Round Here – [Rockie Fresh]

Chicago emcee Rockie Fresh has been having a solid year so far in 2019, and today he is returning with his latest offering titled “Round Here”. The first thing that caught my attention on this track was the firey production that was provided by Mathius Young before Rockie jumped on the beat and simply does what he always does, blessing us with an ear-pleasing song that’s sure to get stuck in your rest for at least the rest of the day. Rockie Fresh has been making some major moves this year, I’ve enjoyed seeing him collab with fellow Chicagoans Tobi Lou and Femdot, but I am even more excited to be receiving some solo material from the HF graduate. Stream this brand new release via Soundcloud below!

Dilla Back – [Femdot]

Femdot is one of the hottest new rising rappers out of Chicago’s thriving music community, and this afternoon he is back with a brand new offering titled “Dilla Back”. This new joint has a silky smooth feel to it with a taste of an old school R&B as well, match that with femdot’s impeccable rhyming abilities & the gorgeous backing vocals & we have a hit on our hands. The replay value that this track has is unbelievable, I have ran through it again and again for at least twenty minutes straight, and I have a good feeling that you will find a liking to it too. Stream this brand new record below and if you are located in cities such as Denver, Los Angeles, Kansas City + more be sure to visit Tobi Lou’s website to get tickets to catch femdot opening for him on tour this fall! Photo by Grif

Chi’s Interlude II – [femdot]

When thinking back to when I first discovered femdot’s music and looking at where he is now in his career one thing is clear, he has came a long way. He has grown into one of the leaders in Chicago’s music scene by building one brick at a time, and today he is returning with the latest brick to his kingdom, in the form of “Chi’s Interlude II”. If you have been following femdot for as long as we have then you surely remember his original ‘chi’s interlude‘ that he released back in 2017, so with naming this new joint the second of the series of sorts it had to be great, and of course femdot came through with yet another classic record! I loved this new release and I got a good feeling that you might as well, check it out! Produced by Charles Lauste video directed by easys reel

Consignment – [femdot]

femdot has been giving his fan base new music one track after another over the past month or so with his Transmission Tuesday releases, and today he is back with his brand new release titled “Consignment”. Femdot made a joke on his Twitter the other day when this song came out saying “I will get back to the introspective raps soon” because this new joint is a pure bass knocking banger, absolutely filled with femdot’s classic punchline bars over a menacing & haunting instrumental that was provided by European producers Sebastian Kamae and King Khamen. femdot has been on a real streak these past few weeks and I am expecting much more from him before the year is over, check out this new offering below and cop some tickets to see him on tour with Tobi Lou here!

Coming Up – [Femdot] x [Rockie Fresh]

Windy City’s own Femdot has been releasing new music every Tuesday as part of his ‘transmission Tuesdays’ experiment and his latest offering is titled “Coming Up” featuring Rockie Fresh. Femdot said it best himself in this tweet, but this release is a little more special because Rockie Fresh was and still is a role model for Femdot, the first ever concert he attended was a Rockie Fresh one + not to mention that they went to the same high school (not at the same time though). This one was a long time coming so I expected it to be good, but sheeeeesh they went above and beyond, each providing impressive contributions to the track + displaying their lyrical ability. What else can you expect though when two of Chicago’s finest team up over a menacing beat like this, I would guess that this won’t be the last time we see these two team up, but for now run up their latest release below! Produced by renzellwav

Catch Tobi Lou, Femdot & Liltrxptendo on tour this fall!

