Still Here – [Morray] ft. [Cordae]

Some artists that are absolutely massive right now are people that I haven’t really paid nearly enough attention to, but as the years go on, I know I need to stop bumping the same songs I love over and over and expand my pallet to make sure I’m not missing out on amazing music. North Carolina’s Morray is someone who I have written about in the past, and he is clearly insanely talented, but I just haven’t really listened too much because his style isn’t something I typically gravitate towards usually, but after being nominated for two Grammys this early on in his career, he’s clearly someone that I need to show a lot more attention to. Although I felt like his style might not necessarily fit in line with the same kind of sounds that Cordae is creating, when I realized that they’re both from the same home state, I knew that there had to be some enthralling chemistry, and that is more apparent than ever on their collaboration “Still Here”. In this Cardiak and Wu10-produced cut, a very serene, old-school soulful vibe comes through with ease, and it’s seriously such an insanely addicting foundation that you already know …

Super – [Cordae]

If you didn’t already know prior to today, Cordae is a star and there’s no arguing that fact. Ever since he ditched the YBN part of his name, he has taken his solo career to new heights, and after all of the massive features and accomplishments he has achieved throughout his relatively short career thus far, it seems like he is only going to skyrocket even more into the spotlight, making him an artist you need on your radar regardless of what kind of music you might typically listen to. As he prepares fans for an upcoming album that has yet to receive a release date, as far as I know, he is back and better than ever on his latest record “Super”, which also received an accompanying music video directed by Arrad. This song is an absolute banger, which is to be expected from the DMV native, but the music video takes us to some different parts of the city where he obviously runs things regardless of the situation. When it opens, he is standing on top of a building overlooking a neon-lit city before the camera pans down into the building where he sits at his desk in …

Brunch On Sundays – [Nas] x [Blxst]

Queens, New York’s legendary artist Nas returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a brand new visual for his song “Brunch On Sundays.” Off his fantastic new album Kings Disease II, the music video once more is equally as compelling as the music. With Nas as the brunch host, the iconic guests in attendance consist of LeBron James, Russel Westbrook, Cordae, Lil Rel Howery, Swizz Beatz and more. Musically the record features Blxst and contains production from none other than Hit-Boy, who produced both versions of Kings Disease. There is a very affluent atmosphere and luxurious vibe, which mirrors the royalty of the esteemed MC who turned 48 years young yesterday. Lil Rel Howery does the toasting honors by citing a few of Nas’s titles: “lyricist, poet, prophet,” before acknowledging the transparent route he took to earn his immortalized status. Sonically the jazzy, piano-led production not only perfectly complements the OG but but also Blxst, as he eloquently employs his smooth R&B vocals for a momentary, yet momentous part. With memorable lines such as “stay out of black woman business unless you vested in it,” Nas once more crafts a classy record that couldn’t be more suitable for your next Sunday brunch. Peep …

Life is Like a Dice Game [Nas] x [Cordae] x [Freddie Gibbs] x [Hit-Boy]

After 25+ years hip-hop legend Nas has officially released his archived song “Life is Like a Dice Game.” Despite the timely wait, unsurprisingly the track is as grand as they come, with Nasir’s signature rap-royalty and elite penmanship once more making the craft seem effortless. Moreover, the guest features of fellow stars Freddie Gibbs and Cordae elevates the re-constructed original recording to a new stature via a wholesome bridge of generational rap excellence. As if the caliber of the record wasn’t royal enough, the production of esteemed producer Hit-Boy brings out the very best of all three emcee’s flow and sleek lyricism. Rare records such as these are true blessings to begin with, so admittedly there aren’t many words to properly detail its immense status. However, it is without question that the longevity of Nas is as phenomenal as it is joyous. Naturally, it is an added bonus to hear Gibbs and Cordae; two artists with shared greatness to share the mic with one of the best to ever do it. Listen to “Life is Like a Dice Game” below!  

