Rugbys & ACGs – [Flee]

Queens’ own, Flee, has been known to make bangers with machine-like consistency, and today, he’s back in the spotlight to display these hitmaking skills with a brand new single entitled “Rugbys & ACGs”. Produced by @sadbalmain and Ginseng, this otherworldly offering allows Flee to seemingly slip into his own world. His verses find their fuel from Flee’s lullaby-esque cadences, and the bright-eyed sound of the melodic instrumental fits right in as a worthy complement. “Rugys & ACGs,” as the title denotes, is effortlessly fly, and if not anything else, it should remind us that Flee is still one of the brightest up-and-comers in New York City’s rising scene. Stream the new song below and let us know what you think in the comments! Produced by @sadbalmain & Ginseng

Ja Rule – [Benjamin Earl Turner]

Much to his chagrin, Ja Rule has been making the rounds lately with the Fyre Fest fiasco taking over the internet. Well, this is one video he will be happy to see his name attached to. In support of his Fuck EP, Benjamin Earl Tuner has dropped off an amazing set of visuals for standout cut “Ja Rule.” On the ambitious, guac-getting anthem, Turner speaks his big dreams into existence weaving between two distinct styles. At points, he adopts the style of the song’s namesake, with a croaking sung-rap approach, but it’s his fleet, energetic flow, that carries the load. Video director Abteen Bagger does an amazing of bringing the spirited, charismatic track to life. Between the hot tub in the pickup truck, an actual goat, and a bulldozer, the video is filled with a ton of striking, incredibly creative shots that take us on a tour of Turner’s hometown of Detroit. If “Ja Rule” won you over (and with so much personality there’s no doubt it did) definitely show the EP some love.

Waterslide, Fleeky, & ETA – [Yung Bans]

If we’re talking about which artists brought their A-game in 2018, Yung Bans needs to be at the top of the list. The exponential growth that this Atlanta native has seen over the past few months has been absolutely astronomical, and even amidst legal troubles that have him on house arrest, Bans continues to run the game and get even more popular by the second. Today, acting as the exclamation point to a prosperous year, Bans is here on our pages to unleash three new singles: “Waterslide” featuring Lil Skies, “Fleeky”, and “ETA”. As you might’ve expected, all three of these tracks have the potential to be some Bans’ biggest to date, as their inimitable swing and effortless cadences make for some truly addictive listens. Clearly, the Atlanta native’s hitmaking abilities are simply one step ahead of the game as we head into the new year, and this should have all the Yung Bans fans out there itching for a new project hopefully coming soon. Check out the latest 3-pack from Yung Bans at the link below and end your year on a high note! “Waterslide” Produced by Y2K “Fleeky” Produced by Dee B “ETA” Produced by Yung Forza & Oogie …

Happy Birthday 2 Flee – [Flee]

NYC artist Flee is no stranger to our pages here on Lyrical Lemonade, and today, on the momentous occasion of his birthday, the budding star makes his way back to LL with a brand new project entitled Happy Birthday 2 Flee. While Flee should be the one receiving gifts today, he decided to treat his fans instead, and the result is a fantastic project that will be sure to be thrown into heavy rotation as 2018 comes to end. That said, as was the case with many of his past efforts, Flee’s latest is his most high-definition to date, mastering the art of the melodic heater without ever breaking a sweat. Additionally, Happy Birthday 2 Flee boasts two stellar features from Cash Cobain and Cousin Stizz, both of which tap into Flee’s frequency and seamlessly complement his ever-so-smooth style. In case you forgot, this NYC representative knows how to make hits with a machine-like consistency, and his latest tape is proof. Stream Happy Birthday 2 Flee at the link provided below!

FleeRambo – [Flee]

NYC’s own, Flee, has made a countless number of appearances on our pages in the past with his naturally addictive style and knack for crafting hits. This rising talent has been staying busy in the studio all year long, and today, he’s here to put this on display as he unveils a brand new set of visuals for the mesmerizing single, “FleeRambo”. At its core, this track follows the blueprint that we’ve seen become so successful in his music to date: knocking bass kicks, an ethereal instrumental, and lyricism clever and hilarious enough to keep listeners locked in from the first second to the last. Flee delivers each bar with a smooth touch, and the rapidly-moving visuals complement this, as they find our hero in numerous different flex-worthy settings. That said, Flee is back and he’s better than ever, so show some love and watch “FleeRambo” below!

