Jollof Rice – [Bas] x [EarthGang]

Earthgang’s Mirrorland has taken over since it’s release last Friday (for good reason); it’s stellar. Mirrorland deserves all the praise and attention it’s getting. While Earthgang is fresh and heavy in your rotation, though, take it back just a little farther and throw “Jollof Rice” some much-needed love. The collaboration between Bas and Earthgang –which appeared on Bas’ Spilled Milk 1– is one of my favorite Dreamville releases of the year, and considering the amount of music they’ve been making, that’s saying something. Bas and Earthgang (spearheaded by Decatur Dot on this one) work really well together, with Bas’ understated approach (and his knack for a killer hook) grounding the track, balancing Dot’s buzzing, unique energy. The icing on the cake? The set of rich, colorful visuals that, following suit of the title, take inspiration from Bas’ West African roots. In all the buzz around Dreamville this year, ti’s great to see a song as good as “Jollof Rice” get it’s much-needed attention with a video to put a bow on things.

Up – [Earthgang]

Between Ari Lennox’s emergence, Bas’ remarkable consistency, J. Cole bodying every guest feature insight (and releasing one of the biggest songs of the year in “Middle Child”), and Revenge Of The Dreamers III, Dreamville is in the middle of a real moment right now. With zen-like patience, Earthgang has been waiting in the wings with Mirrorland locked and loaded. Now with the release of “Up” it feels like it’s finally time for the eccentric Atlanta duo to carry the rock for Dreamville. If I didn’t know any better I would have guessed this was recorded yesterday because Earthgang comes out rapping like they’ve been waiting. Like a rodeo bull, once the gate is lifted Dot and Venus go absolutely buckwild, peppering the Edsclusive and VOu-produced beat with a relentless passion. With an array of flows, countless vocal twinges, and a dynamic, layered beat, there is so much going on and yet the effort sounds decisive and cohesive. With their energy and personality charging them, Earthgang thrives in the chaos and the result is one of their most convenience releases to date. “Up” is unlike anything else you will hear this year…until Mirrorland drops at least.  

Sacrifices – [EARTHGANG] [J. Cole] [Smino] [Saba]

Last month, J. Cole’s Dreamville label unleashed their star-studded compilation album, ‘Revenge of the Dreamers III’. The project came with no shortage of impressive bars and top-notch talent, and the closing track “Sacrifices” quickly became a fan-favorite with verses from Smino, Saba, EARTHGANG’s Johnny Venus, and Cole himself. Today, the track gets a new video to accompany it. As the crew takes turns spitting over an introspective beat, the camera follows them through an abandoned building. Every member shines in their own moment: Johnny Venus brings his animated energy to life, Smino does his iconically melodic style justice, Saba comes through with his superhuman lung capacity, and Cole comes in to close the track out effortlessly. Emotions no doubt run heavy on this track, and the video concludes with a dedication to Venus’ father who passed a year before this video was shot (Venus’ mother also makes an appearance). Watch EARTHGANG, J. Cole, Smino, and Saba wear their hearts on their sleeves and honor those who they have lost in the “Sacrifices” video below:

Watch KEY!’s New Freestyle for Kenny Beat’s “The Cave”

The intriguing mini-series on Kenny Beat’s YouTube channel has assembled hundreds of thousands of viewers and only keeps growing – with multiple appearances on the LL site already. From Earthgang to Zack Fox and Lil Yachty, Kenny has made acquaintances with some of the biggest names in hip-hop. Additionally, Kenny adds his own dry sense of humor and combines that with the organic antics of each musician he hosts, which allows for some of the most entertaining content hip-hop YouTube has to offer. This week he hosts the hilarious and talented KEY! who is freshly into a hangover – making the episode even more relatable and amusing to the viewer. Kenny and KEY! discuss their relationship, early successes, and other random nonsense including a phone call from 03 Greedo who is currently incarcerated. KEY! hops in the studio with nothing written, and delivers a smooth but hysterical freestyle over a New Orleans themed bounce instrumental. Lines like “Japanese – denim on, you ain’t know about it til I put you on” show insight to the mind of the multi-talented artist and just how natural his studio sessions are. The beautiful layout of this series gives fanatics and supporters alike an …

Watch EarthGang’s New Freestyle For Kenny Beats’ “The Cave”

As I’m sure most of our readers are aware at this point, Kenny Beats’ freestyle series, “The Cave,” has become one of the best gems in hip-hop right now. With each and every new episode, fans get to watch some of their favorite artists collaborate with the superstar producer himself, Kenny Beats, and the result is always something special, whether that be a new meme around Kenny’s name or an incredible beat and matching freestyle. Today, we get a little of everything with the latest episode of “The Cave” alongside none other than EarthGang. Being that Revenge of the Dreamers III, birthed from the legendary Dreamville sessions, just released today, I’m sure this fine Friday has been quite momentous for the Atlanta duo, but nevertheless, they were sure to bring their best to the stage on “The Cave.” Given a beat that turns the clock back all the way to the Neptunes-dominated early 2000s, this episode perfectly embodies the liveliness and off-the-wall, remarkably-skilled appeal of ATL’s own. Deservedly so, EarthGang has been buzzing for a minute now, and this video will be sure to let people know why. Click play below and peep EarthGang’s unbelievable appearances on the new Dreamville …

