Black Pontiac – [Floyd Fuji]

Last week I was browsing through the internet looking for some new artists to write about, and I came across an EP by Floyd Fuji titled “Black Pontiac”. This project only has five songs on it, but I liked everything that I heard here, so much so that I’ve been listening to it nonstop for the past few days. Floyd Fuji has the voice of an angel and has full capability to create the most addicting melodies at seemingly the snap of his finger, each of the songs featured on this EP had unbelievably catchy melodies. I honestly don’t know too much about Floyd Fuji aside from this EP, but I will definitely be looking into his catalog more, and I am already looking forward to his future releases. I highly suggest that you give this tape a chance, stream it via Spotify below!

Romance for Madness – [Killval]

Killval is a somewhat new name on my radar of rising artists, but he’s definitely a name that has been capturing my attention left and right in the past couple of months. Although he’s still completely independent and unsigned, he has built a close connection with Nick Mira of Internet Money, and anyone who’s familiar with Nick knows he only works with superstars, so that already speaks volumes of val’s talents. After hearing Dro Kenji’s latest project Tears and Pistols, which is quite possibly one of my favorite projects that has released all year, I had the highest of hopes for Killval’s album, and now that it’s in our hands, I can say with certainty that he didn’t disappoint in the slightest. The name of the album is Romance for Madness, and it’s definitely the perfect title when you work your way throughout the project and ingest all of the feelings of love combined with the abundant themes of heartbreak that run even more rampant throughout. Throughout the 10 songs that are featured on this album, val gifts us with just under 25 minutes of emotion that can’t be easy for him to share, but he does so in such …

10 Year Anniversary: Revisiting Kanye West’s Magnum Opus, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’

“Do it better than anybody you ever seen do it/Screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it/Guess every super hero need his theme music” -Kanye West on “Power” The Chicago legend that is Mr. Kanye Omari West–many people love him, some people hate him. Regardless of how you feel about him, his views, personality traits, political stance, etc., it’s almost impossible to deny the impact he has had on this world, amazing level of artistry that he has delivered, and crowing him as nothing less than a musical genius. While as of late, his music may not be resonating with the listeners as it once did ten years ago, or even five years ago after the release of his highly-anticipated and critically acclaimed project The Life of Pablo, hip-hop historians and all-around music lovers never count out Kanye West as being one of the best creatives of all time. November 22, 2010 would be the day that Kanye West would release his fifth studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Little did he know that it would go down as one of the best musical bodies of work of all time, and end up being arguably one of the best …

The Life of Pablo | Forever Fresh

Today’s world has certainly skewed nearly every single aspect of life as it once was some five years ago. In an everyday landscape that sees this unprecedented deadly outbreak go hand-in-hand with some of the most heightened political unrest throughout history, it seems almost comical that in late-2015 leading into 2016, the world was very, very concerned with the now-tame antics of one Kanye West. The man spent that period announcing an album, changing its title a number of times, and all-around doing what was then known as just “silly Kanye things” — nothing more, nothing less. But oh my, were we all invigorated. If anyone today were to tell another individual at that time that Kanye’s actions and overall popular presence would become exponentially worse, problematic, and purely reactionary above all else, they may agree, but certainly not to the sincerely frightening scope that he ended out that decade with. So with that being said, it makes looking back at this far more “down to earth” version of Ye quite a lot more fascinating by itself, and absolutely more refreshing by extension given the man we see today and the world that we all live in together. As off-the-wall …

Koolaide Man – [Supa Bwe]

Supa Bwe is a Chicago legend and a favorite of ours here at Lyrical Lemonade, so we were ecstatic when we dropped a new song yesterday titled “Koolaide Man” featuring AUTUMN! Throughout his career, one of Supa Bwe’s strongest qualities (in my opinion) is his ability to deliver ear-pleasing melodies that are so addicting you can’t help but enjoy them, the type of melodies that you’ll randomly say out loud as you go about your day. This track here definitely had some of his trademark melodies and also featured some rapid rapping from Supa, furthermore showing that he can do it all. Another thing about Supa that I feel like we don’t talk about enough is that he is always early to finding new talent, and often time introduces me to new talents well before anyone else notices them. I wasn’t familiar with the featured artist AUTUMN before this song, but his contribution impressed me and I am looking forward to hearing more content from him. Check out Supa’s brand new offering on Spotify below!