Chicago star Tobi Lou will be going on a nationwide tour this fall along side the mighty talented Femdot and Liltrxptendo! The only thing that can be better than these three artists hitting the road together is the fact that Tobi Lou purposely made the tickets as fan friendly as possible, coming in at only $15! For more information about where you can get these tickets (pre-sale goes live Friday morning, Spotify users can cop now) you can visit Tobi Lou’s website here! 09/12 – Minneapolis, MN 09/13 – Kansas City, MO 09/16 – Denver, CO 09/17 – Salt Lake City, UT 09/19 – Vancouver, BC 09/20 – Seattle, WA 09/21 – Portland, OR 09/23 – San Francisco, CA 09/25 – Los Angeles, CA 09/27 – Santa Ana, CA 09/28 – San Diego, CA 09/29 – Phoenix, AZ 10/01 – Houston, TX 10/02 – Dallas, TX 10/04 – Orlando, FL 10/05 – Atlanta, GA 10/06 – Charlotte, NC 10/08 – Washington, DC 10/09 – Brooklyn, NY 10/12 – Philadelphia, PA 10/13 – Cambridge, MA 10/15 – Toronto, ON 10/18 – Detroit, MI 10/20 – Chicago, IL

Quarter Century Crisis – [Charles Lauste] x [Femdot] x [Ohana Bam]

Today I am very happy to be bringing you a brand new release titled “Quarter Century Crisis” by Charles Lauste and his close homies Femdot & Ohana Bam, trust me when I say that this one is a complete BANGER! First off, Charles Lauste created yet another monumental instrumental which he has proven time and time again that he is capable of, and do I even need to begin to explain what Femdot & Ohana Bam can do with a beat like this? Well, to put it in the simplest terms, it stood no chance against these two vicious spitters. You should expect this though when three of Chicago’s finest emcees link up, be expecting more music from these three soon, but for now watch this new visual below!

Tobi Lou: Chicago’s Rising Superhero

Tobi Lou is a lot of things: he is a unbelievably talented artist, a trend setter, a Chicagoan, a unique individual and a self proclaimed superhero. I don’t believe that’s far fetched either: the way that Tobi has built his career to this point, the positive + contagious energy he puts out, his extraordinary charisma, it’s something like a superhero. About a month or so ago I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview Tobi Lou after his sensational set at Governors Ball in New York, and after being a huge fan & rooting for Tobi over the past couple of years, I had a bunch of questions I wanted to ask him! I have spoke to hundreds of artists in the past but this conversation that I had with Tobi Lou is one of my favorites for sure, he has a great energy & aura around him, he is undeniably himself and it’s only a matter of time before he is one of the biggest artists in the world. Take some time out of your day to learn about Tobi Lou below, and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter & Instagram! Visit Tobi Lou’s website here!   EM: …

Fly On The Wall – [Duffle Bag Buru]

Chicago’s own Duffle Bag Buru has built up a solid reputation and catalog as one of the cities best emcees over the past few years, but until now there was something missing, a FULL LENGTH PROJECT! I have been waiting for this (probably impatiently) for such a long time and I even got the chance to tell Buru a few times that I wanted a full length from him, so you can only image my excitement today when he unleashed his brand new project titled “Fly On The Wall”. The first couple of things that caught my attention about this tape were the interesting title and the well put together cover art, before diving into the music and within the first ten minutes I was on the edge of my seat, it is chop filled with SLAPPERS one after another the whole way through. There is a total of fifteen songs on this project and Duffle Bag Buru displayed a nice variety of different sounds on this tape, everything from hard knocking bangers to more slow tempo & introspective joints. I know it’s early to say, but I would be expecting to see this tape on our “Top 50 Chicago …

Why Ya – [Charles Lauste]

Charles Lauste is a dope producer and DJ out of Chicago who has been making some noise with his GRWYF homies Femdot, Ohana Bam & 5thOfHen, who are all making their way back on our website today with their brand new music video for “Why Ya”. There have been a few crews in Chicago that have been showing out and accomplishing some great achievements, most notably the amazing Pivot Gang project from earlier this year, but the Get Rich With Your Friends movement is one that I have a very good feeling about for the years to come. They have all been building up their own brands and have been perfecting their crafts in their own right, it’s so dope to see every time that they come back together to collab it gets better & better, and this new joint might be their best yet! Take a few minutes out of your Tuesday to watch this brand new music video, and if you like what you see/hear then follow the guys on Twitter below! Bam • Chi • Fem • Hen produced by 5thOfHen