Swivel- [EARTHGANG] x [Dreamville]

EARTHGANG has been one of my favorite duos in recent memory, and for good reason. Their ability to switch their styles is unbelievable, ranging from turnt up trap songs to meditative stories of their personal lives. They just have a way of almost trying to one-up each other on every song in a friendly yet competitive fashion, but the end result always comes out as an extremely cohesive piece of music. Their most recent treat for fans comes in the form of a music video for their song “Swivel” off of their project Mirrorland as well as the Grammy nominated album Revenge of the Dreamers III. The song, which I’m sure most people have heard by now, boasts a boom-bap type beat with an extremely deep and heavy bassline. Both verses are beyond dreary, full of hazy mumbles that are still comprehensible. Some of the topics they mention include friends who have passed away due to drugs and various violent encounters as the GANG wishes they would’ve just stayed home and out of the trouble they eventually had to face. They also mention that these hardships didn’t occur when they were kids, but rather started when they grew older. The …

Fried for the Night- [TOKiMONSTA] ft. [EARTHGANG]

TOKiMONSTA is yet another new name that I came across and wanted to learn more about while perusing through new music. I guess I should have already known about her considering she’s been around for over a decade, released a few albums, and was even nominated for a Grammy. I guess the only reason I haven’t come across her music, or at least realized it was her, is the fact that although she has dabbled in hip hop production, she mainly sticks to electronic music and genres close to that. EARTHGANG, on the other hand, is a group that I’ve become increasingly familiar with over the last year, so in all honesty, seeing them on TOKi’s latest track is what really drew me in. Once “Fried for the Night” begins, it’s pretty easy to notice the predominately electronic influences that TOKiMONSTA implements, but at the same time, EARTHGANG adds a bit of soulfulness with the way they sing the hook. Both members of the group show off their absolutely fabulous flows, and both of their verses are completely unbroken due to breaths or other unintentional pauses. The lyrics that I decoded throughout the track follow along with the visual as …

1/16 – [Dreamville] x [Ari Lennox] x [EARTHGANG]

It would be extremely difficult when speaking about rap groups that had a better year than Dreamvillehas had last year. Dropping possibly one of the biggest collaborative projects in Hip Hop history Revenge of the Dreamers III, the controlled chaos that J. Cole was able to create, it delivered an energy that has been unmatched to this day. It was around this time last year (January 2019) where the recording sessions for the album took place–and out of the 142 songs recorded, only 18 were selected. There were rumors about a deluxe edition dropping–and by the looks of it, that may be happening pretty soon. Dreamville dropped a pack consisting of two songs: “Buss It” by Ari Lennox and “Still Up” by EARTHGANG feat. Reason. “Buss It” is one of the solo cuts that Ari Lennox was working on that didn’t make the official cut for the album. We first caught glimpse of this song during the Revenge Documentary (around the 15:00 mark) and many fans assumed that since it didn’t make the album, that it would Gian a placement on Ari’s sophomore project whenever she begins working on it. This song is simply a seductive cut about intimate attractions between Ari and a …

The Circus – [Mick Jenkins]

Mick Jenkins is a veteran within the Chicago music community who has released some classic albums & EP’s over the years, and today he is back with his latest body of work, a seven-song project titled The Circus. When it comes to wordsmiths & true lyricists, Mick Jenkins is in a class of his own, we saw this with the excellent single + music video he dropped for “Carefree” last week so I only expected more of the same on this EP. I thoroughly enjoyed each & every one of the songs provided on this tape, it’s a bunch of flawless music from Mick with one lone feature from EarthGang on “The Light”, which is my favorite song on the project. Mick Jenkins described this EP himself better than I ever could, saying “As a direct prelude to my forthcoming album, The Circus EP is a body of work about just that. These days it’s very hard to look at the state of the world and popular culture and not see the allegory that makes this metaphor our reality more often than not.” Stream this amazing new EP below and if you like what you hear check out Mick’s upcoming tour dates …

Down Bad (Music Video) – Dreamville

Dreamville keeps the train of music videos for their stellar collective album rolling today with a new visual accompaniment to “Down Bad”. No doubt one of the most lively tracks on the record, J.I.D, Bas, J. Cole, EarthGang, and Young Nudy join forces for an energetic flex of rap prowess that few artists right now could collectively match. The video for “Down Bad” matches the colorful, high-octane bars of the track with equally crisp and clever shots of each of the artists. Pulling up in a color-changing Oldsmobile, hopping off private jets, and altogether just having the time of their lives, each rapper on this track gets their respective shine in the video. They feed off each other’s energy with this sense of friendly competition, and they take viewers on a tour of some Atlanta landmarks in the process. Watch the exciting new video below:

Jollof Rice – [Bas] x [EarthGang]

Earthgang’s Mirrorland has taken over since it’s release last Friday (for good reason); it’s stellar. Mirrorland deserves all the praise and attention it’s getting. While Earthgang is fresh and heavy in your rotation, though, take it back just a little farther and throw “Jollof Rice” some much-needed love. The collaboration between Bas and Earthgang –which appeared on Bas’ Spilled Milk 1– is one of my favorite Dreamville releases of the year, and considering the amount of music they’ve been making, that’s saying something. Bas and Earthgang (spearheaded by Decatur Dot on this one) work really well together, with Bas’ understated approach (and his knack for a killer hook) grounding the track, balancing Dot’s buzzing, unique energy. The icing on the cake? The set of rich, colorful visuals that, following suit of the title, take inspiration from Bas’ West African roots. In all the buzz around Dreamville this year, ti’s great to see a song as good as “Jollof Rice” get it’s much-needed attention with a video to put a bow on things.

