glittr – [aldn]

Hyperpop has pretty much consumed my life over the past few months, and I constantly find out about new artists on a daily basis. Out of everyone I have come across, aldn has become one of my all-time favorite musicians for more reasons than I can count, and when I first heard his song “glittr”, I was undeniably sold. You can only imagine how over the moon I was when I found out he was dropping a music video for this hit, and I was even more excited to learn the fact that Daniel Jordan K and Overcast were taking the reins for this visual, so I had to share it with you all as soon as I possibly could. Opening up, aldn is sitting in the middle of a dark, empty room typing into an old computer before pressing a button to prompt the song’s drop. When this happens, he is transported to another dark scene where shiny green strands of tinsel drape behind him as actual glitter covers his face and hair. Obviously, glitter is a major part of this visual, but so is the color green which comes up again sporadically during a scene where he sits …

melatonin – [Zac Greer]

Over the past couple of months, Overcast has become one of my absolute favorite music video production companies. Not only are they making some of the most creative visual to date, but they’re working with some of the most promising, underground, and even certain undiscovered talents that the world needs to know about. While I might’ve gotten into their offerings from hyperpop visuals and their work with artists like ericdoa, midwxst, glaive, and brakence, I have been introduced to multiple other acts such as XIX, lilspirit, koi, and most recently, Zac Greer. Although I have known about Zac ever since I began to watch their visuals, I somehow didn’t realize exactly how unbelievably talented he was until his most recent song “melatonin”. When this track dropped not very long ago at all, I was consumed with not only the upbeat, bouncy instrumental and Zac’s incredible vocals, but I was also captivated by the way he was able to share his story about the hardships of a relationship that fell through his fingers because I think that’s something so many listeners can relate to on a very personal, melancholic level. That’s why, when I found out he was teaming up with …

Boyfriend – [Papichuloteej]

Lyrical Lemonade favorite Papichuloteej teams up with the video production collective Overcast for a new summertime bop entitled “Boyfriend.” If you’re going to wait a couple of months into the new year to drop new music you might as well make it a splash correct? Papichuloteej has done just that with his hilarious new visuals. This record is an upbeat anthem made for people that are playing the side piece role, or have their eyes on someone in a relationship. This creates a hectic atmosphere as the woman in interest is stringing Teej along all the while she has a boyfriend. You can catch Teej in a park overseeing their date and even him singing on the roof as he watches the couple get into an argument. The Overcast crew and director Daniel K Jordan do a masterful job at adding a comedic element to the video to make it entertaining and a fun watch. The cinematography matches up perfectly with this single and “Boyfriend” is a record to where the video dropping alongside the audio makes it that much more enticing. Watch Papichuloteej’s vibrant new video for “Boyfriend” for yourself after the break.

Sick Duck & Spy? – [XIX]

Although XIX is a group that I’m relatively new to, when I saw that they teamed up with Overcast and Daniel Jordan K to drop not one but two visuals in the same day, I rejoiced at the fact that I had so much new content to delve into. Beginning with “Sick Duck” which is perhaps one of their most popular songs and a track off of last year’s project 19, the duo made up of Karm the Tool and Yung Skayda find themselves in some sort of junkyard or old car lot. While some people might find this setting to be a bet desolate or barren, these two seize the opportunity and wreak absolute havoc on everything in sight, shattering windows, driving forklifts, running around, and causing as much chaos as possible like only they know how. Finally, they hop in a dune buggy and peel off into the desert before seemingly crashing the vehicle as the song’s vibe changes to its much slower, more poignant second half. As the buggy and hills in the distance are on fire, Skayda lays down with a missing arm as Karm limps away from the destructed scene all the way home where …

trying – [midwxst]

In the grand scheme of things, I’m relatively new to the emerging world of Hyperpop and digicore, so when I find out about certain artists, it’s hard to tell what kind of following they have. While it seems like most artists in these scenes have cultish followings filled with fans who would do anything for them, the rest of the world has somehow yet to catch onto this unbelievable new movement in music. They can sleep all they want, though, because those who are tuned in with the scene know exactly what everyone else is missing out on, and we’re just lucky to not be missing out ourselves. One of the first artists I had found out about in this newer movement was midwxst, and I just love how he uses a mixture of punk, emo, trap, and even electronic sounds that simply shouldn’t work together but they somehow do. It also seems like he’s an artist that is blowing up at accelerated speeds even more so than some of his Hyperpop/digicore counterparts, so seeing the young Indianan continue to grow has been an amazing journey to experience first-hand. Although I want to give his brand-new project SUMMER03 many more …

