Well Sed-[Seddy Hendrinx]

Coming fresh off the success of his Gangsta Grillz tape Well Sed, Seddy Hendrinx has been making some major moves in the game in 2022, and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down yet. Seddy has been more visible in the spotlight, and his name has been circulating in conversations on who will be the next artist to make it to the top. That said, it’s only right that he had to keep his foot on the gas and keep this momentum going. Premiering the intro track of the same name, Seddy blessed us with the visuals to “Well Sed”. Directed by Decat and creative directed by crossvision, Seddy Hendrinx cameos DJ Drama, OMB Peezy, and many other prominent acts in the game, as Seddy recreates iconic scenes from the movie Belly. Produced by Sosa & Toodope, “Well Sed” serves as the perfect introduction to the life of Seddy Hendrinx. Delivering crisp auto-tuned vocals over soothing guitar riffs, “Well Sed” sets the vibe right for what was to follow on the rest of the tape. Check out the visual for Seddy Hendrinx’s “Well Sed” below!  

Seddy Hendrinx Interview: Well Prepared, Well Preserved & ‘Well Sed’

“Once I saw that I had a way out, it was all in from that point and I never let up. Getting that love in my city really fueled me, man. That’s where I get all the love. Duval 904. I felt like if I could make it in Duval and my city could get behind me, then I’m straight.” -Seddy Hendrinx Photo Credit: @shotbydecat When it comes to the rap scene out of Florida, most would instantly gravitate towards the gritty and gutter style of rap that has come out of there as of late. Names such as Yungeen Ace, Stopemgottem, and Nardo Wick would be amongst the ones who are sporting that rugged and authentic style of rap. However, once there is an artist that blossoms from a city known for a specific sound, and they don’t come out sporting that sound, that instantly makes you stand out amongst the pack. That alone can draw people’s attention to what you have to say and the matter in which you say it. Straight out of Duval County, Seddy Hendrinx is an artist that has been making a ton of impact within the Jacksonville scene for years now. Placing a huge …

Since 91 – [Sonny Digital] ft. [$lugg]

I have always been a music fan who takes a producer-first approach. I just feel like there are so many hitmakers who barely get a fraction of the credit that they deserve because the artist that raps over their beat gets all the shine, but I try my best to make the producer known just as much as the emcees that I write about. What makes a producer even more appealing, in my eyes, is when they rap on their own production as well because they know just how to build a foundation from all angles, and Sonny Digital is the latest beat smith that I realized raps as well. I honestly have no clue how long he has been getting behind the microphone, but the handful of songs that I have heard really show me so much potential from the Atlanta native. I mean, when you have a resume filled with smash hits like “Same Damn Time”, “Birthday Song”, “Tuesday”, “after Party” and more with some of the largest names in the game, you’re already doing just fine, but the fact that Sonny wasn’t content with being considered a secondary contributor means that you know he’s going to go …

Lean On – [Almighty Beezy]

Nashville, TN by-way-of Decatur, IL artist Almighty Beezy lands in our pages again today with his captivating new visual to his track “Lean On” where he collaborated with 3AM whose direction and editing perfectly matches the mood of the song and captures Beezy with a series of fluid moments such as putting the camera inside of the weed-bag and constantly moving and changing the angles and perspectives he pits Beezy in. Nizzy supplied the cosmic production which is more upbeat and happy than many of the more downtrodden instrumentals Beezy gravitates to at times. His delivery improves with every release and has really begun to find a sound which works well for him. I hope that this summer sees another Almighty Beezy mixtape and look forward to his collaborative tape with Mobile, Alabama’s Jay Montana that he has been working on.

Statement – [C17]

North Atlanta’s C17 is back again in our pages this week with a new video to his track “Statement” that continues the trend of him unloading soft-spoken, melodic bangers over always-compelling but often subdued production that doesn’t cloud his gentle vocals. Cheaper Therapy supplied the low-key instrumental that allows C17 to breeze over the percussion and lament his turbulent love life. The cinematic visuals were brought to life by the team of ShotByDecat and Baylor Kim who combined to shoot and edit the video. I look forward to seeing where C17 goes from here and I hope he keeps his foot on the gas for the rest of the summer.

