Tomorrow ‚Äď [Clayton]

Milwaukee has been heating up lately with artists making names for themselves and tracks gaining heavy traffic. A new flower has emerged from the soil with R&B/Soul artist Clayton, whose newest project¬†Love Me¬†releasing over a month ago. His six-song EP shows impressive vocals and beautifully laid out lyrics preaching themes of relationship and emotion. One of my favorite joints on the project is ‚ÄúTomorrow,‚ÄĚ which is accompanied by a stunning visual that was just released earlier today. The video is simplistic yet vibrant, with clips of Clayton in multiple nature settings, through a forest, by the lakeside, and laying in grass. The natural vibrations that come from the track are represented perfectly in the visual (shot by DineroGangRay), tying the emotions felt in the music to a representation the eyes can see. Clayton has the pure soul that some hip-hop aficionados long for, and his genuine emotion and connection to his music will allow him to keep amassing a larger audience. Watch¬†Clayton ‚Äď Tomorrow¬†below! ¬†