G2KU – [Reek] [Sage]

Admittedly, we might be a few days late to the party on this one, but nevertheless, two artists by the names of Reek and Sage are here to join our pages with a stellar new release entitled “G2KU”. Acting as the second single off of their forthcoming project, Chapter 2WO, this song holds a powerful emotional presence as a certain love interest is asked an abundance of questions about how real the connection truly is. The synth-led instrumental provides just the right backdrop to such a passionate offering in regards to lyricism, and only enhancing these themes of love and emotion are a set of well-executed scenes to match the moment. That being said, “G2KU” shows some serious potential from these rising talents, so be sure to check it out at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments! Directed & Edited by DavieeDavee Written by Reek Produced by Sage & Sayjackson Special appearance by Big Beautiful Williams

Love Casualties – [Drippin So Pretty]

The intersection of the rock and rap worlds have come into heavy influence in music as of late, and today, we hear this refreshing stylistic choice in Drippin So Pretty’s brand new, DavieeDavee-directed music video for “Love Casualties”. For starters, this track features production from Charlie Shuffler, who brings forth the ingenious idea of using a sample of Blink 182’s “Adam’s Song” as the main melody. The iconic chords are immediately recognizable, and only come full circle once Drippin So Pretty’s vocals ride alongside this infectious sound, using their soft yet impactful soul to lead the way. With this, the visuals for this song bring all of the aforementioned factors to the next level. Simple scenes and imagery of Drippin So Pretty and his team are complemented by unique coloring and a supply of falling roses that leap across the screen, making for a multifaceted release that impresses in every which way. Drippin So Pretty is a gem of an artist, so watch his latest offering at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Poor Decisions, Good Intentions – [King Khali]

Atlanta-born/West Coast-based rapper King Khali is making his debut on our page today with his latest video for “Poor Decisions, Good Intentions”. Khali proves he’s an expert storyteller on this track, distilling real experiences into lyrical fuel. He delivers life lessons in the form of bars, speaking from a place of unwavering authenticity about his past mistakes and urging a listener to gain something from them as well.  Director DavieeDavee matches the tone of the track with a straightforward visual style, capturing Khali’s narrative with precision. As Khali retells the story about getting caught up in legal trouble after scraping money together for his sick mother, the video follows him with shadowy compositions and subtle details that make the picture clearer. Through it all, Khali maintains an optimistic spirit, rapping “think I’ve been put through adversity just to rise above it.” A similar sense of hope echoes all throughout his latest EP of the same name as this track. It doesn’t take long before you realize Khali’s hustle and rawness are undeniable, as he continues to let his story unravel over the 6-track project. Peep the video for “Poor Decisions, Good Intentions” below and stream the full EP here.