PREMIERE: cat out the bag-[contradash]

With so much music coming out every single day, it’s very easy to lose sight of whats authentic and what isn’t. To be completely honest, a lot of artists these days really just look and sound the same which is quite underwhelming when looking for the next big thing. A while back though, I stumbled upon an artist who completely restored hope in to my soul; A hope that made me believe that there are still authentic and original artists out there who are ready to push the limits of creativity and create something new that the world has not seen before. This artist is none other than contradash; A name that many people have heard and a name that many people will continue to hear as time goes on. Have you ever interacted with someone who possessed a natural confidence that was just infectious? Well thats the energy that contradash gives off and I haven’t even met him. What makes a star is obviously the music, but it also comes down to how that individual carries themselves. contradash not only has the music aspect covered, but he’s also just a walking vibe, which is why his fan base continues …

Blocked – [Contradash]

Now having soared over a million streams on Spotify, it’s clear that Contradash’s second official release, “Blocked,” is a must-listen. Soundtracking the emotions around being “blocked” in the age of social media, it’s bright, it’s upbeat, and it’s notably topical, relying just as much on the earworm melodies as it does such a widely-applicable subject. Today, revisiting the song, Contradash came through with an accompanying music video for “Blocked,” as directed by the man himself and Frankie Enriquez. Revolving around a world of silky smooth pinks and blues, the “Blocked” music video offers a remarkably strong definition of aesthetic, streamlined with Contradash’s compelling presence on camera. While he belts out the song, scenes of pacing around his bedroom and pool lead the way, emphasizing the frenzied emotion around the topic. As if the song weren’t catchy enough, the accompanying video is a naturally fun watch, and a perfect entry point for new fans of Contradash. Peep this one below and be on the lookout for more from the budding star!

Old News – [Bbyterra]

Much of hip-hop is in a melodic place. Often sitting in between “rapping” and singing, certain pockets of the sound are beginning to transform, blurring the constraints of genre in the process. Seeing these sonic mutations has been fascinating throughout the past few years, and especially now, it’s refreshing to see new artists begin to innovate and build on it in their own way. Today, offering a refreshing sense of style himself, I’m here to revisit a track called “Old News” from Arizona artist Bbyterra, who was sent to me by another incredible artist, contradash. Having had this song on repeat over the past few days, I wanted to revisit this song mainly because of the individualistic touch that Bbyterra provides. From the cover art all the way to the float of the cadences, Terra offers up a vision uniquely his own, and the melancholy, atmospheric production sets the perfect foundation for such. Each lyric seems to linger on the tail of the last, while the constant swing of the production streamlines the hypnotic deliveries at hand. Clearly, Bbyterra is operating in his own lane, and the melodic flavor of “Old News” can attest, even if the song is already …

Blocked – [Contradash]

Ever since his first single, “yo-yo,” I haven’t been able to forget about Contradash. Put simply, from songwriting to production, his own graphic design, and so much more, few artists display such across-the-board dedication toward their craft, and yet, for the CA native, this seems to come natural. Everything in Contradash’s world is of his own design and a yield of his own hard work, building the foundation for a long-lasting career that’s only looking up at the moment. Today, the man himself is back to deliver a brand new single, “blocked.” Starting with the pink and purple glow of the artwork, “blocked” presents a creative vision that extends far beyond music. In regards to aesthetics and sheer emotion, the song is a central point for Contradash’s expression, and allows for his love-minded storytelling to come across in a notably candid fashion. Pair this with some bright melodies and an infectious rhythm, and you have something quite promising, indicative of the huge year that Contradash has ahead of him. Stream the endlessly catchy new single below and if you’re interested, check out Contradash’s custom “blocked” Instagram filter here!

Yo-Yo – [Contradash]

In the music world, innovation often comes with a tint of inspiration. Accordingly so, artistic progression over the years has come as a result of taking influence from an existing sound and twisting it into something new, all while building atop a foundation of established sonics. Such is the case with Contradash — an incredible, genre-blending talent, here to make his Lyrical Lemonade debut with a new single entitled “Yo-Yo.” Being that this song is my introduction to Contradash, I can’t say that I’m previously familiar with his sound, but “Yo-Yo” clearly brings something new to the table. Crafting a blend of polished, pop-friendly production with muddied, electronic vocals, an element of alternative influence, and a hint of sound-blending glory, “Yo-Yo” is the kind of release that refuses to be boxed in, but certainly holds an undeniable allure. Whether that allure be sheer curiosity as to how Contradash is coming up with such an eclectic style, or a turn toward what sounds like the future of music, “Yo-Yo” tells us that there’s something here, and something disruptive. If not anything else, Contradash’s latest feels like a step forward, so don’t sleep. Stream this one below! Produced by Sage Roberge Mixed and …