Diamond Life 2 (Ca$h Ironic)-[Hospital Gown] x [Lord Byron]

Dallas, Texas songwriter & producer Hospital Gown connects with Lord Byron for an experimental rap banger titled “Diamond Life 2 (Ca$h Ironic).” Accompanied by a Cesar Velasco directed music video, the cinematically eccentric visuals display eerie masks, unconventional outfits and an alteration from color to black & white. A ghost vocalist provides a memorable hook, whereas Lord Byron delivers a rap masterclass in flow. Byron specifically applies a skillful rhyme scheme that aligns with the catchy Hospital Gown crafted melody. If there’s anything else to say, I promise you this track sounds like nothing you’ve heard before. Peep the official music video for “Diamond Life 2 (Cash Ironic)” below!

CADDIE – [Lepew]

Lepew is a diamond in the rough amidst the rapidly growing Newark, New Jersey rap scene and has quite possibly the most compelling flows of anyone in the area, while most artists are focused on the drill-elements of their music given how popular that sound is in NYC and the whole world for that matter. His gruff melodic deliveries are reminiscent more of an Atlanta artist, grumbling over instrumentals, crescendoing through his different bars stretching his vocal range while rattling off punchlines. WATCH THE SCREEN handled the simplistic yet captivating visuals, matching the intensity of Lepew’s delivery and adding an additional level of excitement through his frenetically opulent transitions. I hope Lepew keeps dropping throughout the end of 2022 and look forward to hearing what else he is capable of creating.

Snupe Bandz Is Back With His Latest Single Barnacle Boy

Memphis Rapper Snupe Bandz is making noise in the Memphis scene. Widely known for his hit single “Go Hard” featuring Key Glock & Jay Fizzle with over 2.3 million views and counting on Youtube and his single “Remember” with over a million views. The Paper Route Empire signee is making quite the name for himself in the music industry. Earlier this month, he released his latest single “Barnacle Boy” with the visuals to match over Sosa 808 beat, showcasing his tumbling flow and wry charisma. His latest video takes place in his hometown as he raps his lyrics with his entourage surrounding him. The rising rapper shows off stacks of money with diamond chains around his neck in front of a mural that pays respect to the late Young Dolph (RIP). “Let me tell you why a nigga hatin’ so hard (Why)/I ain’t have shit, turned myself to a star (Star)/Where I come from, niggas die and get locked behind bars/Never ever thought I’d make it this far (Never).” You can watch his latest video below.

Stomp – [DCG Shun] & [DCG Bsavv] ft. [G Herbo]

Just when it seemed like the drill scene in Chicago was coming to a bit of a standstill, the DCG Brothers came in and made an insane splash with their modern take on a sound that put this city on the map in a huge way. It just felt like with New York City drill taking over the mainstream, the Chicago drill sound was starting to die down, and it is thanks to these two trendsetters that the subgenre is alive and well, at least in my opinion. They were on such a long, impressive streak of releasing singles and visuals, each one getting better than the last while also putting their names on the map more than ever, but one thing that fans were patiently waiting for and highly anticipating was the release of a project. Well, the wait came to an end late last week with the release of their debut mixtape Jungle Life which boasts 14 songs running just short of 39 minutes long, and man is this the wild ride that I was hoping for. Out of all these songs, though, I was definitely most captivated by their record “Stomp”, probably mostly because of the fact …

King of Englewood – [Fastmoney Ant]

Being from Chicago, I am well aware of the diverse talent pool of artists that we have here in the city, and I am always on the hunt for the next big thing, no matter what they may sound like or whatever genre they’re bringing to life. Obviously, the drill movement here in the Windy City was something that will be talked about for decades considering it played such a part in bringing not only new styles to life but also the real-life experiences of these talents to the forefront, making their narratives as captivating as they were eye-opening. For a few years, drill was absolutely thriving, but then it seemed as if there were almost too many similarities amongst the up-and-coming drill rappers who more often than not just tried to replicate the sounds of legends like G Herbo, Chief Keef, Lil Bibby, and Lil Durk. This seemed to lead to a renaissance of sorts because this moment in time opened up space for other emcees like Chance, Vic, Mick, Noname, Saba, and others to get their foot in the door with other unique hip-hop offerings. Although it has been years, I am so excited that it appears as …

fake diamonds-[Gabe Gill]