Dream In Color – [Cordae]

Last week the young legend Cordae released a four-track EP he deemed “Just Until”, and just a few minutes ago he released a music video for the fan-favorite off of the tape, “Dream In Color”. This is the type of record that you show someone who isn’t yet familiar with Cordae, I felt like it’s a great representation of him as an artist, the track gives some good insight into just how capable of an emcee he is, and how deep his lyrics can be. He touches on plenty of topics on this track such as how important his family is to him, firing his lawyer, conversations he has had with music legends, and being fully transparent as an artist, only speaking the truth in his raps. Take some time out of your Tuesday to watch this new music video below! Directed by Aplus

More Life – [Cordae]

It’s been so fulfilling to watch the growth of Cordae over the past few years, he’s cemented himself into a leader of this new generation and a modern-day legend. Any music fan surely knows who Q-Tip, he’s an icon in the hip-hop world so when I saw that he connected with Cordae for a new record called “More Life”, I couldn’t wait to listen. One of the initial aspects of this track that stood out to me was the absolutely beautiful instrumental, I knew that a true emcee like Cordae was going to have a magnificent performance with this beat, and that’s exactly what he did. For nearly three minutes, Cordae spit some touching bars with such conviction that it’ll give you goosebumps, and it made it more meaningful that he shot this visual in his old neighborhood and his old middle school. This record is off of Cordae’s brand new EP Just Until, so be sure to listen to the tape after you watch this music video.  This is the best thing that I have listened to all day, and I believe it will be for you too, press play below! Directed by Dom Bruno + Cordae

The Parables – [Cordae]

The always jaw-dropping Cordae returned with a surprise single on Tuesday titled The Parables. In recent years, Cordae has slowly grown into one of the rap game’s most incredible wordsmiths, someone who is truly poise with a pen. The track is littered with short stories that exemplify Cordae’s ability to tell a story while preserving his unique sound. Cordae’s cadence is also incredibly smooth and really allows him to flow seamlessly from bar to bar. The song is incredibly mixed and produced, with drops being perfectly matched with changes from hooks to verses. His quick-witted rhymes demonstrate why he’s one of the most respected artists right now and will grow to be one of the biggest names. Kick back and stream the new record down below or watch the incredibly shot music video. Produced by Nami and Cardiak  

Soda – [DJ Scheme] x [Cordae] x [Ski Mask The Slump God]

DJ Scheme is a close friend of ours here at Lyrical Lemonade, but more than that, he’s an amazing DJ and an even better producer. DJ Scheme had a ton of success last year when he released his Preseason EP, in large part thanks to his track “How You Feel”, and not too long ago Scheme released a new record titled “Soda” featuring Cordae, Ski Mask The Slump God + Take A Daytrip. The first thing that stuck out to me about this song is was just how fire the instrumental was before Cordae came through and went absolutely stupid, spitting a couple of unforgettable verses that left my jaw dropped. The feature from Ski Mask The Slump God was also really impressive, but that should be expected at this point, especially when he works with his right-hand man DJ Scheme. This release was a 10/10 in my opinion, but check it out below ++ judge for yourself!

Sun Came Out – [Gunna]

I feel like I end up coving almost every single release from Gunna which means I cover a lot of Gunna offerings considering he’s always dropping new content. He’s not letting WUNNA go, as he shouldn’t, and he’s been consistently releasing wonderfully inventive music videos to assist the project, so I couldn’t be more excited when I see he released even more. While I’ve probably heard “Dollaz On My Head”, “Skybox”, “Rockstar Bikers & Chains”, and “Addys” hundreds of times at this point, there are definitely some songs that are still fantastic, yet go unnoticed due to the fact that they’re overshadowed by these hits. Luckily, Gunna isn’t going to let these wonderful offerings fall by the wayside, and he’s trying to bring newfound attention to them by releasing visuals to highlight their incredibility. “Sun Came Out” is one of these hits, and although it might’ve been a song I’d only listen to when running through the album in its entirety, I definitely need to rethink my stance after checking out the brand-new music video. As we are introduced to the visual, Gunna and his crew are in an airport where they joke around about sleeping very well on their …

Gifted – [Cordae] x [Roddy Ricch]

From the very first time I heard YBN Cordae’s music, I knew that he was going to be a special talent, and it seems like everyone agrees with that statement considering almost everyone in the industry will bring up his name when you ask them what new artists are they a fan of. Another young artist that has been getting similar reception to that is none other than Roddy Ricch, so when you see that these two creatives connected on a track, it’s enough to stop whatever you’re doing and give it your utmost attention. What’s the only thing that could make a collaboration like this better though, how about a music video directed by Lyrical Lemonade’s found, Cole Bennett? That is just the case on this release as Cordae, Roddy Ricch & Cole joined forces for a brand new visual for “Gifted”. Cordae has made plenty of music up until this point that I have thoroughly enjoyed, but this new song here is hands down the best track that I’ve heard from him yet. The way that Cordae + Roddy Ricch complimented each other on this track was sensational to say the minimum, they displayed great chemistry as they bounced …