Premiere: Somebody New – [Leo Dessi]

Finding artists who make good music is always great, but finding artists who raise the standard of music itself is even better. Today on the pages of Lyrical Lemonade, I’m so proud to showcase an artist who is doing just that. Previously known as Art of Shades, Leo Dessi is a singer/songwriter/producer from Paris, France who is gearing up to leave his own mark on this music industry. For the first time under a brand new name, Leo decided to drop a track entitled  “Somebody New”.  This musical spectacle is honestly too good to put into words. From beginning til the end, you’ll wish that it was extensively longer. Upon pressing play, you’ll instantly notice Leo’s ear for simplistic melodies and patterns. The way in which he seamlessly incorporates them is so apparent as the song progresses. The piano that is present throughout the whole entire two minutes will captivate you and carry you all the way into the clever beat switch. The production in this piece is next level, but a pleasant surprise was Leo’s vocals which stand out in a really refreshing way. Inspired by his cross world move from Paris to LA, Leo is able to take …

Expendables – [LOWFi]

One of the most wonderful parts of the internet era and the streaming revolution is the direct access to infinite styles of music, eras it came from, and artists to learn about and this gift has allowed new artists to draw inspiration from nearly anywhere and any time period as easily as with the click of a button. This new level of accessibility has resulted in a steady stream of new artists that are reviving styles thought once to be long dead and others who take influence from a host of sources, leading to music that truly builds on what came before it and intermarries genres that were never thought to be able to coexist together. This reality is what upsets me so much about “old-head” music critics who relentlessly talk down on the current generation of rappers for abandoning the structural components that bolstered the genre forward in its infancy because there are plenty of artists out there that are continuing this legacy of lyricism into a new generation. One of the foremost groups currently is a trio of young MCs under the name LOWFi, consisting of Baltimore’s Von Wilda and Jayy Grams, as well as Florida’s Hayelo who all …

Iceberg – [Ola Runt]

Atlanta has birthed the careers of countless artists and the east side of the city has particularly had quite the impact on the music industry at large, providing the blueprint for a new generation of street rappers. However, the region has hit a bit of a lull in the past year after most of its trailblazers have reached mainstream heights, creating a type of vacuum of power for a new artist to come in and seize the underground scene. After months of speculation about who would seize the attention and enter the void that was left by the likes of 21 Savage, Young Nudy, and a host of others it seems that Ola Runt will be the next big Zone 6 star. Ola’s anthemic and raucous single and video for “Feel Like Guwop” has emerged as the newest track to grab the attention of the streets, but in addition to this he has been pumping out a heaping helping of hard releases including his emotional video for “Church Cry” as well as his menacing track “Hush Mouth” featuring Young Nudy. His latest, and in my opinion his best to date, offering “Iceberg” is his most well-rounded and best produced single …

Wool – [Juto]

If Juto’s ‘Velvet’ EP was the romanticist fantasy one imagines before shooting their shot, ‘Wool’ feels like the unforgiving reality one lives out as a result. On his new 7-track project, the alternative RnB songwriter continues to deliver guitar-driven ballads about matters of the heart, sunken in clever lyricism and soothing vocal melodies that carry with them a similar warmth as the fabric referenced by the EP’s title. Striking a unique balance of genres, Juto blends elements of RnB, funk, and alternative to craft a hazy sound that hits hard on first impact and leaves a smooth lasting impression. His vocals act as the force that holds his stylistic experiments down, alternating between soft crooning and angst-ridden shrilling in his tone. Juto comes off as lighthearted in his songwriting, maintaining some sense of humor even as he confronts his woes. Altogether, ‘Wool’ offers an even more comprehensive look at the songwriter’s versatile talent, packaging it in a set of easygoing, diverse new songs that flow together seamlessly. Listen below:

Stevie – [Smokepurpp]

Smokepurpp has been moving in silence for a majority of 2019—despite his feature on Lil Pump’s Harverd Dropout and the Dreamville compilation album Revenge of the Dreamers III. Nonetheless, he’s back with another single titled “Stevie”! Smokepurpp glides over this track full of clever bars, catchy flows and silly metaphors. “They thought I fell off, now they taking it back.” he raps—addressing the fact that people in fact thought he would never come back with another hit like his smash single “Nephew”. Smokepurpp is currently working on his highly anticipated album  Deadstar II—which is executive produced by the legendary Mike Dean. He has fans waiting anxiously for his next move, and we will definitely be tuned on! For now, stream his new single and watch the visual below!  

