Bluegrass Acoustic – [E The Profit]

Throwing all gimmicks aside, E The Profit made me a fan after “Pop My Shit,” his straight to the point attitude when rapping is impossible not to admire. His style feels unconscious as if the words just fall from his brain out his mouth with a hybrid midwestern-southern draw acting as the filter. These reasons alone would make me a fan, but the fact that he doubles down on all of these things by adding his no-nonsense attitude and lyricism – I’m sold. This brings me to his latest visual release for his acoustic version of his previously released single, “Bluegrass.” The original single featured heavy basslines and drums that would destroy any stock sound system, but his newly released “Bluegrass Acoustic” places a microscope around my favorite thing about E The Profit; his lyricism. Set on a ranch, in what we can only imagine is somewhere in his home state of Kentucky, E The Profit raps directly to the camera, acting as the focal point of the video with supporting characters in the form of a stable of horses, a luxury Mercedes and two lion statues made of stone. Who can resist a rapper talking his shit like this, …

Scraps – [BONES] & [Lyson]

It should be no secret to you that BONES is probably the most prominent underground legend in the entire landscape of music, but if that’s new to you, you probably have a lot of catching up to do. Luckily, he is never one to slow down or put his foot on the breaks, and this year more than ever seems to prove that. In 2021 alone, BONES has released 5 full-length albums throughout the year, and with the fact that we’re still a month out from the new year, he might not even be done. Instead of lingering in the uncertainty of what the rest of the year will bring for the Michigan star, I want to focus on the present, and that’s because he just dropped off another full-length album entitled Scraps, but the outcome is anything but a collection of loosies. Teaming up with TeamSESH producer Lyson on this release, he is able to give BONES a plethora of different sounds that bring out his aptitudes and let his skills shine more than ever. I just feel like working with an in-house producer that you have so much chemistry with always yields the best results, and this project …

2010 – [Earl Sweatshirt]

To me, Earl Sweatshirt is so much more than a rapper. I first got into him over a decade ago when he was running with the Odd Future crew, and while everyone in that legendary group brought something unique to the table, Earl was just moving so much more differently than anyone else in the entire industry, let alone OFWGKTA. Since then, he has ventured off on his own, releasing more and more albums that seem to get more inventive each time, and while Doris is still a top 5 favorite project of mine, I think Earl has so much more left in the tank. His experimental sound is nothing short of captivating, but the way he uses his words lets you know just how intelligent, creative, and all-around legendary that the LA-based emcee truly is. Simply put, you might not understand everything Earl puts out, but he creates his music in such an abstract way that I can have an extremely different takeaway than you might have, and that’s nothing short of magical, in my opinion. Despite the fact that he has been featured on so many different songs since his last project FEET OF CLAY released back in …

Flight – [Butta] feat. [Babyface Ray] [Los]

Detroit music continues to captivate the south as Babyface Ray and Los head to another one of rap’s hottest cities, Jacksonville, Florida, to team up with Butta who is a Florida artist who clearly has been inspired by the sound that Los, Ray, and the rest of the Motor City have made so widely popular. Butta walks over the soulful, up-tempo instrumental, skating over the beat nonchalantly and shouting out his featured artists in the process, sounding right at home alongside the veteran Detroit pair despite being from clear across the country. Babyface Ray and Los both give Butta great guest verses and this trio clearly fucks with each other beyond the music and that’s something I always love from all of the artists who make up Whitehouse Studio who continue to set the new standard on how to move in today’s rap game.

Fone Kalls – [Kai] x [Senite] [Menace4hire]

Supergroups in music are rare to come by, so when one emerges you don’t wanna miss out. Today, I’m delighted to share the debut of Creogangg; an emerging Chicago trio consisting of the artists Kai, Menace4hire, and Senite. Inspired by the likes of Ghetto Sage (Saba, NoName, Smino) and the legendary Fugees, their base hip-hop and R&B sound would certainly make their influences proud. “Fone Kalls” is a track featured on KAI’s excellent new EP Steve’s Demo, which also serves as the star-studded opener to the project. Like any talented musical group, each member possesses their own signature persona and memorable sound qualities. On this record, KAI serves as the emcee; a lyrical cat whose bread and butter is illustrated via his surgically raw flow. KAI also displays his versatility by taking on the hook with a softer approach. Senite is the dual-artist; her ability to interchange from confident rapping to delicate vocals matches the mellow vibe of the song throughout. As for Menace4hire, his important role as the closer is carried out effortlessly via a rapid bar quickfire. Moreover, the Joss Andreo directed music video is fitting because it captures the immense chemistry shared between the gifted three. Friendship …

Still Over It – [Summer Walker]

