The Color Blue – [D2X]

Back in the day when we used to hear legends such as Kanye West & Pharrell Williams refer to sounds as colors and how their music “paints pictures”, it may have been a hard concept to get a grasp on. It’s obvious that sound waves aren’t visible, so the average listener may let statements like this go over their heads. As we mature and we become students of the game, we understand the importance of it. When music is fueled by real-life pain, emotions, and situations, these colors begin to show in the music. Each feeling is accompanied by color, and each color has a meaning. Often so, we see these colors in album art and think nothing of it. Chicago up-and-comer D2X took this artistic approach and applied it to his debut album, The Color Blue. “The color blue, in definition means peace, wisdom, understanding, as well as its association to spiritual realization. It also represents sadness/calmness. My album The Color Blue is really about me finding myself. It’s an album in sync of nostalgia, as well as emotional twists and turns that I deal with in my everyday life. I grew inspiration from Pablo Picasso’s “Blue Period” which was a …

A Conversation With WemmyMo:

When I first discovered WemmyMo’s music, it was a refreshing change of pace compared to a majority of what I was hearing, he brought an energetic + youthful approach to his music that was raw but you could see the potential that he possessed. I was extremely impressed when I first listened to Wemmy’s debut project Bittersweet, it was a sensational body of work that had plenty of ear-pleasing jams on it, which led me to eventually meeting him not so long after + I have been rooting for him ever since. Wemmy is still very young, so he has a ton of time to continue to grow + develop his sound, but in some years I could easily see him being one of the hottest artists in Chicago. Wemmy is well on his way to that already though, so I wanted to bring him by the LL office for a new ‘Conversation With’ segment, read/watch the interview & make sure you follow Wemmy on social media below! Follow Wemmy on Twitter here • Follow Wemmy on IG here   — EM: How was the quarantine for you? — EM: I first discovered your music when you dropped your debut …

Moppas & Choppas – [WemmyMo] x [D2X]

Uptown Chicago based artist WemmyMo has become a favorite of ours here at Lyrical Lemonade over the past couple of years, and today he is back on our lemon filled pages with his brand new music video for “Moppas & Choppas” featuring D2X. I am very familiar with Wemmy’s catalog of music, but I don’t believe I’ve ever heard him create a song that’s as hard-hitting + menacing as this joint. It finds Wemmy kicking one of the hardest verses that I have heard from him to date, and it’s followed up by a solid verse from D2X who keeps that same energy. Watch this brand new music video below and if you like what you see then make sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming interview with Wemmy that drops in a few weeks! Directed by 3 Degrees North Media • Produced by DJ Balor

Kryptonite – [D2X] ft. [Quis]

Chicago’s D2X has been building up momentum this year with the release of multiple singles that have showcased the rapper’s growth both musically and intrinsically. Now, D2X is continuing his streak and evolution with his latest single, “Kryptonite”. In contrast to D2X’s previous release (the house-influenced banger “Go!”), the emcee returns to his more introspective side on “Kryptonite”. He centers his mind of the everyday struggles and stresses that ultimately keep him away from the things he really wants to be spending time on, and this song serves as his way of taking stock of his current situation in life and wrestling with how to move forward. Producer and featured rapper Quis soundtracks this moment of self-reflection with an instrumental that escalates, allowing D2X’s flow to evolve along with it. The prominent guitar strums throughout come at uneven intervals, and both rappers craft their flows around the beat in a way that makes their words hit with more impact. With “Kryptonite”, D2X and Quis take a more somber detour from their last song together while still making something that hits hard in its own way. Stream “Kryptonite” by D2X and Quis below:

Go! – [D2X]

Chicago artist D2X has been releasing some solid music and making a name for himself over the past year or so, tonight he is finding himself back on our pages with his brand new music video for “Go”. Not only has D2X been making himself known around the city, his music really slaps too, and he has been pushing it properly if you ask me. This time around D2X connected with Lway Inc who directed this video, ad together they created a feel-good jam that displays them having some fun around the great city of Chicago. If you’re into the Chicago hip-hop community or just a fan of the genre in general, I suggest that you keep an eye out for this kid, go ahead & peep his new visual below!

