvvk

happyseptember. – [Femdot]

Femdot is definitely one of my favorite artists in the city, but I never get to write about him because all the homies always get to his new releases first, so when I had the opportunity with his latest song “happyseptember.”, I couldn’t pass up the chance. He’s simply one of the most creative minds in the Windy City, constantly incorporating new flows into his various records that are full of unbelievable wordplays and eye-opening encounters that are so descriptive, you feel like you’re there in the moment with him. Just last night, he tweeted out a new rough cut of this record, saying: “this not no album shit. just me at 11:05 pm in my crib. a lot of times i record to get words i can’t get out any other way. wrote this cause it helped me. but maybe it can help you too. you not alone. happiness is on the horizon. happy september.” That’s something I respect so much as well because the root and the meaning of music is to express yourself and the emotions you’re dealing with, so being able to see his transparency and the sentiment that went into this record, even if it’s …

Joey Purp: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Joey Purp has been a mainstay in Chicago’s music scene for some years now and he’s one of my personal favorite rappers of the past decade. A few months ago I had Joey Purp come by the Lyrical Lemonade office for a new interview, and today we just dropped the final product. You will find Joey talking about several subjects such as his musical influences, how Savemoney formed, his upcoming music releases, Leather Corduroys, Knox Fortune, his discography, working with fellow Chicago native femdot, a collab project with KAMI, what he thinks is missing in Chicago’s music scene and much more. This was one of my favorite interviews that I have ever done, it was a great conversation and I hope that you think the same!

Lock It Up – [Nascent] x [Saba] x [Duckwrth]

O apologize because I am a couple of weeks late to this article, but sometime in the middle of May, Nascent recruited Duckwrth and Saba for an amazing new song/visual for “Lock It Up. Nascent is somebody that I have known about for some years now, he is a talented producer and from what good friends of mine like femdot tell me, a great person. On this release here, Nascent created a substantial instrumental, one that you could listen to by itself on repeat for hours if you wanted to. When you get two specials artists like Duckwrth and Saba on a beat like this, you can only expect greatness, and that’s exactly what we received. Do yourself a favor and watch this new visual below!

Watch femdot’s new interview on Dusse & Backwoods Podcast

femdot is one of the best rappers out of Chicago and that’s well known at this point, he’s been releasing some solid music so far this year, and today he is back on our website with his new interview on the Dusse & Backwoods Podcast. The two hosts asked femdot about plenty of topics such as rap battles, hip-hop legends that he would want to rap with, his experiences at local skating rinks in Chicago growing up, artist development, artists who don’t get the flowers that they deserve, and they even got fem to talk about his first strip club experience. Watch this brand new interview below and if you enjoy it, subscribe to their YouTube channel! Hosted by @Tungotjokes • @idare1official

Bishop Ford – [femdot]

Yesterday I posted about femdot’s brand new music video for “Album Mode”, one of his new records that dropped as a part of his ‘Buy One Get One’ releases he’s been providing us, and he is back on our pages with the other track that was in the BOGO, titled “Bishop Ford”. While “Album Mode” was more of a bar-for-bar, braggadocious, and sh*t talking record, “Bishop Ford” is more of a catchy bop that finds fem experimenting. Right when you press play you will be greeted with a melody that somehow feels old school yet new-age at the same time, where femdot dished out an addicting hook along with some stellar verses to match. However, arguably my favorite part of the song is when the beat switches up around the 2:25 mark, and fem gives us a whole different vibe, dropping some relatable bars + finishing the song off on a high note. Listen to this record via Spotify below and afterward definitely check out the music video for “Album Mode” if you haven’t already. photo by @laurenmwash

Album Mode – [femdot]

It’s not a secret, and it hasn’t been for a minute, femdot is one of the best rappers from Chicago & today he is back on our website with his new music video for “Album Mode”. This visual was teased on Twitter earlier this weekend got accumulated twenty thousands views on the tweet alone, there was a lot of antipiation for this release and this video lived up to the hype if you ask me. The instrumental on this joint just sounded to monumental + impactful, shout out to the producer Gold Haze for providing fem with this memorable beat, this is a producer/artist combo that I hope to see much more in the future. When it comes to rapping bar for bar, not many can keep up with fem, if you pay close attention to what he’s saying you’ll see that he’s not your average emcee. I could keep going on about this one but I will digress for now, take some time out of your Tuesday to watch this brand new visual below!

Watch femdots new interivew on Beans & Bars

femdot is one of the best rising rappers out of not only Chicago but the entire midwest, we are all huge fans of him here at Lyrical Lemonade, and he’s back on our website today because he was just featured on Beans & Bars interview platform. The fantastic host @aahmad asked fem about plenty of topics such as his most recent project 94 Camry Music, being inspired by his two older brothers, Chicago, his time at Penn State & DePaul, Delacreme Scholars, his 2018 project Delacreme 2, his religion, his new singles “Lifetime” and “Back Home”, things he has learned about himself during quarantine, delivering groceries to families in need and much more. Check out this brand new interview below!

Lifetime – [femdot] x [Saba]

Chicago has been producing a mass amount of talent over the years, there was a miraculous run of artists to come out between 2012-2014, and over the past few years, there has been another resurgence of many talented creatives to rise + receive attention from prominent individuals in the music industry. Saba was one of the creatives who came up in that initial time frame, and he has been on a steady upward trajectory ever since Comfort Zone dropped, and now he is one of the most respected + skilled creatives from the city. While femdot is somebody who has been making his name more & more known over the past two-three years, and his project 94 Camry Music that dropped in late 2019 brought him to new heights, and he has had his fans on edge waiting to hear new music since then. Not too long ago, fem dropped two songs as apart of a BOGO series, called “Back Home” and “Lifetime”, and today we received the video for the latter. Saba + femdot are undoubtedly two of the most talented artists from the city, so obviously the song performed well when it dropped some weeks ago, and the …

Watch OG Stevo perform on ‘1Take’

OG Stevo is a native of northside Chicago and an artist who I have become a huge fan of ever since femdot put me onto him, and earlier today his new live performance of “Neighborhood Hero” dropping via 1Take. This is a new series that is brought to us by the good people over at Classick Studios, a legendary place in Chicago that’s responsible for helping put out plenty of amazing music throughout the years, and now they are helping shed more light on some of the city’s finest young talents through this avenue. 1Take has quickly become one of my new favorite pieces of content, they have already built up a solid catalog, but it’s only a matter of time before this series is a must for any artist in or visiting Chicago. This song is one of OG Stevo’s most reflective tracks that he’s ever made, it’s a touching tune that hit even harder when performed live. Watch this new live performance below and make sure to subscribe to 1Take’s YouTube!