Behind The Scenes of DCG Brother’s “House Party” music video

Last week when we were on set for a different music video, Cole pulled his laptop out in the middle of the set and uploaded the “House Party” music video by Chicago natives DCG Shun and DCG Bsavv. The visual has been performing pretty well considering how brand new the DCG Brothers are, and a few minutes ago, we decided to release the behind-the-scenes footage from that video shoot on our Lyrical Lemonade 2 YouTube Channel. This video highlights how this music video came together, trust me when I say that the shoot day was a scramble once our initial location got pulled, but the legend CB made it work like he always does. Take some time out of your Wednesday to check out this new BTS below!

House Party – [DCG Shun] x [DCG Bsavv]

DCG Shun and DCG Bsavv are two of the most talented new artists coming out of Chicago at the moment, but we here at Lyrical Lemonade have been big advocates for them for over a year now. Way back last summer, we brought them by the LL headquarters here in Chicago for an interview + just to chop it up & learn more about them. Since that day, we have had the utmost love + respect for these two, and I believe that they would say the same. Today, we just released our brand new music video for “House Party” by the DCG Brothers, and it’s definitely going to be one to remember when you look back at our catalog years from now. The story behind the day of this video shoot was an interesting one because originally we were supposed to shoot this at a frat house on the USC campus. We went to the frat house the day before to scout and everything was smooth, but when we showed up the day of, it fell through and we had to find a new location on the fly. Much love to our video production team for making a great …

It’s Up – [CP] x [DCG Brothers]

Time and time again, you will find me either on our website or having in-person conversations about how much budding talent is coming out of Chicago at the moment. I feel like this is the most potent class of young talent coming from the city since the 2012-2014 era, and a few of the rappers at the forefront of this movement are CP and the DCG Brothers, Shun + Bsavv. These emcees first got connected a couple of months ago and they have been working on plenty of new content ever since, but today, they blessed us with their first collaboration titled “It’s Up”. The first aspect of this track that will catch your attention is the monumental instrumental provided by Based1, before CP jumped on the beat and gave arguably his best musical performance to date. Soon after this, DCG Bsavv stepped up to the plate + gave a memorable feature, but untimely DCG Shun ended this one on a positive note with his fantastic contribution. These are three artists from Chicago that I believe you should keep a close eye on, watch this new music video below and be sure to give CP a follow on Twitter here!

On Me – [DCG Brothers]

I hope the music community has been paying close attention to what’s been going on in Chicago because we are having a massive amount of talented artists popping up left and right. There are several young acts who I believe have the potential to be superstars such as Serena Isioma and OG Stevo, but two of the acts that I am most excited about are DCG Bsavv and DCG Shun. These two brothers might as well be twins because they are so close in age, but they are two of the most energetic + superior rappers to come out of the city in recent memory. Their music videos are always top tier while their music never seems to disappoint, they are a promising young duo who I believe will be superstars someday soon. We also have the DCG Brothers performing at our Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash music festival in a few months here in Chicago, you can purchase tickets to that here.

P Block Stars – [DCG Msavv] [DCG Bsavv] & [DCG Shun]

If you’re from Chicago, chances are you’re extremely familiar with the DCG brothers by now. In fact, even if you’re not from the city, they’ve been blowing up at such an exponential rate that you’re probably familiar with them regardless. Most recently, the three brothers prove their dominance once again with the release of their latest hit song “P Block Stars”, and I couldn’t be more excited if I tried. Opening up with the instrumental, we are introduced to a very elementary, almost child-like sample that sounded too familiar to me, and after doing some thinking, I realized that I’m pretty sure they sampled the theme song to the popular children’s TV show, Arthur.  While this isn’t necessarily what I expected at all, the brothers have been known to break all the rules and deliver the unexpected, so when the tapping percussion and thunderous drums enter the picture, you know you’re in for a complete treat. Although I had no clue how they were going to handle this unique production, I wasn’t even slightly shocked to hear each of the three artists completely attack the beat with all their trademark personalities and even some assaulting bars that are sure to …

