i don’t care at all – [bbno$]

Alright we don’t have to play around here, its understood bbno$ moves different than a lot of these rappers out right now. 2019 has been an incredibly busy year for the Vancouver based artist, dropping his sophomore album Recess earlier this year and following with a run of hit singles, one that just so happened to crush hundreds of millions of streams. With more attention than ever, he finds himself at an interesting point in his career being that he could sign with any label looking to cash in on his chaotic energy. By the sounds of it, ever since he deactivated stealth mode they’ve been hunting him down to finally give him some money. To no one’s surprise, he’s remained independent as one of the largest artist’s to bet on himself and become one of the top 100 streaming artists on Spotify without a label. By doing this, he is creating a pathway to show how to become a thriving artist in quite possibly the craziest time in the music industry. Today marks the release of bbno$’s third studio album i don’t care at all, an amply titled project considering the more fame he seems to get the less interested he is in …

Kanye West ‘Jesus Is King’: A Visual and Audio Experience

“Stand up for my own. Even if I take this walk alone. I bow down to the king upon the throne. My life is His, I’m no longer my own” -Kanye West on “Closed on Sunday”, 2019 The ideology of change is something that most people do not cope well with, or accept so openly. People are afraid of those around them changing into someone they never thought they’d see. Some people are afraid of those around them changing to become better than they are doing. Also, people are afraid of change within themselves—in fear of being placed in unfamiliar territories within their life. One area in the culture that change can be extremely neglected and frowned upon can be the music industry. Kanye West happens an individual who has gone through many changes all throughout his life, musical career, and his overall legacy on this earth.  Retroactively speaking, Kanye started out as the kid in Roc-a-Fella who was just known as the beatmaker of the clique. What came afterwards happened to be one of the most impactful artists of this generation. Had he not wanted that change for himself, he would have painted himself in a box early on …

With Love, Lexi – [Lexi]

Lexi is an unbelievably skilled songstress out of Chicago who we here at LL have been big fans of for some years now, and just a few days back she released an excellent new tape titled “With Love, Lexi.” I was more than eager to listen to this project because I have been patiently waiting to hear a tape from Lexi for a long time now, but man was it worth the wait, because she truly crushed it & created a solid body of work. With this release Lexi has thrown her name into the conversation for one of the brightest new R&B acts coming out of the city, I am sure it won’t be long before more and more Chicagoans start to get in tune with her, but to this point she has built up a loyal core fanbase that’s only getting bigger by the day. Be expecting to see this project included in our Top 50 Chicago projects list that drops in just a couple months, be first of your friend group to discover this diamond in the rough, stream this tape below!

Behind the Boards: IGot20OnMyBeat “Double D’s” Beat Deconstruction

One of the many unsung heroes of the music industry is the producers. I decided to sit down with Charlotte, North Carolina’s own IGot20OnMyBeat — the producer of hit songs such as DaBaby’s “Walker Texas Ranger” — to talk about his origins and most recent rise with DaBaby and Stunna4Vegas. Above, I got to see 20 conduct a Genius-style beat deconstruction of Stunna4Vegas’s hit song, “Double D’s.” Check out the video and the short Q&A that derived from our sit-down. – – – – – – – First of all, I appreciate that you had me over here. When did you start producing? I started about 20 years ago, back when my brother was working with Rico Wade from the Dungeon Family. I was pretty much just being a brother and supporting. After a while, though, I started to take it seriously with my friend Joseph Fields, going to the crib after school and making beats on Fruity Loops. From there, I just stuck with it. So what were you listening to back then? Who inspired you coming up? Oh, man. I was listening to Timbaland, Missy Elliott, a lot of Ginuwine. Also, since Rico Wade was in my ear …

Show Me Your Body – [Ernest Rarebergg]

In regards to songwriting — and storytelling, in general, for that matter — perspective is everything. From an artistic standpoint, there’s intention to every decision made in the creation of a song, especially when that decision pertains to the way the story is told. In the case of Ernest Rarebergg and his stellar new single, “Show Me Your Body,” this is the case both lyrically and sonically. On a surface level, the lyrics of “Show Me Your Body” are notably brash, going so far as to follow the line “show me your body” with “don’t wanna know your name, don’t wanna know about you.” However, looking further into the perspective behind the song, there’s more to this release than what’s on the surface. Backed by a foundation of rebellious, almost chaotic energy, “Show Me Your Body” pairs a face-slapping, head-knocking bassline with a string of rocking guitars, all of which set the stage for Rarebergg’s unruly lyricism to top things off. As the song goes on, his back-and-forth mentality seems to mirror the emotional complexity behind somewhat of a guilty crush, and the result is a blend of emotions under one house of hard-nosed energy, complete with excitement that runs equal …

I Been – [Berhana] ft. [Crush]