After two long years, Summer Walker has finally debuted her sophomore album ‘Still Over It’. Walker is the voice of R&B music right now. Whether you’re in a relationship, going through a heartbreak, or just trying to figure yourself out, Walker’s music caters to everyone. “Take this opportunity to learn from my mistakes. You don’t have to guess if something is love. Love is shown through actions. Stop making excuses for people who don’t show up for you. Don’t ignore the red flags.” She shared with fans via apple music. The twenty-song track list brings you on a journey that switches from anger to love and even ends with a song titled “Ciara Prayer.” As you may know, Ciara revealed she prayed before dating her husband Russell Wilson. Her narration on the 2-minute track was a perfect touch to end this wonderful album with powerful affirmations about accepting what you deserve in life and becoming the woman you want to be. One of my personal favorites on the album is “No Love” featuring SZA. Both ladies discuss their regrets about previous relationships and being unappreciated. As Summer says “But if I had you back, all I’d wanna do is f*ck, …

Stockton – [Papichuloteej]

Papichuloteej is back with his second release of 2021 with a record entitled “Stockton.” For those of you who are familiar with Papichuloteej, this new single is a change of pace. With “Stockton” Teej gives his take on what an alternative rock record would sound like in his eyes. The guitar and production by fearofmakingout compliment Teej’s grungy vocals well along with the distortion effects that are added to his voice. Papichuloteej is a heavy single-driven artist so it’s not a surprise that he’s blessed us with another solid showing. That being said after talking to Papichuloteej he claims that “Stockton” is one of the singles that’s featured on his forthcoming project which name and date have yet to be announced. By showing his versatility on this record it should be pretty interesting in seeing what kind of sound he’s going to run with for his next project. Stream Papichuloteej’s newest record “Stockton” for yourself after the break.

Animal Crossing – [Jerichos Revenge]

Jerichos Revenge is making his debut on the Lyrical Lemonade pages with his hyper pop-leaning single “Animal Crossing.” Last year during the pandemic Animal Crossing completely took the world by storm. So of course this birthed a slew of records that featured Nintendo‘s hit game. What’s so catchy about this single is the hook and the hypnotic instrumental which was produced by auradu2k. This is really just a fun song to listen to, I feel as if that gets lost in a lot of music criticism today. I’ve found myself coming back to “Animal Crossing” over the past week and it opened up the rest Jerichos Revenge catalog to me. Still, a lot of room for improvement, and there will be a point in time where Jericho will probably have to tweak his sound a little to be able to crossover to a broader audience. If you’re a fan of acts like Midwxst, Glaive, and Ericdoa then you should definitely give “Animal Crossing” a spin. Stream Jericho’s Revenge’s single “Animal Crossing” after the break.

Gifts From… – [Matt Audio Dope]

Chicago producer and engineer Matt Audio Dope is very well established in the Chicago music scene and has built up an amazing track record of artists from the city. After putting in so much work behind the boards, Matt takes on the executive producer role and decided to put together his own star-studded cast of artists for his own body of work. Handing all the producing, mixing, and mastering, Matt Audio Dope is dropping off his brand new EP titled Gifts From… Born in the Northwest Suburbs, Matt started producing music of his own just over ten years ago. After obtaining his Audi Arts degree just a few years ago, he began working at Classick Studios, a legendary recording studio here in Chicago with artists such as SZA, Chance the Rapper, and Smino all having been recorded here in the past. In celebration of Filipino American Heritage Month this October, Matt recruited tons of Filipino artists in Chicago to lay down tracks for the EP. The amazingly talented King Marie kicks the album off right with an old-school Chicago house track with “Free.99”. She also has a song featured on the tape titled “Out Of Love” which is the first song …

100 Nights – [Lil Muk]

Lil Muk is only 20 years old, but he already sounds like he’s on top of the world. Growing up, The Philadelphia phenom uses his pen and voice to honor his friend that passed away due to gun violence. Since then, he has spent the last two years unleashing a hot streak of infectious rap singles “Gang wit me” and “wilding,” showcasing his melodic talents and versatility— and as he enters the new decade, Muk is just getting started. Following the success of his debut project “About time,” which earned over 700 Thousand streams upon release. Overall he has grossed 25 Million streams on his own accord. Mum has also been gaining respect from his peers across the industry, “About time” featured rap sensations like Lil Baby and Yxng K.A. On October 14th, 2021, Muk will release his highly anticipated new single and video to “100 Nights” on all streaming platforms that you can view here. Also, Be on the lookout as Muk is currently on the Young and Restless tour with his Stack or Starve brother Yxng K.A. and NYC very own J.I. the Prince.