Run Away – [NV]

No matter where in the world you are, there are so many different levels of the different music scenes that exist. Whether you’re on the come up with a small following, considered a local legend, or you’re someone who made it out of your hometown and have been recognized by other fanbases, I like to give credit to everyone because it’s not easy to constantly grind the way so many artists do. At the same time, when the number of streams start to rise, fans start to accumulate, and recognition begins to build, and it all starts to feel more and more worth it. A few years back, I met and became friends with an artist who goes by the name of NV, and I was impressed from very early on. He clearly had bars, something I knew right off the bat when I saw him freestyle at the party I met him at, but his versatility was something that caught my eye as well. Since then, life took over and through some obstacles in front of him, but even though I didn’t know him that well, I knew he was the type of guy to overcome and thrive no …

Me And Millie – [Heavy Steppers]

Heavy Steppers have been bubbling up in Chicago over the past several months, they have dropped some solid tracks one after another, and today they are back on our site with their latest song/music video for “Me and Millie”. I can’t quite narrow it down to one or two aspects of their style, but there is just something that makes the Heavy Steppers undeniably likable, it probably has something to do with their realness + the fact that they create nothing but bangers. This music video was handled by  @710cheechbeats and he created a very visually pleasing video to compliment the song perfectly, hopefully they connect on more music videos in the future. These are a couple of the hottest new artists in the game, so I suggest you get in tune with them by pressing play below! Produced by Allday & JTK

Guarantee – [NV]

NV and his brother, Cheech Beats, are a duo that never fails to impress me. Their music consistently sounds great and they continue to step their game up with everything they put out. Most recently, they bring us a visual for their hit “Guarantee.” As NV tears the beat apart, which is produced by Cheech, he demonstrates clever wordplay and an awesome flow. Directed and shot by the always fantastic Pat Banahan, NV changes scenery a few times, going from shots of him rapping in an abandoned building to walking the streets of downtown Chicago, handing out reasons as to why people need to start giving him the respect he deserves. He has a dancer, who’s name I’m not exactly sure of, but he goes completely insane over the song, adding another aspect to an already great video. With some animations to emphasize his lyrics, I don’t believe this music video could get much better. Check out the skill of both NV and Cheech below, as they parade around the town in their visual for their track, “Guarantee.” words by Danny Adams

Runnin Thru My Mind – [NV] Ft. [Def Liva]

On my list of up and comers with extremely bright futures in Chicago, NV is a name that is constantly “Runnin Thru My Mind.” This phrase just happens to be the name of his latest hit as well. NV was able to get a ton of talented people to engineer this song to its perfection, such as the song’s producer Eyukaliptus, with HeadAche and even his talented brother/producer Cheech Beats, who both helped with the mastering process. This track is all about NV reminiscing on the memories that he constantly has, such as his progress in the music industry and so much more. NV was also able to recruit the low key SAVEMONEY artist Def Liva for this memoir. Def Liva has the second verse, coming in with some ferocious bars, just adding to the storytelling aspect of the song. Based on my interpretation of the track, I may make it sound like something we’ve heard before. The thing is, NV and Liva make these stories into their own, transforming the typical “came up from nothing” story into a fresh hit, with a brand new feeling and meaning to this common theme. In other news, NV is making waves in …