Since Berhana rose to viral prominence with his 2016 self-titled EP, the innovative soul artist has remained relatively selective about the music he’s put out. However, we are now just weeks away from his new album ’Han’, and with a string of addictive singles leading the way so far, things are sounding very promising for Berhana. Today, he adds to the hype even more with a new song titled “I Been”. The Atlanta native teams up with Korean musician Crush, and the two artists unite powers to make for a dreamy, catchy collaboration. Sonically, “I Been” fits with the theme Berhana has been teasing with other singles like “Health Food” and “Lucky Strike”. With more direct funk influence coming through in the pulsing basslines and bounce of his latest releases, the evolution of Berhana’s sound maintains the same soul of his most popular songs while adding more upbeat flair that’s addictive to listen to on repeat. Get a feel for it yourself and hit play on “I Been” by Berhana below:

Crush – [Max Wells] ft. [Foreign Forest]

Indiana-based rapper has spent his last year traveling, giving him new perspectives. Bringing those newly found perspectives and angles into his music is an effort he has succeeded in. Currently stationed back home, the smooth artist has been locked in the studio and has recently released some of his best and most passionate music to date.  His latest offering, “Crush,” is melodic pleasantry for the ears. His extremely gentle and emotional vocal performance can be compared to other crooning artists such as Lil Peep and Post Malone. With a great feature from California artist, Foreign Forest, the song delves into the intricacies of relationships. With lyrics such as, “Shit can get weird, but it’s weird when it’s not,” the duo makes the message of the song very easy to relate to. Both glide effortlessly over the WHOISDRO production to make a summer love anthem you will have on repeat. Follow Max Wells, and stream, “Crush,” here:  Words by Barry R

Rumination Journal – [camline]

Reflection is a prolific characteristic of music. Whether soundtracking soaring highs or crushing lows, music has the ability to induce reflection, marking perhaps one of its greatest powers. Here to present reflection in its purest form is an artist named camline with the impeccable new 3-track EP, Rumination Journal. Admittedly, I had to refer to a quick Google search to learn what “rumination” meant, but to save those who also didn’t know some time, the word is defined as “a deep or considered thought about something.” In the context of camline’s new EP, the word that really struck my eye from this definition was “considered.” While it may be short in length, Rumination Journal wastes no time on the surface level. Camline’s lyrics take swooping, comprehensive jabs at reflection, and when paired with such elegant, almost ethereal deliveries, listeners are immediately able to escape into presumably the same zone that the artist found himself in while creating the project. Even so, however, Rumination Journal‘s greatest achievement, at least in my opinion, is that of instrumentation. There’s no denying that Camline’s voice is utterly gorgeous. Every word that comes out of the budding talent’s mouth strikes with honest and genuine impact, and taking things …

Bloom – [Aaron Taos]

Unfortunate as it may be, sometimes it’s a fact of life that we want what we can’t, or maybe shouldn’t, have. In the context of Aaron Taos and his brand new single, “Bloom,” fans find this age-old conflict to take shape as Taos’ crush on his friend’s sister. Decorated with airy guitar riffs and refreshing, summer-tinted animation, the story of this song is certainly humorous in nature, but the energy that Taos infuses into each and every line is what really makes this track connect. He balances the ideas of temptation and social obligation with a clearly-tipping scale, and at the end of the day, the way that the rising talent’s heart leaps toward his friend’s sister simply can’t be ignored. Taos wants what may be awkward to go after, and as weird as this may make things, he refuses to deny the fervency of his emotions, crafting a great song in the process. That said, “Bloom” is an easily lovable listen, so I highly encourage all of our readers out there to give this one a shot. Aaron Taos is an entertainer at heart, with his latest track as direct proof!

Kick in the Door (Freestyle) – [TROSSTHEGIANT]

Tanner Ross who goes by the name of TROSSTHEGIANT is an artist who we’ve covered frequently here on Lyrical Lemonade. The up and coming rapper has had strong showings on every single project he puts out, but this latest might be his most meaningful one yet. Just last week, the Oceanside native was diagnosed with Leukemia. For some, this news would be crushing, but for Tanner, it was just another opportunity for him to show how bright his light is. In the midst of painful nights, hospital stays and maximum uncertainty, the 21-year-old rapper decided to drop a music video. Yes, you heard that right; While battling cancer, TROSSTHEGIANT dropped a fricken music video. I’ve never witnessed an artist do something like this before and it’s truly a tribute to Tanner’s resilience. Back in December, TROSS dropped a freestyle video set to “Potato Salad” and today he’s returned with a brand new joint that pays tribute to Biggie Small’s “Kick in the Door”. As always, TROSS blesses our ears with an unrivaled flow and lyrical mastery. He’s at a point where he’s already proved that he can rap on any beat, so excellence can always be expected. The hard-hitting beat …