P Block Stars – [DCG Msavv] [DCG Bsavv] & [DCG Shun]

If you’re from Chicago, chances are you’re extremely familiar with the DCG brothers by now. In fact, even if you’re not from the city, they’ve been blowing up at such an exponential rate that you’re probably familiar with them regardless. Most recently, the three brothers prove their dominance once again with the release of their latest hit song “P Block Stars”, and I couldn’t be more excited if I tried. Opening up with the instrumental, we are introduced to a very elementary, almost child-like sample that sounded too familiar to me, and after doing some thinking, I realized that I’m pretty sure they sampled the theme song to the popular children’s TV show, Arthur.  While this isn’t necessarily what I expected at all, the brothers have been known to break all the rules and deliver the unexpected, so when the tapping percussion and thunderous drums enter the picture, you know you’re in for a complete treat. Although I had no clue how they were going to handle this unique production, I wasn’t even slightly shocked to hear each of the three artists completely attack the beat with all their trademark personalities and even some assaulting bars that are sure to …

Whole Lotta – [Desto Dubb] ft. [DCG Shun] [DCG Bsavv] & [DCG Msavv]

It’s been a minute since I kept up with Desto Dubb’s music career, but that’s not to say I haven’t been paying attention to the other moves he’s been making. Ever since I found out about him through No Jumper when I used to watch the program years and years ago, he has transformed from an up and coming rapper into a business mogul with his brand That’s A Awful Lot of Cough Syrup which has been worn by some of the biggest names in the industry. Even with his brand’s success, I still love the fact that he’s keeping up with his music because it’s something he truly seems to enjoy, and I couldn’t resist talking about his latest song “Whole Lotta” when I saw he teamed up with all three DCG brothers to bring this hit to life. The instrumental itself uses some rotating, on-edge piano keys that are combined with rattling percussion and thumping drums for a Michigan-influenced beat that is as catchy as it is edgy. Although I’m not overly familiar with Desto’s music as of late, it seems like this style fits him perfectly considering his low voice and raspy delivery seem to just glide …

Mmhmm – [DCG Bsavv] x [DCG Msavv] x [DCG Shun]

DCG Bsavv, DCG Msavv, and DCG Shun are without a doubt the hottest new rappers in Chicago, no doubt about it. They have been making waves lately, releasing straight up addicting music, and always compliment their songs with the most quality + entertaining visuals to match. While the guys were recently on a trip to Los Angeles, they managed to link up with notable names such as G Herbo, but they also were able to shoot this new music video for “Mmhmm” during that time span. The way that these three bounced off of each other on this track was refreshing, to say the least, they all complimented each other flawlessly + displayed what I would consider some friendly competition, pushing each other to go as hard as they could! This was an awesome release all around in my opinion, but see what you think by checking it out for yourself!

Patching Opps – [DCG Shun] x [DCG Bsavv] x [DCG Msavv]

DCG Shun, DCG Msavv, and DCG Bsavv are a few of my favorite artists out right now and they are undeniable the HOTTEST new rappers in the city right now, and today they are back with their brand new music video for “Patching Opps”. Every time that these guys rap, they just seem to FLOAT over the beats, delivering some stellar verses with ease, they can seemingly create straight bops with the snap of a finger. In just a couple short years, I feel as if these guys will be some of the biggest artists in the world, but until then, let’s sit back & watch them rise to fame. Check out this brand new music video below and if you like it then be sure to share it with a friend! Directed by Kaybee Visuals