Whole Lotta – [Desto Dubb] ft. [DCG Shun] [DCG Bsavv] & [DCG Msavv]

It’s been a minute since I kept up with Desto Dubb’s music career, but that’s not to say I haven’t been paying attention to the other moves he’s been making. Ever since I found out about him through No Jumper when I used to watch the program years and years ago, he has transformed from an up and coming rapper into a business mogul with his brand That’s A Awful Lot of Cough Syrup which has been worn by some of the biggest names in the industry. Even with his brand’s success, I still love the fact that he’s keeping up with his music because it’s something he truly seems to enjoy, and I couldn’t resist talking about his latest song “Whole Lotta” when I saw he teamed up with all three DCG brothers to bring this hit to life. The instrumental itself uses some rotating, on-edge piano keys that are combined with rattling percussion and thumping drums for a Michigan-influenced beat that is as catchy as it is edgy. Although I’m not overly familiar with Desto’s music as of late, it seems like this style fits him perfectly considering his low voice and raspy delivery seem to just glide …

4Nem Grave – [Lil Zay Osama] x [DCG Bros]

A few days ago Lil Zay Osama connected with DCG Shun + DCG Bsavv for a new music video for “4nem Grave”, and it’s one of the best releases to come out of Chicago this month. The three talented emcees connected with the good people over at No More Heros to shoot this visual, and it’s clear that they did a fantastic job, as the video has accumulated nearly 200,000 views in just a few days. The way that these three flowed together on this track was amazing, to say the least, hopefully, we see them work together more in the future. This was a 10/10 in my book, but check it out for yourself below!

Agenda – [DCG Shun] x [DCG BSavv]

DCG Shun and DCG BSavv are without a doubt the hottest new artists to come out of Chicago in a minute, and today they are back on our website with their brand new music video for “Agenda”. The most special thing to me about the DCG brothers is the energy that they bring to every single track, they never fail to bring their A-game, and their infectious music is damn near impossible to not like. I hope that we can sit back and really appreciate the rise of these two young talents, they are well on their way to stardom, it’s only a matter of time before they are two of the best rappers in the world. Watch this brand new music video below and if you enjoy this one then go ahead and check out the interview we did with them last year!

For Me Remix – [Pronto Spazzout] x [DCG Bros]

Pronto Spazzout is one of the hottest rappers out of the city, no doubt about it, he has been red hot and he is back on our site today with the release of his new music video for the “For Me Remix”. It’s no secret that Pronto Spazzout and the DCG Brothers have a great friendship and that chemistry shows in every one of their releases, but none quite like this new joint. Pronto Spazzout is not only one of the best rappers in Chicago, but he is also one of the most talented when it comes to creating catchy + addict hooks on his songs, as you will see the hook on this song here is unbelievably catchy. DCG Bsavv and DCG Shun complimented Pronto very well on this one, as they each spit a memorable verse, making for a great overall release that you’ll have on repeat all day long. Watch this brand new music video below! Presented by No More Heroes

VLONE – [10K Kobee] ft. [DCG Shun] & [DCG Bsavv]

Over the past few months, I’ve become almost obsessed with. The music that the DCG brothers have been releasing. They’ve been grinding like crazy, and have introduced me to some other prominent young talents in the City that I was previously unaware of, but I’m beyond appreciative when I tune in. Most recently, 10K Kobee, an 18-year-old emcee from the Windy City recruited Shun and Bsavv to join him on his song “VLONE” as well as the music video that comes with the single, and I was blown away by not only how well 10K fit in with the chemistry that the brothers naturally possess, but also his own individualistic style as well. As far as the production is concerned, this beat is extremely bass-heavy, being driven by speaker busting 808s and some piercing percussion that doesn’t even really contain a melody, keeping things somewhat bare-bones while also allowing the three rappers’ unbelievable personalities to shine through. As 10K comes in for the hook, he divides his lines up fairly regularly as his ad-libs echo some of his lyrics in the background. His words are fairly heavily emphasized, making sure you don’t miss a single lyric he spits, and his …