Masons – [2kthagoon]

In a world full of up and coming artists who all have so much potential, it can be hard to decipher exactly who deserves your time of day and who isn’t necessarily worthy of your efforts when it comes to listening to their music. I can tell you with one hundred percent certainty that 2kthagoon is well worth your time and efforts because he’s one of the most slept on artists coming up in the Rap industry. His style is unique, and although he may use autotune as the majority of the industry does, he has a stranglehold on the sound, knowing exactly how to use it to elevate his voice and not exploiting it as a kickstand to hold himself or his music up. Whether he used the vocal effect or not, his music would still be able to stand on its own because of his masterful flows and intricate deliveries that are always on display within each and every one of his songs. Don’t just take my word, though, but rather check out his latest song “Masons” in order to see his talents for yourself. The scene is set through reverberating, mystifying synths, chattering hats, and somewhat subdued …

Drop Yuh – [Valee]

Valee has been stealthily rising through the ranks of Chicago’s Rap scene, but the moves he’s making are truly impacting the entire industry overall. His cadences are unlike anyone else doing it today or even previously, his demeanor suggests he really doesn’t care at all, but his lyricism suggests he works harder than 99% of his competition. Although some of his songs can sound similar considering he typically tries to keep things as minimalistic as possible, his wordplay is always inventive and even if some of the topics aren’t make or break things, he challenges himself to come up with new ways of delivering otherwise overplayed themes. Although he’s been teasing a new project which would be much appreciated in this current state of the world, we haven’t received it quite yet. What he did gift us with while we waited was a new song called “Drop Yuh” and a visual to complement it. The track boasts out of this world synths, raspy claps and snares, and heavy 808s per usual. Valee utilizes his uncharacteristic flows, spitting a few words and pausing to emphasize the points he’s making throughout his lyrics. Some of these points include the drugs he’s taking …

Dimensions – [Taylor Belle]

New York-based songbird Taylor Belle is back with a deep self-reflective track entitled “Dimensions.” When I received this single to my email and hit play through the first play through that caught my attention was the clever songwriting. Taylor does a fine job at showing the different sides of herself and shows the different “Dimensions” that form her make up. The main lyrics that stick to you are “Cause I’m more than just a woman, I’m more than just a person, I got all these dimensions.” “Dimensions” also dives into the struggles and hardships you go through that end up shaping you for the better. Although the single talks about the different layers that humans may have to peel back to find one’s self it also serves as a moment of empowerment for who you are. Stream Taylor Belle’s new single Dimensions and dive into more of her discography if you have the time today.

Sacrifices- Vee Miyagi

Vee Miyagi sets himself apart from the rest of the pack in his latest song titled, “Sacrifices”, which finds him flowing over a compilation of clips and videos featuring Vee recording in the booth as well as some more cinematic shots from previous videos. Miyagi has shown us he is one of the nicest word smiths coming up in the city after releasing his impressive 2017 album, Big Wave, which you can revisit to discover the multiple sonic dimensions the Chicago artist inhabits all at once. Stream the visual for his new track, “Sacrifices”, below and be sure to add the single to your SoundCloud rotation for additional lyrical dopeness!

Dimensions II – [Clepius] ft. [Austin Fillmore]

Just a few months ago Clepius started up his rap career, made some noise, released a few songs – although none quite like his first release, Dimensions, which also had visuals added.  Today Clepius plans to release the very highly anticipated Dimensions II track with a feature from fellow Chicagoan talent, Austin Fillmore.  It has been quite a while since a release from Clepius, he has gotten better – much better, and  this is to show for it.  If this song does the numbers it should do, there may be a visual in the next couple of weeks directed by Cole Bennett; oh, and I also heard a rumor of a tape coming out soon from the kid?  Make this song get the love it deserves, or put that rumor to rest. Produced by Glassic Ready, Set, Go. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff9900&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Dimensions – [Clepius]

httpvh://–QaZYCw Clepius is here with his first visual to his well-known track, “Dimensions“, this is just a little sneak peek for what the young Chicagoan has coming for you guys. 2014 is the year – OLYMPO$ CLIQUE. Stay tuned for greatness from the team. A Cole Bennett Film Produced by Glassic

Top 15 Chicago Artists to Look Out for in 2014

Originally I was going to do the top 10 artists, but I just couldn’t narrow it down – therefore I am bringing you the top 15, take note that the list is in an order for which who I think will make the most noise in 2014! 1. Taylor Bennett After making plenty of noise in 2013 – where he dropped his debut tape and sold out his first headliner, the Savemoney affiliate plans to do much bigger things in 2014 as he will be dropping his sophomore tape, “Mainstream Music” in the spring. __________________________________ 2. Logan The young Chicago reside has just began, yet has gotten very far in the game already with his drive and motive, he claims to be doing all this for his friend Feo, who passed away early in 2013. His squad now goes by “Feo Mob“, I am sure if you haven’t heard of them yet, you will be very soon – Logan has yet to even drop a tape. __________________________________ 3. Supa Bwe Frederick Apex (Supa Bwe) was just recently brought to my attention by the homie Wisam, and I am still in the process of figuring out why he goes so damn …

Dimensions – [Clepius] (Teaser)

httpvh:// We came across Clepius a few months back with the release of “Dimensions” & now we’re the ones who edited the video and are releasing it on January 6th, stay tuned! A Cole Bennett Film

Dimensions – [Clepius]

Young Chicago reside, Clepius, spitting intelligence in his well known track, “Dimensions” produced by Glassic. Stream & Download Below. [soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]