What I Please- [Smokepurpp] ft. [Denzel Curry]

Two of Florida’s biggest talents in Smokepurpp and Denzel Curry team up for “What I Please”, a single off of Smokepurpp’s highly anticipated album Deadstar 2. This song is exactly what I hoped for when I saw the two names side by side. With fierce bass, creative sounds strewn about in the production, and inventive wordplay throughout, this track has it all and more. Purpp seems to pay homage to Denzel on this cut with his stern flows that get more and more aggressive as his verse progresses. Denzel absolutely bodies his verse, which is expected, but every time I turn on a verse by him that he tears to shreds like this one I’m always left in disbelief. His flows are spot on, he clearly feels at home on the beat, and his lyrics are out of this world. You might have to look them up, however, because the rate at which he’s speaking in less than a minute’s time might have him saying more words than I’ve spoken all year. This isn’t to overshadow Purpp though, because he went off as well. With Deadstar 2 set to release on Friday, I couldn’t have higher hopes or expectations for …

Black Balloons Reprise- [Flying Lotus] ft. [Denzel Curry]

Although Black Balloons is typically a trademark of Denzel Curry’s, Flying Lotus decided to borrow the idea and run with it in his latest visual for “Black Balloons Reprise”. He didn’t leave the South Florida hanging though and invited him to spit the bars over his always impeccable production. The single has a 90’s-heavy sort of sound with the boom-bap percussion, but FlyLo adds his own spice to it with different melodies and sound effects that only he knows how to masterfully use. The visual is completely black and white, adding to the dark aura that consumes the lyrics Denzel is spurting. Literal black balloons can be seen in almost every shot, and bad omens like a black cat help contribute to the messages expressed. One of the most powerful parts of the video was when Denzel sat down to write a message in a notebook, and the pen was directly hooked up to his bloodstream. It made me picture that he’s literally writing with every ounce of his being, whether it’s lyrics for his music or maybe another message he’s trying to convey. This visual for “Black Balloons Reprise” is very well shot, clear and concise, and it’s definitely …

Poison Klan – [PlayThatBoiZay] ft. [Denzel Curry] [Anonymuz]

Raw energy isn’t something every rapper can say they possess, and because of this, it never gets old. It isn’t as easy as just screaming into the mic, it’s about being able to hold you own over hard-hitting, noisy production. PlayThatBoiZay brings this much-needed energy to his songs and is able to bring the hard-core trap to the next level.  A perfect example of this is his new track, featuring Denzel Curry and Anonymuz, titled “Poison Klan”, from his new EP. PlayThatBoiZay was featured on the earth-shattering “P.A.T.” from Denzel’s most recent project ZUU, and here Zay proves he can bring that same energy to his own work. This track, in particular, is another meeting of the Florida minds, hence the title of the track, and proves how deep the talent in the Florida hip-hop scene runs. “Poison Klan” features a blistering, eerie instrumental, produced by Anonymuz, which makes for a tight knit, yet smoky, banger, and the visuals that accompany the track bring out its supernatural nature. The video is glitchy and distorted at times, and the forest backdrop makes sense, as this track has a hypnotizing nature that pulls the listener in and leaves them wondering exactly what …

Speedboat – [Denzel Curry]

“Speedboat” is without a doubt one of the biggest and best songs off of Denzel Curry’s latest project ZUU. It’s a certified banger with catchy hooks and a beat that completely slaps. What one might overlook is the deeper and more serious meaning that falls within the lyrics, but the video that Curry just released for the hit single won’t let people forget these underlying themes. After taking it all in, I feel as if this is more of a miniature documentary than a music video. It covers the glitz and glamour that comes along with Miami, with the luxurious cars, bright colors, and huge mansions. On the other side is the slummier and underdeveloped parts of the major Florida city, with trap houses running not-so-legal businesses in poverty-stricken towns. Denzel shares his first-hand experience, going from working in a corner store to being offered a job for a successful “businessman” of sorts. This starts out slow and in the trap houses but shows the progression that eventually gets him into an enormous mansion full of money, guns, women, and the intangible idea of power. Although you can’t see the power physically, it’s felt within the video. The visual also …

Tokyo Drifting – [Glass Animals] ft. [Denzel Curry]

By Danny Adams Until today, I wasn’t familiar with Glass Animals to be honest. After some research, I found out that they’re apparently a British group that makes a mixture of different musical genres ranging from psychedelic pop to alternative R&B, and many other types of music along the spectrum. Normally I don’t really write about electronic songs or the artists that create this type of music, but South Florida’s very own Denzel Curry is the reason I couldn’t resist. On the group’s latest single “Tokyo Drifting” which features the unbelievable emcee, I couldn’t believe my ears. The song starts out with computerized hip hop production that is reminiscent of Daft Punk, with spacey effects on the singer’s vocals. This part of the song was still entertaining, but I wasn’t blown away until Denzel came in. The beat switches to a more rap-friendly version right before he bursts into his verse with as much energy as ever before, spitting words faster than he may have ever spoken in his life. Although his verse is somewhat short, the number of lyrics he is able to deliver is extraordinary and I believe it was possible because I’m not sure that he ever …

