How U Feel? – [Carlito]

By: Stacy Burse, Jr. This past weekend, S.N.B.JR. Records artist Carlito released his brand new anthem, “How U Feel?”, which is the third track from his monthly series #Lito12fo12. “How U Feel?” is a motivational anthem where Carlito shares how he feels when things are going well in life and how he keeps striving throughout every obstacle, knowing that he has come a long way. This is a track that is relatable to anyone that has gone through trials and came out on top. The tracks in the #Lito12fo12 series will show Carlito’s diverse styles. Carefully thought-out visuals will complement selected songs from the series. Stay with Carlito along the journey and peep the #Lito12fo12 playlist here! Check out Carlito’s “How U Feel?” below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Zoo – [Carlito]

By: Stacy Burse, Jr. Last week S.N.B.JR. Records artist, Carlito, dropped an amazing piece called “Zoo” which is part of his #Lito12fo12 series. In “Zoo”, Chicago Rapper Carlito shares his truths.  He shares his struggles about trying to make it in life as a young black man and as an aspiring rapper from the Chicagoland area. He does this over an “old-school” inspired beat with multiple flows and electric energy, which becomes more enticing as the track progresses. In the #Lito12fo12 series, he plans to release a song every month (12 songs in total). Every song will show a different style of Carlito. “Zoo” is the second track of the #Lito12fo12 series. The first track of the series is called “Rolling“. Check out Carlito’s “Zoo” below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Rolling – [Carlito]

By: Stacy Burse, Jr. The amount of talented rising Chicago rappers sometimes blows my mind. One upcoming Chicago rapper that stands out to me is Carlito (@carlitorapsnbjr). Carlito is a conscious/positive rapper, from the South Side of Chicago that grew up in the South Suburbs of Chicago. Fresh off of performing at the legendary Metro venue, Carlito releases his brand new track “Rolling”. In “Rolling”, Carlito shares his perspective and sheds light on the reality of profiling others which, to Carlito, means treating others poorly because of their race, how they dress, or how they look. He pours his emotions and perspective out over bouncy kicks and an ominous piano. Carlito’s team, S.N.B.JR. Records (@snbjrrecords), says he’s dropping songs monthly that shows his many diverse styles, yet consistent output.  Make sure you subscribe to their YouTube to stay in tune! You can catch him at the Subterranean May 1st performing at a benefit showcase for the non-profit organization, Resilience. Check out “Rolling” below and let us know what you think in the comments.