GMYL – [Jams TFC]

Jams TFC is a Chicago based talent who I have been listening to for over a year now since I saw him open for Femdot in Wicker Park sometime last year, he makes some great music + a great energy to him, and tonight he is back on our website with his brand new music video for “GMYL”. You might recall me posting the audio of this song when it dropped some weeks back, but this new visual takes the track to another level, in large parts thanks to the direction from Pat Banahan from Lost TV! I have enjoyed the content that Jams TFC has been giving us all of 2019, and I don’t expect this to be the last release from him of the year, so you might as well subscribe to his YouTube channel to continue to follow him after you watch this video below! Along with the release of this feel-good videos, Jams left us with some words saying: I love how this video represents Chicago. I love the diversity – this video shows a side of Chicago the media doesn’t acknowledge. We call “summertime chi” the best place in the world for a reason. People from all …

Rap City – [Femdot] x [Smino]

Chicago artist Femdot has been having a terrific year in 2019 in many ways including the fact that he went on his first nationwide tour and received incredible feedback from his latest project 94 Camry Music, and today Femdot is back with the second visual off of the project for “Rap City” featuring St. Louis superstar Smino! This track has been a standout + fan favorite off of Femdot’s previously mentioned project, so many of his fans are pleased that he choose to shoot a video for this one, and it truly turned out better than expected. When two of the best artists out of the midwest collide I suppose you should just know magic is going to happen, add that with a stellar instrumental from one of Chicago’s best producers, Ambi Lyrics, and that’s a recipe for success. Watch this brand new music video below and if you like what you see/hear, then go ahead and visit Femdot’s website for more! Directed by Addison Wright

The Talents To Come Out Of Homewood Flossmoor High School

Over the past five years of covering the Chicago music scene, interviewing artists, and making relationships with these creatives, I have noticed something that I believe is super intriguing: there have been so many talented individuals who went to Homewood Flossmoor High School at (or around) the same time. It’s not too often that you see this many extraordinary creatives come out of the same place at once — at least I have never heard of something like this before — but even more so, I think it’s a rarity for to have this type of talent come out of the same school especially in the same field. I believe that a big part of this should be credited to the opportunities that Homewood Flossmoor provides to their students, in all avenues, but especially in the music field. The school has engaged students in music industry classes, Jazz orchestra courses, holding rap contests (and giving out prizes to the winners), shooting music videos for their senior students at times, giving them their own radio show to practice freestyling + DJ’ing, and they even take their bands on extraordinary trips to places like Japan. It’s crazy to think about what can …

Watch Femdot on the NoOneCares Podcast

I apologize because I am admittedly a few weeks late to this article, but while he was in Denver on tour with Tobi Lou, Chicago native femdot chopped it up with the NoOneCares podcast for an interview & the final product was amazing! The amazing host Devin asked femdot about a ton of topics such as how tour life has been going for him, his new project 94 Camry Music, being a storyteller, the Myspace days, his ‘brick by brick’ mentality, the idea of college, graduating from DePaul + what he wants to do with his degree, the importance of individuals like Power 92’s DJ HotRod, his hip-hop influences, what it was like working with Rockie Fresh, wanting to be a professor in the future, Tobi Lou, the talent coming out of Chicago, speaking things into existence, giving out scholarships at his alma mater and so much more. This is one of the best interviews femdot has ever done, so any true fan of him would be crazy to not check this one out, press play below!

94 Camry Music – [femdot]

femdot has been teasing his fans with the release of his brand new project for some time now, and just this morning he blessed us with the final product titled 94 Camry Music. Femdot released the music video for the title track of this song just a few days ago & it has received a ton of love, and this project as a whole is based around the car that femdot grew up driving, a 94 Camry, and the idea is this is what the soundtrack of that time felt like to him. After the intro & title track, we got right into “Hot Lunch” that finds femdot displaying his unmatched lyrical excellence, giving punchline after punchline bars that he never seems to run out of. The lone feature on this EP came from the St. Louis legend on the track “Rap City” that finds these two skilled emcees bouncing off of each other, both slicing apart the magnificent production from Ambi Lyrics and showing why they are acclaimed as some of the best in their own respective lanes. The second half of “Late Night Run” is one of the most menacing & banging tracks that I have ever heard, which …

94 Camry Music – [femdot]

Chicago artist femdot has been having a terrific year in 2019 between the music he has put out already as well as the fact he is on his first nationwide tour, and it appears as he is only just now getting started, as today he has returned with his brand new music video for “94 Camry Music”. We here at Lyrical Lemonade have been following femdot’s career since late 2015, so considering that you know that we are very familiar with his magnificent catalog, and I don’t think it’s far fetched to say that this song is one of, if not his best release to date. This record here appears to be the title track to his forthcoming project that he has been teasing since August, and if this single gives us an idea of what the full length is going to sound like, then he might have one of the best Chicago projects of the year. Watch this brand new music video below and if you like what you see/hear, then go ahead and follow femdot on twitter here! Photo by damdam

Round Here – [Rockie Fresh]

Chicago emcee Rockie Fresh has been having a solid year so far in 2019, and today he is returning with his latest offering titled “Round Here”. The first thing that caught my attention on this track was the firey production that was provided by Mathius Young before Rockie jumped on the beat and simply does what he always does, blessing us with an ear-pleasing song that’s sure to get stuck in your rest for at least the rest of the day. Rockie Fresh has been making some major moves this year, I’ve enjoyed seeing him collab with fellow Chicagoans Tobi Lou and Femdot, but I am even more excited to be receiving some solo material from the HF graduate. Stream this brand new release via Soundcloud below!

Dilla Back – [Femdot]

Femdot is one of the hottest new rising rappers out of Chicago’s thriving music community, and this afternoon he is back with a brand new offering titled “Dilla Back”. This new joint has a silky smooth feel to it with a taste of an old school R&B as well, match that with femdot’s impeccable rhyming abilities & the gorgeous backing vocals & we have a hit on our hands. The replay value that this track has is unbelievable, I have ran through it again and again for at least twenty minutes straight, and I have a good feeling that you will find a liking to it too. Stream this brand new record below and if you are located in cities such as Denver, Los Angeles, Kansas City + more be sure to visit Tobi Lou’s website to get tickets to catch femdot opening for him on tour this fall! Photo by Grif

Chi’s Interlude II – [femdot]

When thinking back to when I first discovered femdot’s music and looking at where he is now in his career one thing is clear, he has came a long way. He has grown into one of the leaders in Chicago’s music scene by building one brick at a time, and today he is returning with the latest brick to his kingdom, in the form of “Chi’s Interlude II”. If you have been following femdot for as long as we have then you surely remember his original ‘chi’s interlude‘ that he released back in 2017, so with naming this new joint the second of the series of sorts it had to be great, and of course femdot came through with yet another classic record! I loved this new release and I got a good feeling that you might as well, check it out! Produced by Charles Lauste video directed by easys reel

Consignment – [femdot]

femdot has been giving his fan base new music one track after another over the past month or so with his Transmission Tuesday releases, and today he is back with his brand new release titled “Consignment”. Femdot made a joke on his Twitter the other day when this song came out saying “I will get back to the introspective raps soon” because this new joint is a pure bass knocking banger, absolutely filled with femdot’s classic punchline bars over a menacing & haunting instrumental that was provided by European producers Sebastian Kamae and King Khamen. femdot has been on a real streak these past few weeks and I am expecting much more from him before the year is over, check out this new offering below and cop some tickets to see him on tour with Tobi Lou here!