Grim – [Wiki] ft. [Denzel Curry] [Lil Ugly Mane]

Songs that act as reunions have a special place in my heart. When artists spend some time apart and then join back together to make something great, the result isn’t just a song. It’s a testament to growth. The new Wiki track, titled “Grim”, featuring Denzel Curry and Lil Ugly Mane, features a couple of reunions, and the result is a great new cut. The production here is a nice middle ground for all of the artists involved. Woozy background synths add to the ethereal mood that suits Ugly Mane’s reflective, self-doubting lyrics, and the head knocking bass complements Denzel’s flow. Wiki brings it all together, and proves the fact that these three only get better with time. All three bar out on this track, bringing a focused energy, and complementing each other perfectly. It’s exactly what you would expect from three artists with such great ability as rap artists. This one came together quite nicely, and is an indicator that Wiki’s new album, Oofie, dropping tomorrow, will be great. Get ready for the new album by checking out this new track for yourself on Spotify down below.  

Psycho – [Denzel Curry] x [Slowthai]

Denzel Curry and Slowthai have linked up for an exciting collaborative track today titled “Psycho”. This Florida x UK collaboration seems to have a lot of potential on paper, and once you hit play on the song, both artists capitalize on that momentum by feeding off each other’s explosive energy. As they trade aggressive bars back and forth, they’re pieced together through a piercing horror-film inspired beat made by Kwes Darko. The producer’s mix of ominous strings, booming drums, and heavy distortion allow Curry and Slowthai’s verses to hit with a level of rawness that fits each of their own styles. “Psycho” comes right in time for Slowthai’s US tour and ahead of Curry’s European tour, and hopefully they add this track to their respective setlists as it would be the perfect soundtrack for a mosh pit. Listen to “Psycho” below:

Awake – [Tkay Maidza] ft. [JPEGMAFIA]

Next time you’re awake at 3:00 AM with seemingly no sight of falling asleep, you’ll have to take Tkay Maidza and JPEGMAFIA’s new collaborative track, entitled “Awake”, for a spin. I can’t say it will help your cause of catching some z’s (if anything, this high energy track will keep you up), but at least you’ll be able to resonate with this track knowing that you aren’t alone.  It only takes about twenty seconds to realize that this track is a smash. The blistering bass, along with Tkay’s commanding delivery on the hook makes for nothing short of a hit. To top it all off, JPEGMAFIA, who just dropped one of the best singles of the year, is featured on the track, and absolutely kills his verse, bringing his signature energy to the song and adding to its late-night intensity. The bass-powered production and lively Peggy feature is reminiscent of Denzel Curry’s “Vengeance” , and I highly recommend fans of that track to check this one out. Don’t sleep on this banger, check it out on Spotify here, and view the jarring visuals, which features an alternate ending, down below!

Watch Rick Ross on Hot 97

Out of all of the great music that has been released over the past few days, one that stood out was the new Rick Ross joint titled “Gold Roses”, and he stopped by Hot 97 recently for a dope new interview about everything he’s been up to. They talked about tons of things such as his 10th album, challenges he has had to overcome, his alcohol endeavors, investing in Wingstop and Checkers, speaking on his health issues, working with A Boogie & Denzel Curry, Miami, Nipsey Hussle, his relationship with Meek Mill, MMG and more. Rick Ross is one of the most seasoned rappers in the world so he has seen a lot and has tons of wisdom to share, pick up some of it by watching this interview.

Watch Juice WRLD’s brand new interview with No Jumper

No Jumper has always been a great platform to find awesome interviews with some of the hottest new artists in the game, but Adam22 has really been pumping out some great interviews this past week one after another. First he had in-depth interview with the legend Young Thug, he also recently sat down with one of my favorite rappers Denzel Curry for a great conversation, and now he is back with his latest interview featuring the Chicago phenom Juice WRLD! When these two sit down and speak it feels more like two old friends chopping it up as opposed to your regular old interview, and they really packed a ton of cool topics into this fifteen minute conversation. Adam asked Juice about things such as how it feels to have blown up so fast, touring overseas, why he enjoys being in a relationship, live streaming, writing “Lucid Dreams” in twenty minutes, being a great freestyler, conspiracy theories, his homies Polo G + G Herbo, all of the talent coming out of Chicago right now, his fashion sense and robbing scammers. I am sure it won’t be too long before Adam drops another great interview off for us, but until then …