Watch Riff Raff’s brand new interview on This Past Week

Riff Raff is a Houston, Texas legend who has been doing his thing in the music community for some years now, and he recently sat down with Theo Von of the This Past Week podcast for a dope new conversation. You will find the two of them speaking about a ton of random yet interesting subjects including when he first moved to Los Angeles, his come up, life before social media, Hulk Hogan approaching him about being a WWE wrestler, losing thirty pounds since being in Florida, some of his favorite cars, people that he thinks should grow mullets, his many animals he owns, shoes, the pants on the ground guy, some of his favorite sports figures, his favorite snacks as a kid, selling lemonade as a kid to get money, CD’s and more. Take about an hour out of your time to check out this hilarious new interview below.

Thank the Gang – [Twelve’Len]

Miami-native Twelve’Len has appeared on the pages of LL before as a guest–most recently as a part of Cesar Santalo’s “Light You Up“–but here he makes his solo-Lemonade debut thanks to a charismatic effort in “Thank The Gang.” For this one, the up-and-comer takes a second to celebrate not just his accomplishments but the people behind him who have made it all possible and he does so with a retro twist. Grabbing a chiming, cushioned beat from Mickey De Grand IV & FnZ and loading the visuals with fluorescent lights and a blurry coating (, Twelve’Len gives off an 80’s R&B type feel. Even with a cushioned 80’s vibe, his voice is still splashed that Florida grit to give the effort some edge. No word on if this is a part of anything larger as of yet, but considering how strong this track is, it wouldn’t surprise me to see it on a tracklist down the line.

Losing It – [Mecca Esura]

Chicago singer Mecca Esura is making her way back on our website this afternoon with her brand new record titled “Losing It”. Mecca is a super talented creative out of Chicago who has been on my radar for quite some time now, so I was thrilled when I saw her finally release music, not to mention it’s the first song she has released on Soundcloud in over a year! Mecca has a smooth and glossy voice that shined over this instrumental, it has elements of both R&B and Soul, maybe even a little jazz at times. Mecca showed a level of  vulnerability this track, speaking about her she has been losing it but more so how she is going to prevail and overcome the challenges. Enough typing about it though, check this one out for yourself below.

My 17th Freestyle – [GRiMM Doza] [Luchii]

Luchii and GRiMM Doza are two names that you simply can’t escape in the underground right now. Each of the two have carved out significant lanes in their own pockets of music, and to say that their respectively broad palettes of sound are making waves in certain communities is an understatement. With this, it’s easy to understand why I was so excited to see Doza and Luchii pair up in the brand new “May 17th Freestyle.” Armed with a mesmeric, slow-burning instrumental, this track is just about as soulful as it gets. Doza floats right over Luchii’s profoundly striking production, and in a fitting manner, his rhymes soundtrack the struggles of life and the principles by which Doza navigates the world. This one may just be a freestyle, but the storytelling put on display here is definitely worthy of mention, as it marks the perfect cherry on top to a great beat. With that said, “May 17th Freestyle” is a brief but very entertaining listen, so be sure to peep this one at the link below! Luchii and Doza snapped. Produced by Luchii

House Of Pain – [8MatikLogan]

After taking a hiatus for the past year or so, Chicago legend 8MatikLogan is finding himself back on our website with his new visual for “House Of Pain” and it feels so good! Logan connected with fellow Chicagoan Jake Osmun of No Future who was the man behind the camera for this video, and if those two creatives don’t sound like a fantastic duo to you then I don’t know what will! This is Logan’s first release with independent Chicago label, At The Studio, and it’s clear that this team is starting off on a great note. This record is a up-tempo jam that is undeniably sonically pleasing, I am more than excited to see what else he has in store for the future, but for now check out this new release below. Along with the release of this joint Logan left us with a few words adding: “we made “House of Pain” on one of those windy Chicago nights. It was freezing outside and we were stuck in the studio. OzOnTheTrack and Lil Mexico were making the beat and from there it only took me 15-minutes to finish the whole song. I smacked it with one take, and the …

Watch N.O.R.E.’s brand new interview with Nardwuar

N.O.R.E. is a hip-hop legend and one of the best interviewers in the game if you ask me, and he just linked up with another interview legend, Nardwuar, for an amazing new interview! You will find these two chopping it up about plenty of things such as being from Queens, living in Miami, Grand Daddy I.U., his old apartment, NY rapper Sweet Tee, Biggie and Jay-Z taking his friends girl back in the day, the Uptown Comedy Club where his first show was held, Pamela Anderson, Big L saying he changed the game, Lyor giving him 100K for his wedding, doing lean twice, meeting Oprah in Hawaii, The Drink Champs, his close homie EFN, KRS-1, his encounter with OJ, not be able to afford a Nas verse at one point, running into Kodak Black recently, C-Murder having machine guns at The Source Awards, attempting to be a pimp, Vinnys pizzeria, Stop One Deli, trying to be vegan using the term “slime” before anyone in hip-hop, the respect he has for Nardwuar, Hot Ones and more. Watch this dope new conversation below.

