Slippin’ – [Elektra] ft. [ATM]

For any of our consistent readers here at Lyrical Lemonade, I’m sure you’ve heard me obsess over an artist named Elektra at one point or another in the past year or so. Equipped with one my favorite voices in music right now as well as an invigorating knack for songwriting, Elektra always seems to go above and beyond with each one of her releases, and today, she does just this yet again with her latest single, “Slippin’.” Featuring none other than ATM — another budding talent that I’ve written about several times and am quite fond of — “Slippin’” is the free-flowing, sun-soaked anthem for the summer that I needed from Elektra. The contrast between her lofty vocal runs and ATM’s effortlessly cool cadences is simply wonderful, and furthermore, from soaring hooks to ATM’s clever quotables, “Slippin’” is jam-packed with enough replay value to keep me on this song all summer long. It’s fun, it’s smooth, and it’s refreshing, all at once. That said, from a fan’s perspective, we truly couldn’t have asked for more from “Slippin’.” Unique as their talents may be, Elektra and ATM are a perfect pairing, so be sure to show some love and check out …

Rainy Blues – [ELEKTRA] ft. [Cor Blanco]

On several different occasions now, I’ve found myself entranced by the magical combination of ELEKTRA and Cor Blanco. Something about these two talents just clicks in regards to sonic and emotional appeal, and today, they’re here to prove it yet again with an undeniable new single, “Rainy Blues.” Dangling bursts of personality and passion over a refreshing, summery instrumental, this song has an ingrained charm that you simply can’t help but love. Per usual, ELEKTRA’s vocals match hand-in-hand with the palatial production, and to my surprise, Cor Blanco even throws in a stellar vocal feature here, adding his own twist of charisma into the mixture. With this, “Rainy Blues” seamlessly illustrates the vivid connotation of a rainy day, concocting a song that seemingly exists on a cloud of beautiful sound that rolls right by and demands to be thrown on repeat. That said, this one is yet another fantastic effort from the duo, so be sure to check it out at the link below!

Green Tea – [Elektra]

My first introduction to Elektra arrived just about a month and a half ago, when the budding talent released her inimitably smooth single, “Shady,” alongside none other than producer Cor Blanco. Ever since, my excitement for the potential that Elektra holds has only skyrocketed, and today, she’s here to deliver on this with an incredible follow-up offering, “Green Tea.” Kicking things off with the hiss of a kettle of boiling water (presumably for making green tea), this song sets things off on a fitting note, as the listener is immediately primed for the subsequent relaxation and glassy vocals of Elektra. Cor Blanco’s decadent, guitar-based production lays the ground for the alluring singing to come in, and sure enough, Elektra comes through with a love-based story that will keep you captivated from the first second to the last. In such a way, “Green Tea” feels like a warm haze, seemingly wrapping around listeners until the water is boiled and the tea is ready to drink. Elektra snapped yet again, so check this song out below and let us know what you think in the comments! P.S. — There’s also a conversation to be had about how versatile of a producer Cor …

Shady – [Elektra]

I’ve been familiar with a producer by the name of Cor Blanco for quite some time now, and today, this knowledge has certainly helped me out, as it has led me to the discovery of an immaculate rising talent by the name of Elektra and her smooth new single, “Shady”. Combining the energy and ingrained bounce of electronic production with the seamlessly beautiful deliveries of an R&B song, this offering capitalizes in the areas of personality, attitude, and sound. Elektra uses her broad range of talents, both lyrical and sonic, to her advantage, and the result is a simplistic yet spectacular offering that I simply can’t seem to keep off of repeat. With this, Elektra and Cor Blanco are certainly a one-two punch when matched up together, and this musical cooperation shines through on “Shady” in just about every applicable sense. Check this one out at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!