wife wife – [deem spencer]

deem spencer is an artist that I have been a fan of for a minute now, he’s one of the most unique creatives that I enjoy listening to, and today he is back on our website with his latest music video for “wife wife”. This visual is mainly shot within the subway system and the streets in what appears to be New York, it’s a minimal visual in terms of production, but they got creative with it and were able to make something memorable out of it. I am going to be keeping a close tab on Deem Spencer for the rest of 2021, this is a pivotal year for him, but I know that he is going to make the most out of it.

Voyager – [Medhane] x [Deem Spencer]

Deem Spencer is an artist that I have been following closely over the past year, he has released some great material in the past so when I peeped that he linked up with Medhane for a brand new track called “Voyager”. I quickly found a liking to the soothing production found here and it wasn’t long until these two creatives matched each other’s energy with their verses, displaying some friendly competition & giving us a memorable track in the process. Listening to this song led me into browsing through the rest of Medhane’s catalog, and trust me when I say that it is pure gold, don’t take my word for it though, stream this new song + check out his catalog here! Produced by Medhane & @ntvrme

Black Diamond – [Sporting Life] ft. [Deem Spencer]

Chemistry between a producer and vocalist is something that should never be overlooked, and when this chemistry stands out, it elevates a song to the next level. This is how I felt when I first heard the new Sporting Life track featuring Deem Spencer, titled “Black Diamonds”. The two were clearly on the same wavelength when they created this track, as the Sporting Life beat on here is lo-fi and droning, but soulful at the same time, perfectly aligning with Spencer’s style. Deem brings his dense, reflective delivery to the track, adding to the song’s atmospheric nature. Let’s hope for new music from these two in the future, as this great collaboration has me itching for a project from these two. Sporting Life is dropping a new 4 track EP on September 27th, so keep an eye out for that, and check out this track on SoundCloud down below and all streaming services now!

Deem Spencer: Low-Key Taking the Legacy of Queens Hip-Hop Into Soulful, Vulnerable, Experimental Directions

Hip-hop is a big tent, with room for all kinds of voices, vibes, looks and personalities, right? Or at least, it ought to be. Too often though, as in other genres, one success story spawns scores of imitators, and A&R reps, managers and promoters—not generally known for seeking out the most unique and unconventional voices out there—scramble to find the next version of that person who blew up a few months back. Duplication is rewarded, and deviation from the commercially proven is viewed as suspect. Likewise, in a crowded landscape marked by a perpetual jockeying for attention on IG and Twitter, it’s often the loudest voices, the most colorful characters and outsize personalities that win the day and, of course, grab that money. Sometimes they’re little more than personality, but they know how to get noticed. So where does that leave a rapper with a subtler, less flashy, more low-key approach? Ask Deem Spencer. A product of south side Jamaica, Queens—a stone’s throw from JFK Airport—Spencer is a far cry from the noisy jets that populate his neighborhood, and not exactly a sonic descendant of Jamaica’s most celebrated musical idols, 50 Cent and G-Unit, though he’s a lifelong fan. With …

But – [Deem Spencer]

Currently coasting off of the success of his stellar new project, Pretty Face, it feels as though all eyes are on Deem Spencer — and apparently so, the Queens native is more than ready to perform under pressure. Today, Spencer revisits the project with a set of accompanying visuals for one of my personal favorite cuts, “But.” Infused with jazzy instrumentation and a nonchalant, yet deeply soulful tint, “But” works well in the way that Spencer seamlessly marries his vocals to the production. In doing so, he intertwines the sonic elements of the track under one, ever-so-smooth umbrella, and the result is a magical sense of energy that comes across just as unique as it does organic. Beyond the song, however, the newly-arrived visuals speak to these very same points, using a day in the life storyline to show listeners the worlds of diverse people, places, and surroundings that act as a backdrop to Spencer’s artistry. That said, while Pretty Face certainly had a lot to say in and of itself, I would argue that this music video is an essential subsequent release to understanding the full story, as both the imagery and effects showcased here give us an even rounder picture …

Pretty Face – [Deem Spencer]

I have been very pleased with all of Deem Spencer’s releases so far this year, but today he is back with his biggest release yet with his brand new album titled “Pretty Face”. When it comes down to instrumentals and straight up production quality, this just might be the best project I have listened to so far in 2019, so thank you to the producers for paving the way for Deem: Fiddy, Posca, Reggie, Imo, Frank Leone, Mel Hines, KeithCharles, RockySour. From top to bottom this is an extremely cohesive listen and I can’t stress enough how happy I am with this final product, an instant classic in my books. Get lost in this brand new album below and if you enjoy it be sure to give it a like + repost on Soundcloud!

but – [Deem Spencer]

It’s been awhile since I have last heard from Deem Spencer, but lucky for me he dropped a gem a few days back titled “but”. First and foremost, shout out to Keith Charles Spacebar for blessing Deem with this unbelievably pleasing instrumental, and Deem created the best song you will hear this week with it! It has such a dreamy and euphoric feeling to it, then the funky beat switch up toward the back end was a smooth & refreshing change of pace to finish it off. I am expecting big things for the New York native in the near future, but I am sure he has some amazing music stored away that we don’t even know about yet, plotting on his takeover. Check out this brand new song below and if you like it be sure to give it a repost on Soundcloud!

is – [deem spencer]

it’s been a minute since New York’s own deem spencer has been featured on our website, but he is back this afternoon with his brand new offering titled “Is”. I have enjoyed Deem Spencer’s material for quite some time now, and I have also enjoyed the music that Frank Leone has worked on the past few years, so I was more than happy when I saw that they came together to create this one & I must admit that they did a great job. Take a few minutes to check out this brand new tune below and if you like it be sure to keep up with Deem Spencer by giving him a follow on Twitter here!

Boy Ain’t A Bad Boy – [Deem Spencer]

Deem Spencer: an artist defined by his eccentric creative vision, refined talents, and mature level of musical execution. Today, we see all three elements of this rising star on full display with his brand new single, “Boy Ain’t A Bad Boy” produced by Sylvan LaCue. In a unique, brutally honest bout of storytelling all about some of the harder parts of Spencer’s life, this track immediately shows the level of comfort that the Queens artist seems to feel with his listeners. Music holds healing powers no matter what we’re all going through, and “Boy Ain’t A Bad Boy” makes sure we’re aware of this. The personal bars embroider themselves within soft, soulful production that marks LaCue’s first production placement, allowing for ample reasoning as to why Deem Spencer is going to be an absolute star very soon. This may seem like a hefty claim at first, but once you hear how advanced his music is, you’ll be saying the same thing. Don’t sleep, listen to “Boy Aint’ A Bad Boy” at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Eve’s Titties – [Deem Spencer]

An artist by the name of Deem Spencer is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today with his brand new track called “Eve’s Titties”. Deem hails from New York and offers a soothing sound that you will quickly fall in love with, unless you’re just a complete hater, it’s really hard to even try to dislike his music. This new joint was produced by Pip, Jachary and Gabe Niles, who paved the why for Deem to do his thing with the dreamy instrumental they cooked up. Get in tune with Deem Spencer by pressing play below, and if you dig the music be sure to give him a follow here!