Clap – [Don Toliver]

Without a doubt, I have Don Toliver as the biggest artist to watch out for in 2020. Of course with the pandemic, some artists plans have been reevaluated as far as touring and appearances, but regardless, Don Toliver had managed to make sure that his name has been resonating with fans. With the success of his debut album Heaven or Hell, numerous TikTok trends taking off, and his contributions on features this year with Eminem, Nav, and many others, it’s safe to say that Don Toliver is making his imprint very fastly in his career. Today, he premiered a surprise release of his song “Clap”, from the Road To Fast 9 Mixtape. The Fast & Furious franchise has been around since many of our childhoods, and as of late, they have begun to have some pretty substantial soundtracks to go along with the films. With F9 currently in production, the team has put together a soundtrack of music that is either inspired by, or featured in the film. This film being the last in the franchise, it was important that they casted a stellar cast of artists on the soundtrack–Don Toliver being one of them. On “Clap”, Don Toliver sticks with his usual producers Wondagurl and Frank …

A Conversation w/ Nils: Working on ‘Legends Never Die’, Upbringing in Germany, Staying Humble and More

When it comes to the pioneers of the vast sea of producers in the states, many of us can name a lot of them without even thinking twice. However, when it comes to producers making a name for themselves overseas, they may not be as openly recognized as they may like. The hurdles in which they have to overcome, and the barriers that they need to break, happen to be a bit tougher than it can be for those who may be born here in the states. The one thing about hip hop, is that it is accepting to all kinds, no matter what. We will accept anyone regardless of race, sexual orientation, heritage, native language, anything–as long as that musician respects the culture. Hailing all the way from Hamburg, Germany, record-producer Nils has been making a massive impact in the game, and has been working his way up to becoming a household name in the music industry. The German rap scene, or any foreign rap scene for that matter, is very different than what we may be used to over here in the states. Nils made a name for himself by learning and adapting to music at a very …

Cardigan – [Don Toliver]

Prior to late last year’s Cactus Jack label collaborative project JackBoys, I had never really paid too much attention to Don Toliver, unfortunately. I had heard the name and knew he was buzzing in the music scene, but I never took the time to really just sit down and listen to his music. After hearing his contributions to that tape, though, I knew I had to tune into everything else he had to offer because of how out of the box and interesting his voice is. Luckily, as I was making an effort to dive further into his other music, he announced Heaven or Hell, his debut album that came out in March. I haven’t listened to this project all the much to be completely upfront, but I did listen as soon as it released, and I was thoroughly impressed with what he was able to put together. I previously understood why he was buzzing all over the industry, but this album just confirmed my suspicions. One of the standout songs on Heaven or Hell, at least in my opinion, was his song “Cardigan” which now received a brand-new music video treatment. The beat is comprised of a very transient, …

The Scotts – [THE SCOTTS] [Travis Scott] [Kid Cudi]

Many people wouldn’t find it difficult to open any social media app and see Travis Scott’s name buzzing around on it. Whether it be for his growing sneaker collection, his executive mind of his Cactus Jack record label, or his clothing merch that sells out almost instantly; Travis has his artistry in everything and it really shows. Speaking in terms of his musical ability, he is always known for ushering in new sounds and vibes that many can say were curated and/or inspired by him. While a vast majority of his sound was inspired by the greats before us, he is one of the leaders of the pack to utilize the futuristic wave of music making. After the major success of the Jackboys EP, it was clear that he was not currently interested in working on his own solo release since his Astroworld album is still on repeat and STILL charting today; almost two years later. Having since then providing knowledge and guidance to his label mate Don Toliver on his debut project Heaven or Hell, it was only a matter of time before we saw what Travis would have his hands on next. At last, the fans now feast on the latest single from …

Heaven or Hell – [Don Toliver]