Revenge Of The Dreamers III – [Dreamville]

The moment we’ve all been waiting for since January is here, J.Cole and his Dreamville posse have dropped their highly anticipated compilation album Revenge Of The Dreamers III. 2019 has been a huge year for Cole and it seems him and all of Dreamville is going to be on our necks all year. This album is the final product from the mythical and legendary Dreamville sessions that took place in Atlanta, Georgia back in mid-January. Even though I’ve only been through the project twice so far you can tell the energy in these rooms were special. It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite track this early on but they’re a lot of people and moments that stood out to me. Some of the MVP’s of the album from my perspective were JID, EarthGang, Buddy, Guapdad 4000, Lute and Yung Nudy. A couple of songs that I found myself gravitating to this early on were “Under The Sun”, “1993”, “Self Love”, “Sunset” and the standout single “Down Bad.” The Dreamville troop were successful in trying to mix and match different styles and talent and weave and integrate them together to create which is probably their best album in the …

Outside – [Jurdan Bryant]

Thanks to the Dreamville-association, a DJ Khaled placement, and the meteoric rise of J.I.D. and EarthGang, Spillage Villiage has become a powerful force rich with young talent. With “Outside,”  it’s it’s Jurdan Bryant’s turn to showcase the next level creativity and approach that makes SV so special. I love Bryant’s demonstrative approach. More methodical and resonant, his voice really echoes out atop whatever he chooses to rap over; here, it’s a bass-driven boom-bap effort produced by Nicky Quinn and Spillage Villiage producer (and Bryant’s brother) Hollywood JB. The minimalist beat, combined with Bryant’s stalwart flow is the perfect vehicle for the stark, unflinching look into life “Outside” in Bryant’s hometown, Baltimore. Bringing the vivid imagery to life, “Outside” comes equipped with a powerful short film directed by Austin-Taylor Richburg (who also played bass on the effort) and Alonzo Hellerbach. From top to bottom, “Outside” is a striking, can’t miss piece of art.

Church – [Samm Henshaw] ft. [EARTHGANG]

After the Revenge Of The Dreamers sessions, I’m anxious to get my hands on any and all Dreamville-related music I can. Today, that comes in the form of an EARTHGANG-assisted effort from Samm Henshaw entitled “Church.” It’s a fitting title for the Josh Grant-produced number, which, thanks to the anthemic clapping and energetic, choir-esque background vocals, has a vibrant, spiritual vibe. Henshaw kicks off the effort, showcasing his smooth, soulful vocals, and he knocks it out of the park on the crescendoing chorus that brings the energy to a fever pitch. As expected, EARTHGANG comes through with their signature bounce and personality, Venus & Dot sharing the back half of the track to deliver a non-denominationally spiritual message. A fun-loving, colorful effort comes equipped with a VHS-inspired lyric video guaranteed to put a smile on your face.      

Stuck – [EARTHGANG] & [Arin Ray]

One of the most diversely talented duos in rap right now has released a new single that is sure to have you grooving. Dreamville’s own, EARTHGANG has shared a new song with the world in anticipation for their upcoming album, Mirror Land. The new track comes off the heels of the Atlanta based rappers trilogy EP series which was released throughout 2017 and early 2018. EARTHGANG members, Venus and Doc, exchange rapid fire verses over funky bass-line production about the women they have regrettably lost in their lives. Recruiting the extremely talented, Arin Ray the duo utilize the Cincinnati native’s vocal ability to help provide the song with an emotional element that helps convey the apologetic nature of the duos head-bobbing new song. EARTHGANG’s new offering is an exciting first step towards their highly anticipated label debut. Listen to EARTHGANG’s new song below and tell us what you think in the comments!

Rags EP – [EarthGang]

The good new music has just been flowing tonight, as we are back with yet another Lyrical Lemonade debut for EarthGang’s brand new EP titled “Rags”. It’s been a minute since I have been this in awe over a new project, especially from a group that I was just discovering, but man these guys blew me away. There is a total of five songs on this tape, and after the first listen you will instantly see how much potential these guys possess, each of the tracks provided are flawless. The production on this tape was definitely on of the (many) highlights, so shout out to Elite, Childish Major, Anonxmous, Hollywood JB and Ron Gilmore for paving the way for the duo to do their thing! This EP was really enjoyable for me & I am sure that I will be coming back to it again and again, stream it below & let me know if you like it in the comments!