Touchdown – [Playboy P]

Hailing from San Diego, hip hop artist Playboy P scored with his brand new video “Touchdown.” In the video, you can see P hit the dash in the City Of Poway sporting his brand new Mclaren alongside several other beautiful whips, as the bass-heavy, fast-paced song tries to keep up. Growing up in artistic and expressive San Diego, P has always been willing to experiment with his music, and it’s clear he’s finding his sound. The single has a theme to it that Playboy P has stuck to, and it’s resonating beyond just San Diego. Relying on the trap sound that he’s developed from some of the industry’s biggest influences, Playboy P continues steadily to build up both his skills and his fanbase, with it paying off recently as his biggest single “Speed Racer Playboy” nears a quarter million streams. Those numbers are ones he’s looking to emulate with “Touchdown,” and it’s already doing well. Check out the visual on YouTube below!  

Juvi – [Kenneth Cash]

Kenneth Cash is no stranger to the Lyrical Lemonade site and that’s for good reason. Dating back to late 2020, there’s always been room on the page to highlight the self-produced rising star and today is no exception. I originally came across Kenneth’s music back in 2021 after catching wind of his songs, “The Right Place” and “In Effect”, and watching his artistic progression ever since has been nothing short of inspiring. While the holiday season was in full-effect, Cash managed to deliver one of his best records to date so I couldn’t help but want to find some time to circle back and do it justice on our page.  Cash’s new single, “Juvi”, is one that I know I’ll be listening to for a long time to come. Hovering overtop an instrumental which evokes the mood of a rainy day, Cash’s vocals slide on the beat like a dream car on a freshly paved highway. A producer himself, Kenneth went above and beyond with the instrumental on “Juvi” – kicking it off with a lead guitar which he ultimately compliments with live drums and airy synths. Capitalizing on his signature vocals, Cash laid down memorable melodies throughout the song …

Wide Awake – [Nouraxalali]

 Toronto pop singer-songwriter Nouraxalali (Noura Al Ali) is a major player in the independent music scene thanks to her distinctive style, commanding vocals, and profound songwriting, all of which are present in her newest release “Wide Awake.” Noura has cemented herself as a skilled and prosperous musician, with over 500 thousand total streams across all platforms. Considering she did all of this without the support of a major label, her accomplishments are all the more remarkable. Noura’s unique and soulful voice has captured the attention of audiences everywhere, earning them a dedicated fanbase. Her range is truly remarkable, reaching powerful high notes with ease and delivering emotional lyrics with raw passion. Their vocal technique is impeccable, delivering each line with precision and expression that truly brings their lyrics to life. Their music is a testament to the artist’s incredible talent and they are a shining example of what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. This track is a deeply touching and introspective musical journey through the artist’s own doubts and conflicts. Her capacity to communicate with her listeners and make music that touches them on a fundamental level is on full display here. Stay tuned for some new singles …

“Wake Up” with a creative new offering from Harlem’s 27Delly.

Wake Up is the most recent release from Harlem’s 27Delly, who’s making sure everybody that overslept won’t click “snooze” any longer. This is now my third time covering 27, and each time I’ve been more impressed with his work. A trailblazer, he continues to bend genres and deliveries to adhere to his unique skills, something that’s refreshing in an often saturated modern industry. Polished melodies and R&B-leaning tracks make up the 6-piece project, and each track on the album presents a new arena for 27Delly to play at the highest level. The project starts with an impressive OTP-produced smash entitled “Hit The Town.” The upbeat bass-heavy banger is a familiar sound for long-time 27Delly fans. Then shortly after, the project leads into Delly’s Billboard-approved track, “Gimmie That.” The Caribbean-themed record is an ode to Delly’s West Indian influences. Tracks like “High Road” and the TRAVI-assisted “Lambo On Fire” help keep the EP’s flow strong and make for a wholly well-rounded project. Click here or scroll to the bottom of the article to listen to Wake Up on Spotify. After being introduced to his sound and loving what I’d heard, I wanted to learn more about 27Delly. He recently took the time …

i know – [Mo Woods]

Anyone who knows me realizes that it would be borderline sacrilegious of me to not start off my Lyrical Lemonade writing journey by highlighting a Virginia artist. Right now the talent coming out of the state seems to be pushing boundaries in a way that we haven’t seen in years and as a result, there is no shortage of hidden gems who deserve our spotlight. With that in mind, today I’m elated to welcome Hampton, Virginia’s own, Mo Woods, to the Lyrical page. Cool, calm, and collected, Mo Woods breaks the mold with his laid-back delivery and soulful production. One of my favorite discoveries as of late, it’s never too early to get hip to an artist as talented as Mo Woods, so bear with me and I’ll be sure to put you on.  For fans of PawPaw Rod or Steve Lacy, Mo Woods is someone you’ll need to have on your radar. At just 89 monthly listeners on Spotify, the 757-native might be overlooked but I promise that’s not due to a shortage of talent. A part of his,“Turning A New Leaf”, EP which dropped last year, Woods’ tune, “i know”, is as catchy as they come. A relaxing …