One of the most artistic songs/visuals that i’ve recently stumbled on is brought to us by an artist named Gabe Gill. I’ve been really loving the tracks that are paired with captivating video content, so this latest offering that I have the pleasure of writing about is definitely a special one. Have you ever been in a deep dream that you didn’t want to wake up from? Well, If I had to sum up the video for Gabe Gill’s song, “fake diamonds” then that would be the best way to encapsulate it. From a song standpoint, the track pays homage to “Lucy in the sky with Diamonds” while adding a clever twist to the structure. Gabe Gill possesses some very unforgettable  vocal talents throughout the entire song as he carefully crafts melodies that will be stuck in your head all week long. From the video standpoint, the style is just really sick. The quick cuts and transitions gives you glimpses inside the world of Gabe without fully allowing you to comprehend the through line which makes for a viewing experience the is just that…An experience. I really loved this offering as a whole and I really think anyone who takes …

Arya – [Nigo] ft. [A$AP Rocky]

I don’t think it’s a very controversial thing whatsoever to say that Nigo has left one of the most notable marks on this Earth so far, and he is still in the prime of his career. If you’re familiar with the Japanese icon, as you should be, it could be because of a plethora of reasons including his creation of BAPE, Billionaire Boys Club, Ice Cream, or Human Made, amongst many other brands, or his impact on the music world thanks to his group the Teriyaki Boyz as well as his work with countless other world-renown talents over the years. It has been almost two decades since we last received a solo album from the legendary talent, but that hiatus will come to an end this March with the release of his upcoming album I Know Nigo, and I couldn’t be more impatient for a project to drop. In order to get some buzz surrounding what is sure to be an incredible album, Nigo teamed up with A$AP Rocky to deliver an absolute hit entitled “Arya”, and the results speak for themselves. Aside from this flawless single, there is also an AWGE-directed music video that is as clean as visuals …

Broom – [HerDrug]

Southside Atlanta’s own HerDrug made his Lyrical Lemonade debut last month with his tape Adventures of an Addict which flew under the radar of many in the city and online, but what the tape lacks in notoriety it is made up for by Drug’s incredible versatility and artistic direction that shines through across the ten tracks on the project. “Broom” was one of my favorites from the release and just this past week he unloaded a visual to pair with the song, brought to life by the trio of DonnDigital, Tip Skywalker, and DeadPurpp who shot, edited, and handled the VFX respectively. Jootsu handled the production on this track and the bulk of the other installments on Adventures of an Addict and his chemistry with Drug is obvious as he supplies a bevy of varying sounds that all fall comfortably into Drug’s range. I hope we see more visuals from this project and can confidently say that HerDrug is one of my favorite diamonds in the rough in a city packed full of incredible new talent.

Can’t Make This Shit Up – [Shaudy Kash]

I just cannot get enough of Shaudy Kash’s music lately, maybe because of where I am in life, unsure of my next direction and pensive over which route is best to choose, or maybe it is the large quantity of Detroit music I have been inundating myself with for well over a year now, but whatever it is, I am certain that Shaudy Kash is perhaps the brightest diamond in the rough in his talent-flush city. His maturity speaks volumes calmly and the large quantity of music he has already released and continued to do not only follows suit with his successful musical peers in the Motor City, but also to his personal dedication to his craft as an artist, a title I don’t give him lightly. He is in our pages today with his latest visual release, the title track to his recent EP, “Can’t Make This Shit Up” which was brought to life by the hands of Big4Boogie who works often with Kash and has amplified his reach greatly with his visuals that capture his laid-back pragmatism well. I am sure that Shaudy Kash has a surplus of music for us in 2022 and I can’t wait to …

Old Opps – [DCG Shun] & [DCG Bsavv]

Although they might not be new names to anyone familiar with the Chicago music scene, DCG Shun and DCG Bsavv have been running the music scene for the past few months, and they’re a duo I can’t get enough of. Even though some of their songs might have a similar style, this sound is full of one-liners, aggression, and a hint of playfulness that puts a new spin on drill music, and I’m all here for it. Considering they have yet to actually drop a project, this doesn’t seem to be an issue considering they’ve amassed a notable fanbase that rides with them through it all, and after seeing their unforgettable performance a few weeks ago at the Summer Smash, that was all I needed to solidify these two hitmakers as stars in every sense of the word. Dropping new music is a regular activity for them, and that streak continues with their most recent Spank-produced record “Old Opps”, another straightforward heater that you’re not going to turn off anytime soon. Alongside this track comes a Diamond Visuals-directed music video that is as creative as all their other wild video concepts, and I had no choice but to. Share it …