Out My Way – [Maka] ft. [Donald Grunge]

Consistent as he may be all year round, it goes without saying that Massachusetts native Maka comes into full form during the spring and summertime. Something about his sound makes perfect sense during the warmer months, and today, Maka shows this off with his annual spring and summer campaign, dropping off a new single entitled “Out My Way” alongside fellow MA artist Donald Grunge. Produced by Brockton, MA native Isaiah Valmont, this collaboration between three of the state’s most promising talents is certainly an exciting one on paper, and the song is sure to deliver. Maka and Grunge find a creatively ambitious balance of sparkling, loosely-flowing deliveries, and the real wind under their sails arrives in the concoction of melody both in the production and in their vocals. In such a manner, “Out My Way” feels like everyone is on the same page and roaring with energy, making this one a must-listen. Be sure to check out the song below and let us know what you think in the comments! Produced By Isaiah Valmont

Cowboy Talk – [Donald Grunge]

With “Old Town Road” climbing up the charts and taking over the conversation on social media, the music world is beaming with Western-influence and trends right now. For Massachusetts native Donald Grunge, this trend is nothing new, however, as his cowboy-themed mixtape entitled, well, CowboyTalk, came out over 4 months ago. Even before then, Grunge had been headed this direction for quite some time throughout the project’s creation, and today, we see this vision come full circle as MA’s own hits our pages with the spectacular new visuals for CowboyTalk‘s title track. Dressed in a Toby Keith shirt, jeans, and his very best cowboy boots, this music video is a perfect representation of the off-the-wall, unapologetically true-to-self creativity that I’ve come to know and love Grunge for over the years. Yes, it’s an odd sight to see the rising artist dance around in this outfit on the top of a mountain and even ride a horse, but it’s as Grunge as it gets, eccentricities and all. The uncontainable energy of the song soars to new heights when translated onto the screen, and the Western theme, as a whole, finds new life thanks to this music video. Donald Grunge and his wild Western image …

Pedicure – [JORD4NEVERDIED] ft. [Donald Grunge] [Connis]

Every week, it seems like something fresh is coming out of Boston and taking over the headlines of our pages. The city is truly filled with budding talent just waiting to blow, and today, Boston’s own JORD4NEVERDIED is here to prove this with an unbelievably energetic new single, “Pedicure”, featuring fellow 617 natives Donald Grunge and Connis — and before we get into this one, I just want to make it clear that I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve been listening to this one all day long. Like, all day long. Quite honestly, songs like these are always hardest to write about because they present such a strong bout of emotion that goes beyond what words can justly describe. The only way to capture the excitement behind “Pedicure” is to say that all three artists involved put their best foot forward to make for one of the most creative, out-there songs that I’ve hard in recent memory, and needless to say, it was a huge success. “Pedicure” deserves to blow, so be sure to check this one out at the link below and become witness to the heat coming out of Boston right now. JORD4NEVERDIED, Donald Grunge, and Connis are ready to take …

CowboyTalk – [Donald Grunge]

While the worlds of hip-hop and country music may seem like polar opposites on the surface, it can be oddly magical when an artist attempts to find a fusion between the two. Here to take on the challenge is a Boston-based act by the name of Donald Grunge with his latest project, CowboyTalk. 7 tracks long, this tape is by far one of the most creative we’ve heard in recent memory, as Grunge’s otherworldly vocals take on a life of their own amidst such energetic production. Surely, CowboyTalk is creatively ambitious, but it’s also extremely well-executed, shedding a light on one of Boston’s finest rising talents at the moment. The tape’s two singles — “Guitar Grunge” and “Snake In My Boot” — set up a perfect alley-oop for the main entree, and just as we anticipated, Grunge released a slam dunk. Stream CowboyTalk below and stay updated on the latest from Grunge by following him on Twitter here! Art by @gregisonfire Produced by Mike Hector, David Walker, JORD4NEVERDIED, Chris Tophr, Jonny Doobs, Maka, & Humbeats

Henny Sippa – [FAbzabove] ft. [Donald Grunge] [Splash Got’Em]

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s some serious energy coming out of Boston right now. Here to lead the charge for their hometown are three artists by the names of FAbzabove, Donald Grunge, and Splash Got’Em with their brand new visuals for the anthemic single, “Henny Sippa”. As the title entails, this track is as reckless and unapologetically itself as can be. It’s addictive in its over-the-top personality while energetic in sound, and the result is an offering that is ready to light up any venue it touches, one “Henny sippa, Glock grippa, F*ck N****” chant at a time. The visuals complement this energy to a T, and needless to say, they speak for themselves, so I’ll let you watch for yourself at the link below. Oh, and by the way, this should remind you that Boston’s got next. Produced by Maka Shot & Directed by Xandros Mixed by Triple Beam Brad

Guitar Grunge – [Donald Grunge]

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today is an artist by the name of Donald Grunge with a brand new, sun-soaked offering, “Guitar Grunge”. Hailing from Massachusetts, this rising talent has been making waves in his home city for quite some time now by way of relentless authenticity and an unforgettable, unique style. Grunge’s passionate deliveries never fail to impress, and with his latest, Maka-produced single, we see the full potential of this incredibly talented individual take the spotlight. The warm-weathered energy that radiates throughout “Guitar Grunge” is truly second to none in terms of engaging listeners, and as such, this track demands to be kept on repeat all summer long. That being said, be sure to keep this one in heavy rotation by clicking play at the link below and follow Donald Grunge on Twitter here!

Lyrical Lemonade Presents: The Nams Homeless Q&A

Nams Homeless is one of the best & most underrated artists coming out of Wisconsin in my opinion, and it really doesn’t take much more than just taking a look at his catalog to see where I’m coming from. The way that he approaches his music is different from anyone else coming out, which is why I’m more than excited to premiere his brand new project titled “Loveless Loser” tonight, along with a brand new Q&A! Nams is super interesting not only sonically when you listen to him as an artist, but his personality is one of the best you can find in this industry, and I believe that will help carry him into a bright future in music. If there’s one thing that I can say about this new tape is just simply don’t sleep on this project, you will surely regret it. Listen to his brand new piece of work below as learn a thing or two about him, & be sure to give him a follow here afterwards.     Photo Cred: Marco Ortiz — EM: Before we dive into the questions, give our readers who may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself. NH: My name is …