Game Too Cold – [Pat App]

We have a wide variety of artists that we have been covering on this website for years, and Indiana emcee Pat App is one of them, who is back this afternoon with his brand new tune titled “Game Too Cold”. When it comes to bar for bar rapping there’s not too many that can do it as good as Pat App, and judging from the way he tore apart this instrumental handled by Drake Connor it doesn’t look at like slowing down. Listen to this brand new song below and if you like it be sure to give him a follow on Soundcloud here!

Deep Water – [Calez]

Calez is certainly no stranger to our lemon-filled platform and his latest track in Deep Water is all the evidence you need as to why he is a staff favorite. Produced by Drake Connor, the infectious piano was right-at-home for the Chicago emcee who graced us with his smooth lyrics & wordplay on having a voice, inspiring others and much more that looks to promote positivity, prosperity and love; and that’s really only the start. I’ve been a fan of Calez ever since his BABY album from last year and with each release comes a reminder as to why he is one of my go-to artists when I’m looking for a relaxed song such as this one. With that being said, get into his latest in Deep Water below and keep posted for more from him in the near future.

Poppa – [Calez]

You may have seen Calez on our Top 50 Chicago projects list back in 2016 with his Baby record, and late last night, he came through with his first tape of the present year titled Poppa. Coming in at 5 tracks, the stellar production came from the likes of Drake Connor, Thelonius Martin, Calev, Cartin Lang & Calez himself with the lone features coming from Mick Jenkins and Alex Wiley on Cool. I’ve been keeping tabs on the Chicago talent since that Baby album and immediately after pressing play on this one, the overall growth in the sound & style were both at the forefront right away. Let’s hope that Calez has more plans for releases like this one as the year carries on, but until then let loose the Poppa EP below!

Ego Killa – [Pollux Grim] ft. [Nxffie]

Tonight we’re premiering a hot new offering from Pollux Grim titled “Ego Killa.” Pollux brought his multitude of flows to the table for this one and even tagged in Nxffie for verse tougher than the production itself. There’s no doubt that this duo is the formula for a banger. Don’t take my word for it though, just hit play and let this ride. Produced By: Drake Connor  

The Shallow End – [TC]

The Midwest has birthed another upcoming talent by the name of TC and he definitely you should get to know as he unveiled his eye-opening full length project called “The Shallow End” earlier this month. Not only is he lyrically talented but he assembled an all star lineup; recruiting artist such as Spenzo, Adamn, and Queen Key to assist on his new tape. “The Shallow End” also features A1 production from Drake Connor, Mulatto, and Plu2o Nash just to name a few and TC does every beat justice. His versatility as a rapper, and ability to switch up his style, and flow over the various beats was quite impressive and is what created the separation from him and other underground artist. If you’re not already familiar with him, we suggest you take note as this won’t be the last time you hear his name. In the meantime, stream his entire project below and be sure to keep an eye out for TC this year.

Rise – [Eyezik]

If there is one artist that I can truly say does not receive the recognition he deserves, it would be Eyezik.  I say this for many reasons, one of which being that he is so much more than a hip hop artist.  He cannot be pinpointed under one genre for the reason that he is a soulful blend of many.  This past week he brought us his latest release with Rise – a track which meshes an overflow of impeccable lyrics with his signature vocals.  I am very, very excited to see what Eyezik has in store for us as 2016 begins to unravel.  Familiarize yourself with the underrated talent below, it’s great – you have my word. Produced by Drake Connor

GXDS – [Eyezik] ft. [Nxffie]

It’s a perfect night for some fresh, new music; and we always give you the best of it.  This time around we have an upbeat, hard hitting track from Eyezik & Nxffie.  If you are a frequent visitor of the site then you’ve probably come across the talent of Eyezik, the one dude who always comes with insane bars laced with beautiful vocals.  Today, he brings in Nxffie, an incredibly talented artist that we’ve had our eye on for some time now.  Together, they make magic; listen to their new piece of art, GXDS, below. Produced by the heavily talented & frequent collaborator, Drake Connor.

No Hands – [Eyezik] ft. [Marcus Nogood]

Eyezik is here with his second video within the past month, and it’s somehow just as beautiful.  This animated adventure includes the young, up-and-comer, Marcus Nogood.  Together these two set forth quite a treat, truly a hard-hitting, upbeat banger.  Once again we get the dangerous trio of Eyezik, Drake Connor & Pat Banahan – these guys are definitely doing it right.  Check out No Hands below, and keep a lookout for these guys. Produced by Drake Connor | Directed by Wes Lake | Shot by Pat Banahan

STFU – [Eyezik]

Remember that one dude we had on the site a couple months ago? We hope so, because he is back and he is on fire.  Eyezik brings us something different this time around, he incorporates beautiful vocals with a quick, mean flow; it’s something that is rare to come by, it is safe to say that this kid is next level.  We could go on and on but we’d rather you just STFU and treat yourself to the new Pat Banahan-directed, Drake Connor-produced piece – these 3 generate quite the dynamic duo.

Seven Pounds – [Eyezik]

We just recently dipped into Eyezik of the Chicagoland area, and after streaming his debut project, Blur, from beginning to end – we knew that this young creative had a great voice, we just were not particularly sure if the music was there yet.  Yet, with the release of Seven Pounds, the kid officially has the juice; his deep, clear, crisp voice is one you can’t ignore, and we believe he is finally beginning to find his sound as a musician – notice we didn’t say rapper, we truly believe he is more than that, but we cannot yet categorize him.  If he does it right, there is no reason why Eyezik isn’t the next big thing – get familiar and stream his latest release, Seven Pounds (a heart is seven pounds by the way, you can do the math in regards to dissecting the context of this track). Produced by Drake Connor