Feet Of Clay – [Earl Sweatshirt]

Earl Sweatshirt is one of the most underrated and overlooked artists in this generation of music. His ability to use vivid imagery within his lyricism over unique samples that one may have never imagined could be turned into a rap song is uncanny and frankly, it’s impressive. His most recent EP Feet of Clay is no different. With mostly original production from the man himself along with some assistance from the Alchemist and Ovrkast, Earl creates a bit of a continuation to last year’s strong album Some Rap Songs. Soul samples and off the wall snippets from songs are used uncharacteristically and just when it seems like you may have lost the rhythm, Earl comes right back in for the rescue with his clever flow. The former Odd Future front runner has made such a transformation over the majority of this last decade, switching up from the tomfoolery that could be found within his music as well as running around California with the rest of the wild OF crew. As for now, he has this maturity within the way he speaks as well as the references and experience he brings to his songs, which is something that has been becoming …


I often receive notifications of artists tagging me in their newest songs and projects and more often than not I am completely unimpressed with their work, but Rikki Blu’s new project is one of those beautiful rare exceptions. THE BLACK TAPE was fully produced by Black Metaphor and the chemistry between him and Blu is obvious from the first note. Rikki Blu hails from Dallas originally but his music has taken him all over the country and this is evident in the vast blend of influences that permeate across THE BLACK TAPE. Metaphor’s production is sample-heavy with crisp percussion and this serves Rikki well and lends itself to Blu getting off several barrages of bars. Blu claims that this was never supposed to be more than a brief EP ahead of a forthcoming project but after creating a great deal of momentum in the studio alongside Black Metaphor he quickly realized that THE BLACK TAPE was much more than a mere extended-play. He effortlessly blends wisdom with tales of street life, as well as pointed and clever politically commentary balanced in as well. My favorite track from the tape was off of the first track “Mizhuo Mama” because of how seamlessly Metaphor’s production intertwines with …

Down Bad (Music Video) – Dreamville

Dreamville keeps the train of music videos for their stellar collective album rolling today with a new visual accompaniment to “Down Bad”. No doubt one of the most lively tracks on the record, J.I.D, Bas, J. Cole, EarthGang, and Young Nudy join forces for an energetic flex of rap prowess that few artists right now could collectively match. The video for “Down Bad” matches the colorful, high-octane bars of the track with equally crisp and clever shots of each of the artists. Pulling up in a color-changing Oldsmobile, hopping off private jets, and altogether just having the time of their lives, each rapper on this track gets their respective shine in the video. They feed off each other’s energy with this sense of friendly competition, and they take viewers on a tour of some Atlanta landmarks in the process. Watch the exciting new video below:

ReRoute – [BigMouf’bo]

From the SouthSide of Chicago, BigMouf’bo is native to the Chicago drill scene with lyrical prowess enough to impress Chance the Rapper on the new Netflix series ‘Rhythm and Flow.’ The show features Chance the Rapper, Cardi B, and T.I. acting as judges to determine the next hip hop sensation. Chance’s visit leaves him impressed with BigMouf’bo’s performance delving into Chicago crime through thick rap without beats. While the verdict of the show is yet to be determined, she released ‘ReRoute’ to Spotify this past week complete with her standard clever lyrics backed by repetitive, fun beats. It is a track that would be expected of an upcoming young artist, however, her track ‘Fate’ on SoundCloud shows her potential through a thought-provoking honest depth. She is a standout talent and a rising female star in the Chicago hip hop community. I would expect more greatness out of her in the very near future as she continues to develop as an artist. Words by Sabrina Hand

MVK3 3M S!CK – [Bari]

St. Louis native/Chicago-based artist Bari is perhaps best known for his effortless approach to melodic rap, floating over tracks with a level of soulful finesse that balances catchiness with cleverness. His MSTRGLSS project earlier this year offered the most culminating execution of Bari’s sound so far, and he gives us a glimpse of where he’s headed next on his new song, “MVK3 3M S!CK”. On the record, Bari’s melodic ad-libs become one with the instrumental, softening the bass-rattling 808s and smoothening out the beat’s jagged edges. Although it’s tempting for a listener to just get enveloped in Bari’s muddled melodies, there’s also no shortage of personality in Bari’s lyricism once you listen a little closer, and his sense of humor mixed with general shit-talking feels nothing but genuine. The full breadth of what Bari brings to the table has come in flashes of brilliance throughout the music he’s dropped thus far, and this track teases the next step in his promising trajectory. Listen below: (Prod. By @1NikoTheGreat )