Expensive – [Danny Orange]

Even though I’ve only known about him for a little over a month and he only has a couple of singles under his belt Danny Orange is quickly becoming one of my favorites in the indie-pop space. Recently Danny dropped his single and visuals from “Expensive.” Danny hails from a small town called Verrado, Arizona which is right outside of Phoenix. Small town dreams didn’t really fit Danny’s plans and he eventually set out to start making videos under the moniker Daniel Jordan K. After meeting up with Tommy Bauer the two eventually formed what is now the popular media and video production team of Overcast. On his record “Expensive” Danny displays a summertime vibe that talks about the luxury of experiencing a glamour and lifestyle that he’s not accustomed to. With production and songwriting featuring Alec Wigdahl, Danny is on pace to become the next star over at Internet Money. Watch Danny Orange’s new single and video for “Expensive” for yourself after the break.

enemies – [Zac Greer]

Alright I’m going to start this one plain and simple, Zac Greer has one of the craziest voices I’ve ever heard. His balance between deep powerful ballad level verses and anthemic hooks are insanely attention grabbing on every song he’s released thus far, crazy thing is he is really still just getting started. The Phoenix, Arizona native has been having an impressive past few months with the release of his outstanding debut EP headaches, which we covered last month. Zac is still at the beginning of his career but everything he has done up until this point has us simply waiting for his profile to rise to superstar status. The other week, my favorite song from Zac “enemies” got brought to life in some of his best visuals to date. Our friends at Overcast have now done two videos with Zac, they have always had an eye for working with some of the best new acts and being able to break them to a whole new audience. They have a wild ability to create larger than life sets for their videos, “enemies” see’s Zac stuck in some deserted cabin only to break free and be chashed down by multiple versions of …


Before today, I had never heard of the Brooklyn surf rock duo that goes by the name of TOLEDO, but after hearing their brand new track, I might have found my latest obsession. TOLEDO is made up of lifelong friends and writing partners Daniel Álvarez de Toledo and Jordan Dunn-Pilz. It’s always a treat to see the relationship of two people shine throughout their music and thats exactly what you get when you listen to these guys. You can just tell that they love what they do and they love getting to do it with one another, which is a treat for all of us to witness. Their compatibility only makes for great projects and I get to bring one of them onto our pages today. The Brooklyn duo just dropped a new offering today called, “FOMO”. Like the title alludes to, if you don’t check out this track, you’re definitely missing out. From start to finish, there is an infectious groove that completely takes over and doesn’t let up until its ending; and even then, you’ll just be left wanting more. Their musical talents are put on full display. From the vocals, all the way down to the instrumental …

dropout – [brakence]

Brakence first made his initial appearance on our platform a few weeks back when he dropped his visual for “fwb”, and today the teenage creative is back on our website with his brand new music video for “Dropout”. Brakence has an interesting style that is something like a mesh of hip-hop, alternative, rock & punk type of influences, which sounds wild & feels even weirder to type, but that should just furthermore show you just how unique of an artist that Brakence is. His style is unlike anybody you’ve heard thus far, he grabs ahold + maintains your attention in his songs & visuals with creative twists and turns, he’s an all-around great talent that I am eager to keep hearing from in the future. Do yourself a favor and watch this brand new music video below! directed by @DanielJordanK

fwb – [Brakence]

Brakence is an artist who I have been following for a little minute now, but this is the first time I have covered him on our website, as he is making his initial appearance with his brand new music video for “fwb”. Brakence is one of the more unique artists that I have listened to in recent memory, he clearly has a ton of passion + some teenage angst within his music, and from what I’ve heard so far he has some impressive range + a ton of potential. This music video was very creative in my opinion, it had moments of stillness & quietness, only to have bursts of energy that complimented each other oh so smoothly. I believe that Brakence will continue to make quality + original content that will only gain him more fans, keep an eye on him, but for the meantime press play below! Directed by @DanielJordanK