Alone-[Eddy Rock]

Eddy Rock is a talent that you need to know about. As you all know, I’m a huge fan of the scene that has been developing in the Southwest Florida Area over the last couple of years. The talent that is present down there is truly unbelievable and it’s only right to put it on display.  The 239’s latest artist making it onto our pages is a guy named Eddy Rock. It’s been about a year since the up and comer has dropped some music, but today he’s back with a brand new track titled, “Alone”. I can’t even stress how good this offering is. I haven’t heard a more cohesive song in a long time when it comes to vocals and production. You should expect nothing but perfection from Eddy though as he’s worked as an engineer for many SWFL artists like Dominic Fike, Nate Traveller, BabyJake, ripmattblack, Brendan Bennett and ALX. Throughout the verses, Eddy sings about the common complexities that come with relationships and isolation. This reflective piece really opens the door for Eddy’s fans to get a look into his mind and creative process.  The stripped down ballad is just the beginning for Eddy Rock. If he …

Misses FL – [ALX]

Dominic Fike arrived on the scene in early 2017, but in his shadow was his little brother ALX. ALX has broken out of the shadow and stepped into the spotlight with the first release of his debut track and visual titled “Misses FL.” beautiful cinematography directed by Sam McAlear, this track features a nostalgic skit detailing that ALX would like to lay on a beach with his significant other. A very danceable record that features a beat switch towards the end of the song where ALX’s mood shifts. He becomes infatuated with the girl he misses and breaks out in a rap verse showcasing his versatility in only a single song. My favorite thing about this track is it demonstrates how strong the Fike music gene runs in the family and the amount of pure personality in the record. This track will have you missing summertime vibes, it has fun vibes all around and previews what his effortless talent has in store for us in the future.  Watch the music video for ALX’s “Misses FL” below.

Hit Me Up – [Omar Apollo] x [Dominic Fike] prod. [Kenny Beats]

Indiana-raised artist Omar Apollo has followed up the release of his single “Frio” last week with another new song, collaborating with Kenny Beats once again and bringing Dominic Fike on for “Hit Me Up”. A couple of months ago, Instagram posts of Apollo and Fike working together started circulating, and now listeners have the chance to hear what they’ve been cooking up. “Hit Me Up” offers the best of both artists’ worlds; Kenny Beats, who previously collaborated with Fike on their song “Phone Numbers”, uses a similar sonic aesthetic to bring the two vocalists together in a way that fits both of their styles. Over a smooth bassline and punchy drums, Apollo’s harmonies soften the track as Fike’s melodic flows ride the beat more aggressively. The three artists make for a natural match, and they’re able to capitalize on the hype that they each have around their names right now to make for a rewarding, highly-anticipated collaboration. Listen to “Hit Me Up” by Omar Apollo, Dominic Fike, and Kenny Beats below:

923 – [Brendan Bennett]

The Southwest-Florida raised musician talks about his new song and using music as a vessel to heal his own personal traumas.

Hit – [Kenny Mason]

It’s been a long 18 months since Atlanta emcee Kenny Mason has dropped new music. Last night the wait came to an end as Kenny released a brand new single entitled “Hit.” If you’ve immersed yourself in the life of the music industry there’s the certain artist you just hear people talk about before they even release new music or music in general. One of the last artists I heard this much industry buzz about before they dropped was Dominic Fike before he dropped his ‘Don’t Forget About Me Demos’ project. After listening to “Hit” and snippets such as “HIGH” and “FIRESTARTER it’s easy to see why everyone has been so excited about Kenny starting to roll out new music. Mason is able to flash a unique skill set of various flows throughout “Hit” that should keep listeners entertained. After he has a couple of projects under his belt I can see Kenny Mason breaking out similar to how fellow Atlanta emcee JID has done recently. Stream Kenny Mason’s new offering “Hit” for yourself after the break. Produced by Julien Earle

Phone Numbers – [Dominic Fike]

Unfortunate as it may be in many situations, fame tends to bring friends, peers, and even relatives out of the woodworks. When an individual finds success, especially in a monetary sense, a plethora of faces inevitably decide that they’re entitled to a portion of the winnings and attention, leading many artists to disconnect themselves from the outside world in the process. For one of today’s most promising young stars, Dominic Fike, this had led the Florida-bred talent to change his phone number several times, always running from the random people who try to eat off of his hard-earned success. Here enters Fike’s brand new single, “Phone Numbers.” Made in collaboration with none other than Kenny Beats, this offering provides listeners with a unique look at Fike’s balance between his roots in rap and his more recent pop stylings. The concoction of Kenny’s hip-hop prowess and Fike’s lighter, highly accessible deliveries plays a perfect line in the middle, and the result is a song that swiftly combines two worlds into one, easily-lovable piece for a wide array of listeners to love. That said, as is the case with the rest of Fike’s catalog to date, “Phone Numbers” is perfect for any …

