Mary’s Color – [Dre Izaya]

Dre Izaya has appeared on our platform once in the past, and it converted me into a fan of his, so when I peeped that he dropped a brand new project titled “Mary’s Color” I couldn’t wait to dive in! Dre Izaya’s wordplay and ability to pick the pocket of any instrumental had me truly impressed, he displayed tremendous amounts of skill + thoughtfulness for still being a teenager, and although this tape is only fifteen minutes in length Dre Izaya clearly jam-packed great music into it. I like each of the songs provided but my favorite of the bunch is probably “Hate Me and Love Me” because of the straight-up bars that Dre Izaya provided, but you can’t really go wrong either way. Stream this brand new project via Spotify below!

Play King – [Dre Izaya]

A Chicago based artist that goes by the name of Dre Izaya recently released a new song titled “Play King”, so i thought why not share it with our audience? I was impressed how Dre just steeped up to the plate right away and didn’t hold back i the least but, once he got a grip of this self-produced instrumental he found the perfect pocket and rode it out for the duration of the track. I wasn’t very familiar with Dre Izaya before coming across this new release on Soundcloud, but I liked what I heard and I will be checking out his future releases, take a few minutes of your time to listen to this new cut below.