Facade Records – [Domo Genesis]

Since his days with Odd Future, Domo Genesis has always been one of the coldest rappers out, using his West Coast charisma and dense technical skill to reach listeners. Today, these strengths are brought full circle, as Genesis blesses us with his brand new Facade Records EP. Just 6 tracks long, this one makes up for what it lacks in length with vivid storytelling and stellar guest spots, featuring Buddy, IDK, Chip tha Ripper, and Cozz as complements to Genesis’ effortlessly smooth vocal cadences. One song after another, Facade Records is true-to-self and clearly not rushed, as Genesis takes his time to communicate cohesive thoughts formed by all of his past experiences to date. This is an impressive project from an impressive artist, so stream the latest from Domo Genesis below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Online – [Domo Genesis]

Domo Genesis is the star who just never seems to fade out. One year after another, we can always count on Doms to advance his artistry in ways that listeners are sure to love, and today, this is exemplified in the form of his stellar new single, “Online”. Arriving alongside the announcement of his new EP, Facade Records, due for release December 7th, this track acts as a reminder of just how talented the CA-bred artist truly is. The groovy, sun-soaked instrumentation complements the perpetual haze of Genesis’ crisp flows, and only adding fuel to the fire, the theme of working relentlessly toward success in the face of adversity is something that any listener can latch onto. Needless to say, “Online” is a heater, so keep this one on repeat all weekend long and watch the video at the link provided below!

Role Model – [Michael Christmas]

If you’re looking for some good news to brighten up your day today, look no further, because the highly-anticipated release of Michael Christmas’ third album, Role Model, is finally here. Over the past few months, Christmas has released a number of stellar singles with “Not The Only One”, Ball”, and “Girlfriend” to keep fans on the edge of their seats, and now dropping the 15-track main course, we couldn’t have asked for a better project. This album represents the Boston artist’s explorations of whether he’s a role model to those around him or not, and by offering a relentless supply of authentic, alluring energy, each song brings forth the best version of Christmas that we have heard to date. Bubbling tracks such as “Honeyberry” and the ever-important anthem, “These Days” share an equal, complementary spotlight with the laid-back energy of songs like “Everybody Eat”, serving up a unique album that refuses to be looked right over. The guest spots from Cousin Stizz, Tobi Lou, G Perico, and Domo Genesis all make for standout moments on the project, but nothing beats the unwavering positivity and animated personality that Christmas brings to fruition so effortlessly. I could go on about this album …

Aren’t U Glad You’re U? – [Domo Genesis]

Even after the days of Odd Future, Domo Genesis has continued to excite fans across the country with his relaxed cadences and intricate lyricism. Additionally, his carefully selected picks of slow-burning instrumentals always make for soulful offerings, and no different is his latest mixtape, Aren’t U Glad You’re U? Produced by Evidence and 8 tracks long in its introspective stay, Genesis updates us with the way his life has been along with storytelling reflections on the happenings of the past few years. It’s ambitious yet laid back, and with each and every song on this one, you can find the CA rapper laying out his signature flows in a naturally entertaining manner. Overall, this mixtape is a dope listen and I highly recommend checking it out if you want to hear some of the smoothest displays of lyricism that I have heard so far in 2018. Click play on Aren’t U Glad You’re U? below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Dapper – [Domo Genesis] Ft. [Anderson .Paak]

Odd Future affiliate Domo Genesis linked up with the red-hot Aftermath signee Anderson .Paak to give us one of the grooviest records we have heard so far this year titled “Dapper.” The excellent production on this song was handled by the Garcia Bros, who provided an extremely strong instrumental that Domo and Anderson went back and forth on perfectly. Be on the look out for Domo’s debut album “Genesis,” which will be released on March 25th via Odd Future Records, but for now click play below.