Hardcore – [Zack Bia] x [Don Toliver]

Over the last couple of years, Zack Bia has become a prominent figure in the music industry with his DJ sets, signing talented artists and making moves behind the scenes. The other day, Zack decided to take the next step in his career and release his first-ever record, an absolute banger called “hardcore” featuring Don Toliver! Zack definitely has a good ear and knows what people want to hear, and based on just how good this new record is, I’m sure this transition will go very smoothly for him. I am excited to see what the future holds musically for Zack, because this is one hell of a way to start, check out this new offering below!

Wop It – [Lil Vada]

Lil Vada flips a southern classic sample to create a catchy record with his single “Wop It.” I’m not going to lie the reason I got drawn into this track is because of the sample. Lil Vada ended up flipping the Atlanta classic “Yeah” by Usher, Ludacris, and Lil Jon. Lil Vada is a west coast artist but I found this rather interesting because this is the west coast equivalent to how the NY drill artists are flipping all those samples up north. This record could easily take off on a platform like Tiktok if it hits the algorithm. Which it might already have since “Wop It” has already amassed over a million streams on Spotify since being released in September. You’re going to hear some pretty interesting bars on this record some funny and some that are clever enough to make you run it back. Stream Lil Vada’s record “Wop It” in its entirety after the break.

No Yappp – [Skiii Mask Rich]

I’ve really been trying to dive into different subgenres of rap recently. I’m not really a big west coast rap fan as I feel like it’s some of the most niche subgenres of rap there is. However, Skiii Mask Rich’s single “No Yappp” was submitted to me via email and I walked away thoroughly impressed with what I heard. No this isn’t a record you’re gonna hear on the radio or this won’t be an anthem but this is simply just a good solid rap record. One of the things that drew me towards this single is Skiii Mask Rich’s flow was smooth and easy for me to digest. The production on this record is also beautiful, I’m unfamiliar with the sample they ended up using but it really brings the whole track together. I’ll have to spend some time with the rest of his discography but based on this one song I’m excepted to dive deeper into Skiii’s catalog. Stream Skiii Mask Rich’s single “No Yappp” for yourself after the break.

Sid Shyne – Dreams Unlocked

  Underground artist Sid Shyne has captured my attention since his performance at our 2022 Summer Smash festival. Anyone present for his set would attest that Shyne’s ability to control the crowd was an incredible experience to watch. Ever since, I’ve been hooked on the rising artist’s music, watching his growth over the last few months. This week, the Atlanta artist debuted his latest project to date titled Dreams Unlocked with features from BKThaRula and Unotheactivist.  “The concept for Dreams Unlocked revolves around overcoming adversity and going to any extent to achieve your goals. It was inspired by my real-life experiences of finally starting to see a lot of my dreams come to life like touring all over the country and shutting down festivals,” Shyne explained about the project. “Through my music, I wanna show people that nothing is impossible and give them a reason to never give up on their dreams.”  Take some time to check out his new project today.

Daniel Caesar pours out his insecurities on “Do you Like Me?”

Celebrities can feel insecure too, it seems. Daniel Caesar’s latest single “Do You Like Me?” is a smooth and soulful track that showcases the Canadian singer-songwriter’s emotive vocals and introspective lyrics. I’ve loved Daniel’s work since I can remember getting deeper into R&B in the mid-2010s, and tracks like this are exactly why he’s stuck around in my rotation for a half-dozen years. The song starts with a mellow piano and Caesar’s voice, then it builds up with a steady beat and lush instrumentation. The lyrics touch on the theme of self-doubt and insecurity as Caesar sings about questioning a relationship and seeking validation from the other person. Caesar’s voice is raw and emotive, conveying the vulnerability and uncertainty of the lyrics. The song is a masterclass in storytelling, as Caesar paints a vivid picture of the emotions he’s experiencing. The production is top-notch and the instrumentation is well-balanced, with the piano and drums complementing Caesar’s vocals. “Do You Like Me?” is a powerful and emotive track and a must-listen for fans of R&B and anyone who appreciates good storytelling in music. Check it out on Spotify below!