balloons don’t float here – [Isaac Dunbar]

From Billie Eilish to Isaac Dunbar, we’re beginning to see some of the next generation’s most exciting new talents emerge at ages we never before could have imagined. Now just 16 years old, one of my personal favorite examples — the aforementioned Isaac Dunbar — is roaring with momentum and headed quickly toward the spotlight, and the craziest part of it is, he looks, sounds, and feels ready. Today, this couldn’t be better proven than with the Barnstable native’s new EP, balloons don’t float here. 8 tracks long, balloons don’t float here is a display of pop mastery. From chart-bound singles to beautiful, polished odes to reflection and love, Dunbar’s unmatched artistry refuses to back down from anything, and quite clearly, his preparedness for notoriety is perhaps his most fascinating characteristic as an artist. Not one song on this one misses the mark or breaks the project’s fervent sense of emotion, making for an unbelievably cohesive and well-executed vision from front to back. That said, Isaac Dunbar was meant to be a star, and balloons don’t float here is a step in the right direction toward such. Tune in now, because come the end of the year, Dunbar’s name is destined to be everywhere!

M’aider (Mayday) – [Ed Balloon]

Just yesterday here on Lyrical Lemonade we premiered the new collaborative track between Ed Balloon, Open Mike Eagle, and They Hate Change in support of Ed’s upcoming record The Dubs, and I wanted to highlight another great single from it. “M’aider (Mayday)” is the closing track to the album, and it’s nice to know that the project will be ending on a high point. The song is a low-key but triumphant closer, featuring impressive progressions, along with some extraordinary vocal melodies. Thematically, the song is an ode to a loyal partner more than anything, and it starts out with some nostalgia-inducing guitar chords. Once the drums kick in, Ed bursts into his infectious hook, and along with this, there are some tasteful vocal effects scattered throughout the track, plus some alluring background vocals. This is shaping up to be a special project from Ed, get ready for the new record on July 19th by pre-ordering it here and checking out the visuals for “M’aider (Mayday)” below!

Premiere: Missed Call – [Ed Balloon] ft. [Open Mike Eagle] [They Hate Change]

Photo Credit // Bank of NH Stage (Concord, NH) Deathbomb Arc’s very own Ed Balloon is about to pop off, and his brand new single “Missed Call”, released today, is proof. His new album The Dubs is set to drop next Friday, and today Ed dropped one of the best singles of the year, alongside none other than Open Mike Eagle and They Hate Change.   “Missed Call” is a generally atmospheric and somber offering, but alternates back and forth from peaceful to intense at the drop of a hat. It all begins with a profound verse from Open Mike Eagle backed by a synth, hi-hats, and some subtle drums. Ed Balloon belts out some heartfelt vocals following this, along with his infectious refrain that proclaims “pick up the phone” throughout the track. This catchy refrain is indicative of Ed’s ability to write thoughtful but equally enjoyable songs with replay value as he tends to do throughout his upcoming project. They Hate Change, a duo who dropped a solid EP a few months back, also courtesy of Deathbomb Arc, make a great contribution to the track. The duo trade off, delivering a couple of emotionally poignant and heartfelt verses that add …

Denzel Curry: Retracing Roots

“I think about how my art is going to be reflected when I’m gone.” This is something Denzel Curry said to me during our conversation just moments before his stellar performance for 5,000 people in Boston this past Friday in support of Billie Eilish’s When We All Fall Asleep tour. Denzel has been an artist that I’ve held in high regard over the years because I’ve been able to recognize his dedication to the art, and to hear him talk about his passion for the craft was inspiring. Denzel Curry has been rapping for about eight years now, and by the young age of twenty-four, he’s already passed huge milestones in the game of rap due to his impressive work ethic and unwavering artistic integrity. Not only does he have an incredible discography under his belt, but he’s already garnered a noticeable impact on the genre of rap at such a young age, all while constantly growing, evolving, and refining his output in the process. On a widespread scale, many fans became aware of Curry after his track “Ultimate” turned into a viral internet sensation, becoming the “water-bottle-flipping” song just a few years back. Even this track though, as big …

The Search – [NF]

By: Stacy Burse, Jr. After more than a year since his Chart-Topping album, Perception, which still is on the charts today, NF (@nfrealmusic) drops his new single called “The Search”. In “The Search”, NF becomes very introspective and searches through the thoughts in his mind that have flourished since his rise to fame.  One thought that he admits is doubt.  He admits that he sometimes doubts that he will have another huge impactful song like his 2017 triple platinum single, “Let You Down, which, in my opinion, NF doesn’t have anything to worry about his music not being as impactful as in the past.  “The Search” has earned almost 1.5 million views in under 24 hours. The video is set in a deserted field along with NF wearing black carrying black balloons and other sad people sporadically placed in the video wearing white. In my interpretation, the field represents his mind and people wearing white are negative thoughts that occur in his mind sporadically. I am excited to see what’s in store for the talented Michigan rapper. Check out the “The Search” video below and let us know what you think in the comments. Directed by NF & Patrick Tohill