Everythang – [Kipp Stone]

Kipp Stone is a native of Cleveland, Ohio who I first got in tune with when I found out he was working with the good folks over at Closed Sessions, and I have kept a close eye on him since. Kipp Stone dropped a solid project earlier this year called HOMME, and it featured a standout record on it “Sprague Street” featuring Mick Jenkins that has been in my headphones all year long. Another song that was featured on the project that I thoroughly enjoyed was “Everythang”, and today Kipp just dropped the new music video for the track! The visual itself just finds Kipp is what I assume is somewhere in his home state, surrounded by nature as he kicked attention-grabbing bars. Kipp Stone is the type of rapper that makes you sit up in your seat a little more, turn the volume up, and pay close attention to his lyrics. I am a big fan of Kipp, hopefully, at some point, I can bring him by the LL office for an interview, but for now, watch this new offering below!

Top 5 – [The Good Perry] ft. [Nakel Smith]

It has been quite some time since I tuned into The Good Perry’s music, not for any other reason other than I just kind of haven’t seen anything from him recently. It’s completely my fault, though, because he is still one of the most notable underground names in the entire industry. I was first put onto him when he teamed up with friend and superstar Lil Yachty way back when he was still named Burberry Perry, and he was making some of the most distinctive, individualistic music in the entire Rap scene, so he was always an artist I respected and appreciated. His career has taken many different paths since then, but he’s still making some of the wildest, remarkable music that he deserves so much more credit for, in my opinion. His project See You There came out almost exactly a year ago boasting features from Nakel Smith, Matt Ox, Nessly, and others, but even with names such as these, he managed to put his own flair on each and every song unlike anyone else ever could. Revisiting this project to breathe new life into it just about a year later, he decided to drop a music video for …

Tweakin – [Doe Boy] x [Southside] feat. [Future]

Freebandz signee Doe Boy connects with Future on his new single, “Tweakin.” There are so many great things going on with this song that after hearing the snippet about its impending release, I had to make a note of it. The combination of Doe Boy’s signature flow alongside Future’s melodic delivery over a Southside produced track is just a recipe for success – and the undeniably succeeded. Future kicks things off with high energy and setting the stage for Doe Boy’s unique pocket that adds another layer of toughness to this already hard-hitting single. Although this is Doe Boy’s and Future second collaboration to date, there is always something special about the symbolic co-sign feature between label founder and label signee. The new single from Doe Boy and Southside will be featured on their upcoming collaborative album, Demons R Us. Listen to “Tweakin” by Doe Boy and Southside featuring Future below.

Insider Art – [Bird Language]

It’s clear that some artists like to look at music as a rush to get as many songs out as possible in order to remain in the public eye, but others have a much more steady, patient approach. While this can be risky due to the short attention spans of listeners in the new digital age of music or the fear of losing whatever momentum an artist might have going for them, producer duo Bird Language wasn’t worried in the slightest. The case in point comes when looking at their brand-new project Insider Art that took right around four years to perfect and bring to life. Despite this extensive time span, the project boasts 17 songs and a runtime of only about 21 minutes long. While this might seem like it’s way too short for such a long wait, the duo packs a punch with every single record, providing a sneak preview of all the different experimental sounds that they have become famous for bringing to life. Considering there are so many songs yet such a short runtime, I’m going to touch on the highlights that really stuck out to me and let you dive into the sonic world that …

Fears May Come – [Cassius Tae]

It’s been a minute since Cassius Tae was last featured on our website, in large part because he hasn’t released much music lately, but today he is back with his brand new release titled “Fears May Come”. One thing that always made Cassius Tae stand out is his ability to never waste a bar, he’s always been a top-tier spitter but this joint here might just be his best work yet. I loved the way that Cassius meshed with the instrument heavy background, it sounded like a whole band was playing behind him, it felt like I was at a concert for the first time in months. I hope that this release is a sign that Cassius is going to drop a new project before the year’s end, we need that! Stream this new song on Spotify below!