Injury Reserve – [Injury Reserve]

We’ve been hearing “Injury Reserve Coming Soon” for months now, and the day that we can finally listen to their self-titled album in full is here. Earlier this week, I wrote a piece highlighting everything the group has done so far including the singles in support of this album, what makes the group so great, and how committed they are to their craft. I’m happy to say that the group delivered with their latest release, as expected. The production on this project is layered, diverse, and pulls from a variety of genres. Elements of noise are heard on the hard-hitting second half of “What a Year It’s Been”, there’s some early 2000’s sounding production on the quirky “Gravy n’ Biscuits”, and “Best Spot In The House” features some glitchy and atmospheric production. “GTFU”, track three, is a journey in and of itself. It opens with a hard-hitting and raw, stripped-down beat, along with intense verses from Cakes Da Killa and Ritchie along with additional vocals from JPEGMAFIA that add a sense of chaos to the track. Before long though, the song transitions into this mystical soundscape backdropping a couple of brutally honest verses from Groggs and Ritchie. “Rap Song Tutorial” …

Premiere: Kiss The Moon – [Connis]

As much as it seems to get lost in translation nowadays, the central purpose of a music video is to translate the emotions and sentiment of a song into visual format so as to help fan better understand and visualize the artist’s creative direction. Sure, we could just throw this wordy definition at any video and figure out whether or not it sticks, but even beyond this, there’s a second main aspect that goes into the purpose of a music video — a more innate one, at that. This purpose is simply to create a world around a given song or project; but first, you need a project worth creating a world around, and Massachusetts artist Connis has just that with his stellar new album, Conn(is). Arriving with a complementary short film, Conn(is) is the kind of project that’s easy to get lost in, analyzing personal highs, lows, growth, and more than anything, the art of soul-searching. Connis uses impressive storytelling and endearing vulnerability to tell his story in a notably personal light, and the final result is a project that I find myself revisiting at least a few times a week. With this, while the entire tape is worthy of a listen, one …

Basement Cypher (Hosted by Big Tigger) – [Beast Coast]

Rap fans who may be a little older can remember a time when every song wasn’t available at our fingertips, when every artist wasn’t so accessible, and when every freestyle wasn’t viral the minute it’s done. That’s what made Rap City’s Tha Basement series so special. Back when it was airing on BET Tha Basement was must watch for any rap fan. Often the only chance you got to see some of raps biggest stars, was under the blacklight of Tha Basement and it’s brought us some amazing moments like the Dipset cypher or Jay and Kanye spitting bars that can now be considered “classic.”  Excuse the stroll down memory lane, you have to pay some respect to Tha Basement, in order to understand why Beast Coast’s new “Basement Cypher” is so amazing. A nice homage to BET series, the New York collective consisting of the Pro Era crew, The Underachievers, and the Flatbush Zombies, gets together with the Basement, Big Tigger, and spit some fiery bars atop classic beats including “Survival Of The Fittest” and “Grindin.” More than the bars, the raw energy, or their palpable chemistry, the cypher is a cool tribute to the legendary series, and in a way, …

3k19 – [Monster Mike]

I apologize because I am a couple weeks late to this post, but not too long ago Chicago native Monster Mike released a new EP titled “3k19”. This eight track project comes in at just about twenty minutes in length and it’s a well rounded and all around pleasing tape from the OG, it has a few remixes or odes to other tracks that I liked like the outro “Old Town Road”. One thing that has always stood out to me about Monster Mike is his ability to make the most profound sports references casually, it’s something I have always enjoyed and this tape is chop filled with witty & well put together bars. This entire EP was executive produced by Justiiice, while all of the other production came from Sheriff, Neej and Lil Smoke, shout out to them for helping make this tape possible. Stream this brand new project via Soundcloud below.