Stop That – [Saba]

Few people are as important and pivotal as Saba is in the Chicago rap scene, no pun intended. From the very early moments in his career until now, he has changed so many people’s lives with his music, sharing some very tough, introspective moments of his life with his listeners, and this has done so much for so many different fans. Not only this, but he has dealt with so many personal hardships over the last few years, but he doesn’t let these things slow him down, and although they’re things that cause him pain and heartbreak, he perseveres, and that’s one of the most prominent takeaways I have about who he is as a person, not just an artist. Care for Me came out back in 2018 and is still one of my favorite projects of the last decade, but I know he has a lot more to share, so finding out that his third studio album Few Good Things is finally set to release on February 4th of next year, I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Although this seems like it’s still so far in the future, Saba continued his hot streak today with the release of a brand-new …

Ziplock / Rich Don’t Stop [Saba]

Certain artists have such an exceptional appeal to them that it’s never any doubt their next release will be top quality; Saba undoubtedly is among this eye-capturing list. The Chicago native has quietly dropped singles in spurts, having released “So and So / Areyoudown? Pt. 2,” followed by “Mrs. Whoever / Something in the Water” in 2020. To kick off 2021, “Ziplock / Rich Don’t Stop” is a two-song offering combined for a pristine Ian Lipton directed visual. Produced by daedaePIVOT and Daoud, each track takes on a different yet equally important introspective lens from within Saba’s burdened psyche. Disclosing that his best days are all in the past, “Ziplock” is a conflicting tale of the blessings and luxuries in Saba’s life that are tainted by societal and personal setbacks. Whether the struggles amount to trauma from loss/grief, the cons of his career success, or non-existent support from police, Saba emphatically remarks that’s he’s willing to ‘bet’ & ‘risk’ it all, which perhaps could be the price of inner peace. On “Rich Don’t Stop,” the record details various aspects of society, as well as dominant emotions that seem to be entrenched in an eerie perpetual loop. Moreover, the song title …

Areyoudown? Pt.2 – [Saba] ft. [tobi loui]

When talking about some of the biggest names in Chicago, there is no question that the talented Saba will come up in that conversation. For years, he has proven himself to be one of the most talented artists who often deviates further than rap. Saba recently teamed up with equally impressive and fellow Chicagoan tobi lou to drop their new single, Areyoudown? Pt. 2. The successor to Saba’s Timezone/Whip (areyoudown?) which dropped over 5 years ago, Saba delivers a dystopian sound on the new single that I haven’t heard before. It’s unique and flows incredibly well and proves Saba’s ability to try out new deliveries for his rhymes. tobi lou also dropped an iconic verse that really emphasizes his talented voice and gives us this iconic line, “It’s tobi lou and Saba b-tch You don’t really want no problem”. That line really encompasses how well this duo works together and I really hope we can see more from the two in the near future. Until then check out the new single down below. Produced by Daedae, Daoud & Mr. Carmack  

Excited – [Saba]

Saba keeps the weekly drop streak going this Friday with yet another new song titled “Excited”. On the heels of last week’s Pivot Gang crew-cut “Blood” and the 2nd annual John Walt Day show, the West-side Chicago native’s work ethic seems to really be kicking into gear right now to end the year with a bang. On “Excited, Saba puts his flows on cruise control, navigating the beat with slick cadences that seem to come automatically for him. Always one to incorporate whatever’s going on in his life directly into his lyrics, he raps about the lifestyle of being on tour and being in a relationship and ties everything together into a warm, melodic hook. Frequent collaborators Daoud and DaeDaePIVOT handle the production alongside Saba himself, adding warm textures to his bars through soft horn sections and a steady bounce. Listen to “Excited” below, and be on the lookout for a possible new release next week from Saba as well:

Krash EP – [Jean Deaux]

