Millions – [Matty Wood$] [chrisclay]

St. Louis rapper Matty Wood$ and Atlanta producer chrisclay are both back in our pages today with their new collaborative song and visual for their track “Millions” that released today. Wood$ is determined to be the pickiest smoker in the game right now, putting you down if you didn’t know to exactly what is going on with weed prices and “exotic” proclaiming “If it’s Za imma buy it, if its not 75 and up then I don’t want to try it,” which is a statement that will make your traditional old-head OG smoker have an aneurism, or the immensely relatable line “Make a bitch re-roll the ‘Wood I need it just how I like it,” which honestly relieved me because I feel trifling when I do that. About halfway through the track chrisclay switches the instrumental up, toying with the track’s pace bar-to-bar and occasionally incorporating a digitized melody that is punctuated by the off-kilter bells that are a staple now in both Atlanta and Detroit production. This song is off chrisclay’s Dr. Clay 2021 mixtape that released just last month and featured collaborations with many of underground music’s top names right now, as well as artists that will surely be new …

Underrated – [Skuffle] [Chris Clay]

Atlanta artist Skuffle has been making a lot of noise in the Atlanta underground for a couple of years now and recently has begun to receive some of the flowers and support that he has been worthy of since first coming onto the scene that is densely packed with many artists who are all vying for the same fans’ attention, but Skuffle has managed to sneak his way into the limelight without being messy or dramatic but rather with consistency and frankly modestly Skuffle has successfully stayed down and put himself in position to be one of the next Atlantans to either push through from the underground to the mainstream, or grow his fanbase enough to be a sustainable artist who never “blows up” in the classical sense but is able to have a long career because of the quality of his music. He recently unloaded his new EP which is aptly titled Underrated where he shows off his versatility and over a variety of beats that suit Skuffle well and never feel like the is overly stretching himself or his voice. He opens the EP with what is my favorite track from the project with the laid-back but hypnotizing …

Hold Me Down – [Clay James]

The energy coming from the south as a whole has been a very interesting wave of music for so many reasons. Despite birthing so many legends, and circling back to deliver oday’s legends-to-be, the south has so much to offer when it comes to the music scene, and you never really know what you may get. Whether that be gritty trap beats or soothing R&B vocalists, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. Being discovered by the southern legend Big Boi, 1/2 of the iconic rap duo Outlast, Clay James has a lot to look forward to and has a very promising rap career after receiving such a major co-sign. Coming fresh off the news of his new movie role in Out on a Lim, rising Savannah, Georgia talent Clay James makes an appearance today on our platforms to drop off his latest visuals for his single “Hold Me Down”. Directed by Reese Davis, the visuals for “Hold Me Down” showcases Clay James around the hood letting off bars over  G-Man On Tha Beat production, which also happens to be his cousin. Really letting his southern accent show, his voice really gives me vibes of Boosie and many other southern …

Pelican Bay Ep – [J-Hop]

I am a little bit late to this release, but better late than never right? Not too long ago, St. Louis artist J-Hop blessed us with a brand new EP titled Pelican Bay and it’s a solid tape that you don’t want to sleep on! J-Hop is one of the best bar for bar rappers not only from his hometown of St. Louis but honestly in Chicago too where he now resides. That’s a bold statement because there are dozens upon dozens of spitters that Chicago has to offer, but J-Hop is a special one man, he has the potential to be a star one day. Although there are only three songs provided here, that features some great music from Hop, where he plays around with flows + supplied us with some memorable bars. These records were considered “just something to hold the fans over through quarantine” by J-Hop, so if these are his throwaways, just picture what his actual project is going to sound like. Do yourself a big favor and press play below! Entirely produced by Chrisclay J-Hop · Pelican Bay EP

Trouble – [Grapetooth]

I apologize because I am a couple weeks late on this, but a new band by the name of Grapetooth recently released their new record titled “Trouble” and it’s a smash hit. The duo consists of Twin Peak’s own Clay Frankel and his partner Chris Balioni (Home-Sick), and they offer a sound that is extremely uplifting & ear pleasing. This new joint is only their first release to date, and I don’t think that you could even have a better start than this, so the sky’s the limit for them. This is one of the best songs I have heard in 2017, but don’t take my word for it though, stream the track below & judge for yourself.