Watch Saba on NPR Tiny Desk

Unless you have been living under a rock you clearly known who Saba is at this point, the Chicago native released arguably my favorite album of the year “Care For Me” a couple months back & he recently stopped by NPR Tiny Desk to performance some cuts from the album. He didn’t go solo though, he was assisted by plenty of great minds who helped him create the previously mentioned album such as producers & keys Daoud & daedaePIVOT, Noah Frank on the trumpet, bass player Cheflee, drummer Brandon Farmer and his father, theMIND & Kaina on the vocals. Saba also recently released his brand new vinyl for “Care For Me” so if you loved the album like we did here at LL be sure to purchase it here, and if you are in the city be sure to support the second annual John Walt Day on November 24th, you can find tickets for that here.

Pheen – [FLEE]

If you’ve been following Lyrical Lemonade for some time now, it goes without saying that you’re hip to NYC artist Flee and his bottomless supply of hits. Even more so, you’ve probably heard of the Jordan-Pippen duo that is FLEE and Cash Cobain. Today, the two rising talents join forces yet again for a melodic new track, “Pheen”. Led by an unforgettable set of bubbling notes, the rapidly-moving production on this one leaves room for FLEE to let out some quick, effortlessly cool rhymes. He does so without even breaking a sweat, and by maintaining a high level of vivid, entertaining lyricism at the same time, “Pheen” comes through as a must-listen for any fans of this budding star. That said, be sure to click play below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Potpourri – [Qari]

Saying Qari has had a busy 2018 would be an understatement, dropping his ‘No Time To Explain’ project and reuniting alongside Supa Bwe and Mullato Beats this summer as Hurt Everybody. In between, he’s also found time to gift listeners with a couple new singles, the latest of which comes today in the form of “Potpourri”. The Chicago native reflects on the time he’s spent with someone, contemplating the fleetness of the world around him in the process. Qari also reminds us of his skill as a clever lyricist, wrapping his bars up in double-entendres and mind-bending juxtapositions left for a listener to unravel layer by layer. Caught deep in thought, his raps get delivered in a subdued tone as if he were talking to himself. Producer SoL Ra accompanies these bars with a syrupy sample that drones on in a numbing haze, leaving room for Qari’s restless mind to run free.

LivingSucks – [Bones]

TeamSESH representative Bones has been one of the most important and influential figures in the underground for some years now. His talents never run out of style, and by staying completely true to himself and never losing sight of his emotions, Bones shows that he’s better than ever with his new album, LivingSucks. With this one, a mixture of both darker and lighter melodies clashes with the never-ending supply of hard-nosed drum patterns and bellowing vocal power, only to make for arguably the bona fide legend’s finest project to date. Bones’ artistry is increasingly refined from some of his past offerings, but what most impactfully creates the identity of LivingSucks is the off-the-wall sound that is, like always, way ahead of its time. Bones is one of those artists that truly paves his own path, so show some love and check out the new album at the link below! Art by Morbidart Feature from Eddy Baker Production by ____, endangeredbody, Harvest, Grayera, D.g.k.z., Nymano, Ghost, Drew The Architect, Budd Dwyer, Swirl & Fleece

Flee Cobain – [Flee] [Cash Cobain]

Well, the wait is finally over. The highly-anticipated collaboration between Flee and Cash Cobain has finally arrived, and it couldn’t be better. These two talents have worked together on a countless number of hits in the past, most notably showcasing their undeniable chemistry on the acclaimed, FLEEView: Cash Edition EP, and now, they bring it full circle with a hit-filled collection of 15 new tracks for us to keep on repeat all summer. The melodic, uplifting nature of sound on this one allows for the most authentic exhibition of Flee and Cobain’s quotable lyricism, offering an explanation of the way their charismatic personalities mesh together in such a complementary way. That being said, countless hours in the studio definitely paid off, yielding for a magnificent final product that currently takes the spot of as one of my favorite projects of 2018 so far. Flee and Cash Cobain refuse to let up, so show some love and listen to their newest collaborative effort at the link below!