Cold World – [Eric Reprid]

With the past 5 years being some of the most monumental for the city of Vancouver’s ever-growing rap scene, each month it seems a new artist rushes to the front of the leaderboard of artists to explode out of the city and be the first to create a steady outpouring of talent, much like Drake did to Toronto. Over the past few weeks, we have seen one of the city’s most promising prospects take the whole world by notice with his hottest debut yet with his new smash hit “Cold World”. His song took over quickly amassing millions of streams across platforms and quickly asserting himself as the next to blow out of the West Coast. Eric has always been ahead of the curve in terms of how he crafts his lyrics, he is the creator of velvety smooth verses while intertwining complicated rhyme schemes, that end up melting together like warm butter. If you’re familiar with Eric’s music than you would know his visuals are always incredibly on point. He dropped the video for this ice-cold new single, possibly the best front-to-back music video he’s released to date. Directed by Eric, with help from one of the best up …

F a Friend – [Isaac Zale] Feat. [Eric Reprid]

Each artist takes a bit of a different path on their journey to stardom, today we have a chill new track from one of my favorite Canadian artists Isaac Zale. Formerly known as Zac Flewids, he is known for his immaculate ability to combines witty lines with some above-average lyricism over his career to cement him as one of the most exciting new artists on the rise. The way he directs his verses all-around chaotic production is reminiscent of a raging river, taking many different forms and molding to the land around it. Zale actually means “power of the sea” and Isaac always lives up to his name, with powerful yet thoughtful verses beautifully built around any beat he finds himself on. Isaac just dropped his latest single “F a Friend” which is the 2nd single leading up to his highly anticipated debut album None Of The Keys Fit. While Zale has put out an impressive string of singles, all signs are pointing towards his upcoming debut to be the strongest display of his talents to date. The entire project is produced by his longtime collaborator and childhood friend Cherry Blu, his ability to craft chaotic but pleasant beats that allow …

Chaos Theory – [JMON]

With an impressive debut project, it is my pleasure to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade audience to Canadian artist JMON. Last week he released a 5-song EP titled Chaos Theory, a project that blends experimental, punk, and hip-hop genres to create something truly chaotic. JMON is an artist that has always put a heavy emphasis on his creative side, his visuals always being high concept and extremely polished for a rising artist. Each song allows JMON to show a different tempo and style he has in his arsenal. The first two songs were released as single, the intensely aggressive “You Can’t Hang” that brought on two of Vancouver’s quickest rising artists in Boslen and Eric Reprid to match JMON’s energy. The second track “Off That” is produced by Kiwi, who lends some impressive strings that show off what JMON’s futuristic R&B sound is capable of. The rest of the project was produced by one of Canada’s most exciting producers KULTARGOTBOUNCE, who has been a longtime collaborator of JMON’s. An impressive debut for an artist who seems to have a larger plotline to his music. Stream Chaos Theory on all platforms here and watch the “Off That” video below!