War – [Almighty Beezy] [Jay Montana]

Nashville by-way-of Decatur artist Almighty Beezy continues a series of collaborations with rising Mobile, Alabama talent Jay Montana with a new visual filmed in Nashville by ZWImaging who is one of many cameramen keeping the Nashville music scene strong and consistent. Mobile’s Al’Geno provided the instrumental which is one of my favorites I have heard from him ever and is accented by a whining electric guitar which is contrasted by an uplifting piano melody and brought together by trunk-shaking 808’s which provide an ideal background for both Beezy and Montana to do their thing with their unique deliveries. I look forward to this pair finally dropping their collaborative mixtape and hope we see more visuals with them soon as they clearly have a great chemistry personally and musically and I look for both of them to have a big rest of 2022.

LightSkinKeisha Releases Visuals For Pop Sh*t Queen

Female rappers have been putting their foot on the gas over the last few years. One artist that has captured our attention out of Decatur, Georgia is LightSkinKeisha. Her bubbly personality, and entertaining videos lead her to stardom. However, her hustle mentality changed her life forever. “I had this strong voice when I was younger, but I was always so shy,” she shared with XXL. “I would always play around and freestyle, so I just took it seriously last year. I like being in the studio, listening to beats and stuff, getting excited about what I’m about to produce on the record.” After the release of viral sensation “Weather”, Big Bank Beisha, knew it was time to take music seriously. When her 2018 mixtape single “Ride Good” ft. B Smyth received over 29 million views on Youtube, the rest became history. Today, the rising star dropped her latest single  “Pop Sh*t Queen”. Her punchlines and catchy wordplay shows how much her consistency is paying off. Her arrogance mixed with her playful persona is a sight to see. The video showed off Keisha’s colorful Birkin collection and stacks of money fit for a queen. Her energy and exuding confidence could be …

Judge Letter – [Shawty Slime]

Shawty Slime made a very big splash towards the end of 2021 with his unforgettable, soul-bearing track “Target” where he delivered a passionate vocal performance perforated with transparent storytelling regretting choices he has made as well as lamenting those who have crossed him, or simply grown apart from. The Decatur, GA artist is back again with a new visual to his track “Judge Letter” which is another marvel of both honesty and self-reflection, as Shawty Slime has a distinct knack for telling his story unashamedly. This latest track deals with his pleading to the justice system that he will change his ways and turn from his negative past, instead putting his feelings into his music and empowering those who walk in the same shoes he did. Chi-Chi produced this track, driven by a solemn acoustic guitar with upbeat drums that contrast each other beautifully and provide an ideal backdrop for Shawty Slime to sing his heart out over.

Death B4 Disloyalty – [Almighty Beezy]

Nashville, Tennessee artist by-way-of Decatur, Illinois is back in our pages again with a new EP titled Death B4 Disloyalty where Beezy continues to bring the slow-burning, southern-fried sound coming out of Mobile, Alabama further across the south. At just six tracks the EP is a quick listen but showcases Beezy’s creative lyrical ability as well as deep bag of melodic flows and is definitely proving to be one of the most talented artists in Nashville and outshines his peers both in terms of quality control and beat selection, two crucial areas of artistry that many around him have missed. I am looking forward to seeing Beezy bring some of these tracks to life with visuals and cannot wait until he collaborates more with Jay Montana and m0re artists around Nashville.

Older – [Shawty Slime]

Last week Decatur, GA artist Shawty Slime turned heads all over his city with his viral hit “Target” that has certainly stamped his name in his area, but he is not letting up there, and is back with a new visual off of his Sleep On EP with my second favorite track “Older” where Shawty continues to reveal his range-y southern-fried vocals but continues to showcase his lyrical ability, lamenting on being crossed and slimed out himself, but also putting together some very clever punchlines that are more reminiscent to the scene and sound of Mobile, Alabama rather than his own city. This visual was also captured by Str8OffTheBoat Media and who also shot his memorable “Target” video and I hope that they continue to work with Shawty Slime as he releases more music. I am still thoroughly impressed with everything Shawty Slime has done over the past few weeks and am sure he is going to be an artist that is around for a while.