Ted And Robin Jeans – [Fresh Breakfast Muk Dipped In Butter]

As you may have gathered from his name, Fresh Breakfast Muk Dipped In Butter has a super unique style. A breath of fresh air, the Bay Area emcee’s music is always loaded with charisma and colorful wordplay and his latest, “Ted And Robin Jeans,” is no exception. Setting the tone for his forthcoming project, Mango Dumb 3, “Ted And Robin Jeans” features a light, chiming beat, the perfect platform for his outrageous swagger and raucous bars to take center stage. Humor is a hard thing to master–try too hard and it comes off as cheesy or fake–but because of his energy and swagger, Muk pulls it off, resulting in an effort that is funny, but also sounds dope. I could go on about “Ted And Robin Jeans”, but I think it’s best described by Muk himself via Instagram (further proof of that fun-loving approach): A tale about buying jeans that fit you, but sagging them because your Goyard belt absolutely HAS to show, because God forbid it doesn’t show. A story about looking in the mirror for hours at a time, because you’ve never seen anyone like yourself. “Is there anyone out there as cute as me??” You ask yourself, probably not. …

Flamagra – [Flying Lotus]

Music is designed to make us feel. Regardless of what that feeling is, music that has staying power makes the listener feel something. Flying Lotus does this impeccably, taking listeners on an airy and mystical journey with his brand new project Flamagra, released yesterday. It is a twenty-seven track project, clocking out around an hour and some change, which makes for a collection of short and sweet tracks that don’t drag on the way one would expect a long project to. The instrumentals on here range from groovy and jazz-influenced, to wonky and glitchy, containing intricacies all over that result in a double take from the listener. Flamagra comes together to make for an overall cohesive listening experience that only becomes more intriguing as it progresses. The instrumentals FlyLo arranges on here evoke passion and creativity through dense and intricately developed textures, from the atmospheric and ambient “Hot Oct.”, to the danceable “Heroes in a Half Shell.” There are also a number of fantastic guest appearances on here. Tierra Whack’s charismatic contribution to “Yellow Belly” is incredible, and Denzel Curry brings his aggressive yet attentive delivery to “Black Balloons Reprise”, which serves as a sequel to his own “Black Balloons” …

Sophisticated Intellect – [Levi Carter]

Levi Carter is the kind of artist who doesn’t need to release new music too often in order to turn heads. Rather, his naturally charismatic, boss mentality grabs attention without ever having to reach for it, marking one of many reasons why the Bronx native has become such a promising force in rap over the past few years. Today, Carter is back on Lyrical Lemonade with a brand new night-visioned release, “Sophisticated Intellect.” Backed by a chilling, hard-nosed beat, this ominous offering keeps it straight to the point, detailing the events and attitudes that have made Carter the man he is today. In the visuals, adding a dimension of imagery to this menacing release, Carter holds a balloon for a majority of the video, acting as a point of contrast between the lyrics and the accompanying scenery. With this, the creative direction visually is seamlessly on par with the impressive sonic direction, making “Sophisticated Intellect” an all-around must-watch and must-listen. That said, all signs are pointing up for Levi Carter, and based on the stone-cold attitude that his latest release embodies, it’s clear that he’s not playing games on his ascent to the top. Check out “Sophisticated Intellect” at the …

Hot Like A Balloon – [Famous Dex]

One of the hardest working talents in the industry is back with an energizing new visual for his song “Hot Like A Balloon.” It’s been a pleasure watching Famous Dex blossom into a superstar but the best part about his emergence is the fact that he’s just warming up. He’s a problem and he’s not ready to slow down any time soon. Watch Dex and his contagious energy kick it with good company and let this track takes your music taste to new heights. Directed by: LOUIEKNOWS

LL Presents: The Awto Q&A

Awto is one of the few people that I have came across in my submissions, and really liked their music. In fact, he’s definitely the first artist I met through submissions to get a Lyrical Lemonade Q&A! He has a pretty good following at this point in his career, but from the sounds of his music, I expect him to grow a bigger fan base some time very soon. His music is what some would consider the “new wave,” but to me it’s just well put together & sonically pleasing. Don’t sleep on this man, learn a thing or two about him below!   EM: First things first, give a brief introduction of yourself for our readers why may not be familiar with you awto: Greetings. I am AWTO, Amari Will Take Over. — EM: Where are you from? awto: Im from Maryland — EM: When did you first start creating music? awto: I first started creating music when i was 16. i had put out a song on a joey badass type and it got 1000 in one day lol thats when i was like man i can really do this. and i didn’t start taking it serious until i was 18. — EM: What is your …