Jean Deaux has been a favorite here at Lyrical Lemonade for some years now, and today she is back with the release of her brand new EP titled Krash. After running through these nine tracks a few times through I was very impressed with her always improving lyrical ability and her overall growth as an artist, it feels like her most refined project to date, absolutely jam packed with gorgeous & vibrant beats all around with even better vocal performances . The production on this project was flawlessly from front to back, shout out to Saba, Phoelix, THEM People, Daoud, Yomi, Binta Kai, Smino for creating all of these amazing instrumentals, paving the way fire Jean to create one of the best projects from the city this year. There was only a few features included on this tape from the likes of Ravyn Lenae, Drea The Vibe Dealer, Kari Faux & Bari, who each blessed with project with stellar contributions to help make it that much better. Take a few minutes of your time to listen to this brand new EP below and if you like it be sure to give Jean Deaux a follow on Twitter here! “2018 has been trial …

Watch Saba on NPR Tiny Desk

Unless you have been living under a rock you clearly known who Saba is at this point, the Chicago native released arguably my favorite album of the year “Care For Me” a couple months back & he recently stopped by NPR Tiny Desk to performance some cuts from the album. He didn’t go solo though, he was assisted by plenty of great minds who helped him create the previously mentioned album such as producers & keys Daoud & daedaePIVOT, Noah Frank on the trumpet, bass player Cheflee, drummer Brandon Farmer and his father, theMIND & Kaina on the vocals. Saba also recently released his brand new vinyl for “Care For Me” so if you loved the album like we did here at LL be sure to purchase it here, and if you are in the city be sure to support the second annual John Walt Day on November 24th, you can find tickets for that here.

LIFE – [Saba]

Saba dropped a classic project with Bucket List not too long ago, and his fans have been impatiently waiting to see what the Chicago emcee has up his sleeve next, and we may be a step closer as he just dropped a record titled “Life”. The Pivot leader connected with producers daedaePIVOT & Daoud who helped him put together this instrumental, and together the three of them created a truly impressive track from top to bottom. This record is a very high energy & hard knocking offering, but when you dive into the lyrics a bit more you can see how harsh it really is, which is rare to accomplish both of those things on the same track. Saba is in his bag and it’s clear, but don’t take my word for it, click play below!  

LIFE – [Saba]

After teasing the track on social media just last week, Saba has dropped the second single off his forthcoming project “Care For Me,” titled “LIFE.” The heavily emotional, high-octane new song features the PIVOT Gang member contemplating harsh realities, specifically the threat of life being taken away without warning. He brings the subject close to home as he raps about the tragic stabbing of his cousin John Walt, aka DinnerWithJohn, just last year. “LIFE” follows Saba’s other recent single “Busy” and continues an overall shift in Saba’s music that contrasts with the more colorful sounds he was working with on 2016’s “Bucket List Project.” Even by just looking at the cover art, Saba appears to be experimenting with darker and more bleak styling for his new work. Regardless, the Westside native sounds right at home over this explosive beat produced by himself, daedaePIVOT and Daoud. he absolutely kills each verse and switches flows like it’s nothing. For a rapper who’s known for his vivid storytelling abilities, Saba continues to transform whatever narratives he’s experiencing into vulnerable bars that strike at the core of whatever he’s feeling. Just as the energy of “LIFE” reaches its peak, the track dissipates into a …

Busy – [Saba]

Chicago native Saba just blessed his rapidly growing fan base with a brand new record titled “Busy” and it’s nothing you want to miss out on. I have been a huge fan of SaBa since he dropped Comfort Zone back in 2012, and although he has never been shy to put his emotions in his music, this was a very vulnerable track that I did not see coming from him. He really took this instrumental as an opportunity to air our some of the hardships he has been going through, and I believe that will resonate well with his listeners. 2018 is looking to be a huge step in Saba’s career and this new joint is certainly starting off on a good note, stream this brand new tune below! Produced by Saba, Daoud, and daedaePIVOT Mixed by Matt Wheeler

How You Live – [Saba] Ft. [MFnMelo]

Chicago’s own Saba just blessed his rapidly growing fan base with a brand new offering titled “How You Live” featuring MFn Melo! You can tell right from the first thirty seconds that you are in for something special, as Saba comes onto the uplifting beat as smooth as possible with a verse that’s sure to give you the chills. The hard knocking bass comes in around the forty second mark & adds a nice touch to the track, before Saba comes back on that beat with one of the hardest verses he has laid to date. The MFnMelo verse toward the middle of the track takes this one to the next level, as he snapped for damn near a minute straight, dropping plenty of memorable bars in the process. Check out the brand new song below & be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments! Prod. by Saba & Daoud