Go! – [D2X]

The last I spoke to D2X, he stressed how important experimenting with his songwriting process has been for him recently. “I’ve evolved as far as expanding my sound and making new things, and I will continue to do that,” he said in an interview last month. Today, the Chicago rapper illustrates exactly what he means with a new song titled “Go!”. Retrofitting a house music sample with bassy 808s, “Go!” channels the uncontainable, raw energy of a basement party. It may sound like an unconventional beat to rap on, but D2X sounds unfazed by the challenge as he finds flows that fit with the jagged-edged contours of the beat. While the beat might mark an experimental shift in D2X’s discography, his lyrical content and overall presence on the beat remain the same: he continues to prove he’s at his best when evoking motivational messages in his raps, executing them with unbridled conviction and a booming voice that demands a listeners attention. Listen to “Go!” below: produced by @TheKidMarquis

Evolving with Chicago’s own D2X

A year ago, I spoke to D2X over the phone. The then 20-year-old rapper from Chicago’s south suburbs was just about to release his debut EP ‘Enjoy Life’. The EP, as its title might suggest, communicated a mindset that the rising artist had finally settled on: after backing out of college basketball offers, recording in a professional studio for the first time, and finding confidence in his skills as a rapper, D2X was finally ready to pursue that which truly made him happy. Now, on a mid-July afternoon, as the sunlight starts to barely creep in through the boarded-up window panes, D2X sits next to me on a couch in the lounge of the Lyrical Lemonade office. He’s joined by his right-hand producer Glohan Beats and friends/photographers John and Tove. A can of lemonade in hand, D2X starts to catch me up on what has changed since we last spoke. His viral track “Woop Woop” got played on Chicago’s legendary Power 92 radio station, and recently he’s headlined his first concert as part of Illanoize Radio’s Let’s Get Social series. Though these career highlights stand out in our conversation, what’s most apparent is how D2X’s demeanor feels almost exactly the same …

Pressure – [SwaggGod2X]

Chicago bred artist SwaggGod2X drops in hot with a visual to his latest track “Pressure.” The track speaks of reality coming out of the trenches, and what applying pressure really is. “Yeah I came up from the trenches, yeah I came from nothing.” Many people have flawed views of what life is like growing up in the gutter, and he’s trying to portray to those people the danger that he’s encountered and has to be prepared to act on. The video produced by DylanSatherVisuals shows SwaggGod2X posted in a garage with a piece, an abandoned fire escape, and an old stairwell showing the rustic, forgotten energy that SwaggGod’s trying to point out in the track. Watch SwaggGod2X – Pressure (Official Music Video) below!

Watch D2X’s brand new interview on Illanoize

D2X was one of the latest guest on the solid interview platform that is Illanoize Radio, and it made for a dope interview you shouldn’t miss! Illinoins Jones, Pretty Riot and Bekoe asked D2X about plenty of interesting topics such as some of the songs he has created, making shorter songs, turning down a basketball career to pursue music, wanting to collab with Valee, what his studio sessions look like, his high school days, wine, social media, marketing himself, how the mind works, going to school for journalism and music business, being nominated for the McDonald’s All American team, crediting producers, Chicago basketball, being aware and more. Take some time out of your day to peep this brand new interview below!

VVS – [D2X] ft. [Kid Marquis] [Glohan Beats]

A lot has changed in the career of rapper D2X since I first encountered the Chicago emcee’s music last summer. From dropping his ‘Enjoy Life’ EP to getting spun on legendary Chicago hip-hop rap radio station Power 92, D2X has seen his stock rise steadily since he started fully committing himself to his craft in 2016, and he continues this growth on his latest track, “VVS”. While D2X has proven he’s capable of spitting more introspective bars when he wants to, he instead takes a moment to flex. Painting a rags-to-riches picture with his verses, D2X uses “VVS” to refer to the diamond-level luxury he’s been aspiring to while still making use of his impressive lyrical capabilities. He keeps his circle consistent too, working with frequent collaborators Kid Marquis and Glohan Beats who accentuate the rapper’s flows with their own.