Up – [Earthgang]

Between Ari Lennox’s emergence, Bas’ remarkable consistency, J. Cole bodying every guest feature insight (and releasing one of the biggest songs of the year in “Middle Child”), and Revenge Of The Dreamers III, Dreamville is in the middle of a real moment right now. With zen-like patience, Earthgang has been waiting in the wings with Mirrorland locked and loaded. Now with the release of “Up” it feels like it’s finally time for the eccentric Atlanta duo to carry the rock for Dreamville. If I didn’t know any better I would have guessed this was recorded yesterday because Earthgang comes out rapping like they’ve been waiting. Like a rodeo bull, once the gate is lifted Dot and Venus go absolutely buckwild, peppering the Edsclusive and VOu-produced beat with a relentless passion. With an array of flows, countless vocal twinges, and a dynamic, layered beat, there is so much going on and yet the effort sounds decisive and cohesive. With their energy and personality charging them, Earthgang thrives in the chaos and the result is one of their most convenience releases to date. “Up” is unlike anything else you will hear this year…until Mirrorland drops at least.  

Sacrifices – [EARTHGANG] [J. Cole] [Smino] [Saba]

Last month, J. Cole’s Dreamville label unleashed their star-studded compilation album, ‘Revenge of the Dreamers III’. The project came with no shortage of impressive bars and top-notch talent, and the closing track “Sacrifices” quickly became a fan-favorite with verses from Smino, Saba, EARTHGANG’s Johnny Venus, and Cole himself. Today, the track gets a new video to accompany it. As the crew takes turns spitting over an introspective beat, the camera follows them through an abandoned building. Every member shines in their own moment: Johnny Venus brings his animated energy to life, Smino does his iconically melodic style justice, Saba comes through with his superhuman lung capacity, and Cole comes in to close the track out effortlessly. Emotions no doubt run heavy on this track, and the video concludes with a dedication to Venus’ father who passed a year before this video was shot (Venus’ mother also makes an appearance). Watch EARTHGANG, J. Cole, Smino, and Saba wear their hearts on their sleeves and honor those who they have lost in the “Sacrifices” video below:

Watch KEY!’s New Freestyle for Kenny Beat’s “The Cave”

The intriguing mini-series on Kenny Beat’s YouTube channel has assembled hundreds of thousands of viewers and only keeps growing – with multiple appearances on the LL site already. From Earthgang to Zack Fox and Lil Yachty, Kenny has made acquaintances with some of the biggest names in hip-hop. Additionally, Kenny adds his own dry sense of humor and combines that with the organic antics of each musician he hosts, which allows for some of the most entertaining content hip-hop YouTube has to offer. This week he hosts the hilarious and talented KEY! who is freshly into a hangover – making the episode even more relatable and amusing to the viewer. Kenny and KEY! discuss their relationship, early successes, and other random nonsense including a phone call from 03 Greedo who is currently incarcerated. KEY! hops in the studio with nothing written, and delivers a smooth but hysterical freestyle over a New Orleans themed bounce instrumental. Lines like “Japanese – denim on, you ain’t know about it til I put you on” show insight to the mind of the multi-talented artist and just how natural his studio sessions are. The beautiful layout of this series gives fanatics and supporters alike an …

Watch EarthGang’s New Freestyle For Kenny Beats’ “The Cave”

As I’m sure most of our readers are aware at this point, Kenny Beats’ freestyle series, “The Cave,” has become one of the best gems in hip-hop right now. With each and every new episode, fans get to watch some of their favorite artists collaborate with the superstar producer himself, Kenny Beats, and the result is always something special, whether that be a new meme around Kenny’s name or an incredible beat and matching freestyle. Today, we get a little of everything with the latest episode of “The Cave” alongside none other than EarthGang. Being that Revenge of the Dreamers III, birthed from the legendary Dreamville sessions, just released today, I’m sure this fine Friday has been quite momentous for the Atlanta duo, but nevertheless, they were sure to bring their best to the stage on “The Cave.” Given a beat that turns the clock back all the way to the Neptunes-dominated early 2000s, this episode perfectly embodies the liveliness and off-the-wall, remarkably-skilled appeal of ATL’s own. Deservedly so, EarthGang has been buzzing for a minute now, and this video will be sure to let people know why. Click play below and peep EarthGang’s unbelievable appearances on the new Dreamville …