Just a couple years back, a mysterious spaceship crash landed on earth. What has emerged through the smoke of it happened to be no one other than the Houston-native Don Toliver. For those who still may be a bit unfamiliar with him and his back catalogue, he caught his first big break in his career after the release of Travis Scott’s major studio album Astroworld, as he was featured on the song “Can’t Say”. Shortly after the release of Astroworld, it had been announced that Don was the newest signee to Travis Scott’s record label Cactus Jack Records. At that moment was the beginning of Don Tolivers ascension into the rap industry. Being featured on Eminem’s Music To Be Murdered By album, and providing one of the standout tracks on the Jackboys EP late last year on “Had Enough”, Don has been making some pretty substantial moves to help solidify himself at such an early stage in his career. At last, here we are just a few short months into the new year and Don Toliver has premiered his new project titled Heaven or Hell. “You got two choices, either heaven or hell” Don raps on the late 2019 cut “Had Enough” on the Jackboys EP. Little did we know, that would …

Jack Boys – [Travis Scott]

There’s a common understanding that the music industry basically shuts down from late December to early January.  Dropping anything in that time frame is basically pointless; unless you are an artist so big, it doesn’t matter when you drop. Travis Scott, and the rest of his Cactus Jack labelmates definitely qualify. Entirely out of the blue, Scott, and the rest of his Cactus Jack labelmates came together to give us a late Christmas gift in the form of a compilation album entitled JACKBOYS. A 7 song, 21-minute long album, JACKBOYS, gets in, gets out, and more than serves its purpose with a flurry of easily digested, high-energy bangers that feature some insanely interesting collaborations that include the likes of Young Thug, Rosalía, and Don Toliver. The last of which, Don Toliver, dominates the entire project, steals the show, and emerges as an artist primed to takeover 2020.  Loaded with some stellar, intoxicating tracks, JACKBOYS is the perfect way to cap off 2019. Standout tracks: “Had Enough,” “Out West,” “What To Do?”

Can’t Feel My Legs – [Don Toliver]

Houston rapper/crooner Don Toliver dropped “No Idea” back in May, but is now reaping the rewards of the seeds he planted. Even though it was released 6 months ago, the cut has picked up steam, cracking Billboard’s Hot 100 and landing Toliver the #9 spot in the emerging artist’s chart. Capitalizing on the momentum, Toliver has been going crazy with the content this week. Earlier this week he dropped off a chopped & screwed version of “No Idea” equipped with a video and now he’s back with yet another video-assisted effort in “Can’t Feel My Legs.” This one has the same, swirling, ethereal feel as “No Idea,” but provides Toliver with a little more bounce as he uses his whurring vocals to feed into the drug-laced direction of the song. The video captures the booming, intoxicating aura as well, with Toliver floating around the strip club like he floats on the beat. Some really interesting chess moves on the back end of the year from an artist primed for a big 2020.

Best You Had – [Don Toliver]

Some tracks have an odd way of instantaneously making you move as soon as you press play. That is definitely the case with Don Toliver’s engaging single, “Best You Had.” If his flow over a soothing acoustic guitar-based instrumental isn’t enough to get you up and jiving, his uniquely high-pitched voice and falsetto will. Toliver consistently throughout the piece refers to struggles in show business with drugs, money and women. “Outta my mind been lately, too much money can’t make me.” In August of 2018, the Houston native released his first project, Donny Womack which racked up nearly 1M streams on Soundcloud. Shortly after, he appeared in Travis Scott’s Astroworld, in the song “Can’t Say.” Immediately following his feature with Scott, Toliver then signed to his label Cactus Jack Records. Since, Toliver has stayed low-key until the release of “Best You Had” early last month, which has collected nearly 500k streams in that short period. If it’s any indication as what is to come from Toliver, we haven’t seen anything yet. Stream “Best You Had” below!

Diamonds – [Don Toliver]

Amidst all the excitement surrounding the release of Travis Scott’s new album, Astroworld, I don’t know if anyone expected one of the best musical moments on the project to be from Don Toliver on “Can’t Say” — a fellow Houston artist and by my estimates, a soon-to-be star. Today, we introduce our readers a bit further into Toliver with his music video for the song “Diamonds”. Led by the young artist’s carefree, rage style of rapping, the song itself is a perfect testament towards the freeing attitude of Toliver when on the mic. He lets each and every note come from the heart without any filter, and the result is music that deserves to be put on replay again and again. Additionally, the video for this one is a cinematic look into the feelings that “Diamonds” yields, so be sure to click play on all of its unforgettable glory at the link below!