Watch Dominic Fike’s New “Rain or Shine” Performance

In the ever-so-interesting, ever-so-talented case of Dominic Fike, it’s a given that the music is unbelievable. He’s a hell of an artist and an undeniable hitmaker, but the real value of Fike arrives in the arts of image and connectivity. Put simply, Fike doesn’t act like he just signed a multi-million dollar deal and has become one of music’s most prominent names in a matter of just a few months. He doesn’t act like the once-in-a-generation artist that he is, and yet, that’s why people seem to relate to his character so strongly. The man behind the music is even more humble and likable than one could expect, and a central method by which Fike’s team has skillfully shed light on this is through the several live performances that they’ve released through YouTube. These intimate, silky-smooth videos attach a face to the songs and a personality to the lyrics, bringing fans even further into the wonderful, wonderful world of Dominic Fike. That said, Fike’s latest performance, titled “Rain or Shine (Live from Paris),” is my personal favorite to date, allowing the star himself to strum the guitar and float over the keys in the middle of a random park in Paris. …

Rollerblades & Açaí Bowl – [Dominic Fike]

From the overwhelming success of “3 Nights” to the lush, lovable honesty of Don’t Forget About Me, Demos, Dominic Fike has undeniably assumed the role of music’s next biggest star. Even as he’s grown into a million-dollar artist, Fike’s undying authenticity and homegrown comfort refuse to be diminished, just as we see in his two latest singles, “Rollerblades” and “Açaí Bowl.” Arriving just in time for the warm weather, each of these two singles combines the beauty and freedom of a summer drive with the artistic integrity of a timeless song, proving Fike to be an artist who sees past a viral hit. At this point in time, everything that Fike has released to date has not only impressed listeners/viewers but pushed the ball forward in terms of his art and his creativity, signaling the mark of a true artist and one who is inarguably built to last. To say that I’m excited for the insurmountably bright future of Dominic Fike is an understatement, but rather than trying to convince you through writing, I’ll just let these two wonderful songs speak for themselves. Get accustomed with Fike’s latest two soundtracks for the summer by streaming “Rollerblades” and “Açaí Bowl” below!

IDK WHERE – [Yeek]

As of late, Florida has developed a fascinating, deeply diverse identity in the cutting edge of music. From the ample supply of sound-shifting, trend-setting rap coming out of the state to the hip-hop-influenced indie of artists such as Yeek and Dominic Fike, the state is seeing a broad mutation in sound, style, and image. Barriers between genres are becoming increasingly blurred, artists are developing wide arrays of skill and sound, and more than anything, the music is just as incredible as it is unique, making Florida a must-watch area. That said, today, we introduce one of FL’s finest representatives right now — the aforementioned Yeek — with his brand new EP, IDK WHERE. Right in line with the connotation of the title, the latest from Yeek is a release that burrows right in between genres, blending a lively supply of influence into one, undeniably energizing style. The project arrives packed with stories of reflection and introspection, and quite often, it seems to shift further from an audience-intentive release into an almost diary-esque style of writing — that is, to the listener’s pleasure, of course, as the deeply personal lyricism resonates so well without compromising identity in the process. On both a …

Peach – [Kevin Abstract]

As an individual artist and even alongside the entire Brockhampton crew, Kevin Abstract’s unmatched work ethic and remarkable drive for both quality and quantity have led to an undeniably historic run of great projects and videos. Most recently, he blessed us with the stellar Ghettobaby EP, and now, as we await the forthcoming main entree, Kevin is back, and he brought some friends. Today, we’re here to help unveil the bona fide star’s incredible new release, “Peach” — a song that, by my estimates, we’ll all be throwing on repeat the entire summer long. Featuring a lush chorus from one of music’s newest and most promising young talents, Dominic Fike, as well as some guest spots from Joba and Bearface, this song takes the intoxicating warm air of the summer and turns into a beautifully anthemic soundtrack for the season. Abstract’s thoughtful lyrics bounce perfectly alongside the infectious rhythm of the song, and the cherry on top is a guitar-based instrumental that sounds, feels, and hits just like a picture perfect summer day, all the way into the moonlit glory of the night. Only adding to the greatness of this release, the visuals bring all of the feelings of warmth, friendship, reflection, and …