Fly On The Wall – [Duffle Bag Buru]

Chicago’s own Duffle Bag Buru has built up a solid reputation and catalog as one of the cities best emcees over the past few years, but until now there was something missing, a FULL LENGTH PROJECT! I have been waiting for this (probably impatiently) for such a long time and I even got the chance to tell Buru a few times that I wanted a full length from him, so you can only image my excitement today when he unleashed his brand new project titled “Fly On The Wall”. The first couple of things that caught my attention about this tape were the interesting title and the well put together cover art, before diving into the music and within the first ten minutes I was on the edge of my seat, it is chop filled with SLAPPERS one after another the whole way through. There is a total of fifteen songs on this project and Duffle Bag Buru displayed a nice variety of different sounds on this tape, everything from hard knocking bangers to more slow tempo & introspective joints. I know it’s early to say, but I would be expecting to see this tape on our “Top 50 Chicago …

Why Ya – [Charles Lauste]

Charles Lauste is a dope producer and DJ out of Chicago who has been making some noise with his GRWYF homies Femdot, Ohana Bam & 5thOfHen, who are all making their way back on our website today with their brand new music video for “Why Ya”. There have been a few crews in Chicago that have been showing out and accomplishing some great achievements, most notably the amazing Pivot Gang project from earlier this year, but the Get Rich With Your Friends movement is one that I have a very good feeling about for the years to come. They have all been building up their own brands and have been perfecting their crafts in their own right, it’s so dope to see every time that they come back together to collab it gets better & better, and this new joint might be their best yet! Take a few minutes out of your Tuesday to watch this brand new music video, and if you like what you see/hear then follow the guys on Twitter below! Bam • Chi • Fem • Hen produced by 5thOfHen

A Taste Of Femdot

Femdot is one of the hottest artists coming up in Chicago’s music community and has been having a great 2019, he recently stopped by a newer platform called A Taste Of for a brand new interview! The three terrific hosts asked Femdot about plenty of topics including how his older brother introduced him to hip-hop, the first song he ever recorded, the rest of his siblings and family, who inspired him musically, his last project Delacreme 2, some of his favorite albums of all time, being a great writer & storyteller, his signature pencil he always carries, his personal style with clothing, what it’s like having his songs on Netflix shows, Going to Penn State & then transferring to DePaul, his high school days at HF, opening up for Mos Def, Missy Elliott and more. Take a few minutes of your time to watch this brand new interview below and don’t forget to follow Femdot on Twitter here.

Watch Taylor Bennett and Femdot perform on Jimmy Kimmel

Taylor Bennett simply put is just having a better year than a great majority of his competition, I don’t have to go into all of the great things he has already done right this second though, because this man just PERFORMED ON JIMMY KIMMEL! Talk about a way to make a good year even better, but what else can you expect from Taylor, this man has outdone himself time and time again as well as prove that he is a true businessman. Taylor’s project that he dropped earlier this year titled The American Reject had eight amazing records on it’s track list, but a fan favorite on the tape was “Singing The Blues” with fellow Chicagoan Femdot, and that’s exactly the track that Taylor decide to play on this colossal stage! Check out the interview we did with Taylor earlier this year here!  

Happy December (Sofar Chicago) – [Femdot]

Femdot has been having an extremely busy past few days, traveling across the country to perform live on Jimmy Kimmel tonight with Taylor Bennett, but during all of this Sofar just blessed us with a new live performance from the Chicago creative! Femdot performed his fan favorite record called “Happy December” that he dropped back in 2018, and the always great Sofar Chicago audience was loving it! Femdot was joined by his right hand homies Charles Lauste and 5th Of Hen who made sure he was sounding crispy, and they did a fantastic job, while Femdot’s terrific stage presence & crowd control was on display! I am sure it won’t be too long before you see Femdot included in another Sofar Chicago show, but for now press play below!

Watch Taylor Bennett & Femdot on WGCI

Taylor Bennett is one of the best rappers in Chicago but I don’t even need to say that at this point because it’s well known, and he stopped by WGCI yesterday morning for a dope new interview with Kendra, Kyle & Leon! Taylor Bennett also brought through the amazing rapper / fellow Chicago talent Femdot with him this time around around, because tonight they will both be in Los Angeles performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! They spoke on a ton of subjects such as their big performance tonight, Chicago’s music scene, building a sense of community with the Chicago music community, Taylor performing at Taste Of Chicago this weekend, Taylor Swift’s situation, the importance of owning your own music, building a fan base and much more! Check out this awesome new interview below and don’t forget to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight!

Whole Thang – [Femdot]

Chicago has been blessing the music industry with great talent after great talent for what feels like close to a decade now, and Femdot is one of next leaders of the city, and just a couple hours ago he released a brand new offering titled “Whole Thang”. Femdot connected with fellow Chicagoan Thelonious Martin who was the mastermind behind this extremely menacing instrumental, and together the two of them created easily the hardest track that you will hear all day, damn near all week. Femdot is arguably the best lyricist out of Chicago, and he displayed his undeniable talents here, so you might as well get in tune with two of Chicago’s finest by pressing play below!

Watch Stro The MC’s brand new interview with Sway In The Morning

Stro The MC is someone who I first got familiar with a few years back when he did a collab record with Chicago natives Logan and Femdot called “3 Man Weave”, and I have been following his career since that point, so I was very happy to see that he stopped by Sway In The Morning for a great new conversion. You will find Sway, Heather B and Tracy G asking him about plenty of things such as his acting career, how he carries himself, his latest project “Last Friday”, growing up in Brooklyn, growing up in the same neighborhood as Bobby Shurmda, hip-hop shaping his life, being inspired by Ice Cube, Grade A Tribe, Oakland, the XXL Freshmen, remixing a Blueface record, getting his own place, building his brand, how it feels to be on multiple Netflix shows, his future releases and more! Check out this awesome new interview below.

Delacreme Diaries (vlog 1) – [Femdot]

As most of you already aware of, Chicago native Femdot has been a Lyrical Lemonade favorite for some years now, and he is fresh off of the stage at our Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash festival & he decided that is was the perfect time to bless his fan base with some brand new content! This time around it came in the form of a brand new vlog that captures some of the moments from over the weekend including parts of his performance, packed into a short yet dope video that you can enjoy in just two minutes. So don’t waste anymore time, press play below! Directed by @easysreel

Vanilla Bean – [WemmyMo] & [Femdot]

WemmyMo is a creative out of Chicago whose releases we have been supporting a bunch here on LL over the past year or so, and just a few minutes ago he blessed his growing fan base with a brand new offering titled “Vanilla Bean” featuring fellow Chicagoan Femdot! Right when you press play you will be greeted with an extremely familiar sound, as Wemmy decided to have this track go over Travis Scott’s smash record “Coffee Bean” that dropped last year, and they f*cking snapped! Wemmy kicked this joint off with an energetic yet introspective verse, where he speaks on plenty issues he has been going through + the busy summer he had in 2018, and Femdot’s verse complimented it flawlessly. Femdot spent the duration of his verse speaking damn near directly to Wemmy, like an OG kicking some game to the next generation, and this all made for easily the best song you will hear all day. These are two of the finest emcees coming out of Chicago, so get in tune with these two talents by pressing play below!