Raised By Wolves – [YoDogg & Cardo]

YoDogg and Cardogotwings team up to create some of the best 20 minutes of rap music you’ll hear this year. This isn’t hyperbole when I say this is probably one of my favorite rap tapes to come out this year. YoDogg’s flow, cadence, and storytelling, mixed with Cardo’s production is a match made in heaven. College Parks’ YoDogg is a voice that’s needed in rap right now. It’s a mix of BIG Krit meets the late Atlanta’s Trouble when I listen to YoDogg’s voice. I’m really just hearing a sound that’s fresh but easy to digest as a consumer at the same time. Some of my favorite go-to records off this project are “Fonyuns”, “All Wolves Go To Heaven” and “Flute.” YoDogg and Cardo are able to paint a picture through the lyrics and records that create an out-of-body experience for me and have me living vicariously through them. Stream YoDogg and Cardo’s ‘Raised By Wolves’ in its entirety after the break.

Friday Activities – [Larry June] x [Cardo]

In anticipation of their upcoming collaborative project titled Into the Late Night, the pair released a lead single, “Friday Activities,” just a week ago, accompanied with a video directed by Creating Paradise. With Cardo on production, you can see why June decided to do an entire project with him. The beat dances, with classic cali strings and bouncy, light, melodic percussion – one perfect for the the West coast star to flawlessly float from line to line with little strain. Laid back, effortless energy encompass the entire song, from the beat to the lyricism. June tells stories of Friday night plans and activities, with an abundance of beautiful women and a shortage of worries. “Hey Ms. Parker, your body look nice, your man ain’t home? I’m hittin’ tonight.” The video, portrays June fitted in a fresh groutfit with beautiful jewelry, with one scene spending his night posted outside of a luxury SUV smoking and enjoying city night life, and another getting a light arm-pump in with some dumbbells atop a penthouse suite. Come kick back and spend your Friday night with Larry June & Cardo, with his latest video and single, “Friday Activities,” featuring Cardo on YouTube below! @LarryJuneTFM @CardoGotWings  

Smoke Up – [Levi Carter]

Levi Carter is officially back, and he’s back with a vengeance. Today, the budding star is here on our pages to share the long-awaited visuals for his CardoGotWings-produced song, “Smoke Up.” Hazy as can be and doused in the towering charisma that fans know and love Carter for, the accompanying music video for this one is a perfect testament to the contagious energy of Carter’s music. Quite effortlessly, he’s able to grab listeners’ attention and hold it, using a clear creative vision and a confident stature as his weapons of choice. In the “Smoke Up” visuals, these attributes are illustrated with a stream of colorful effects and cinematic scenes, all of which help make “Smoke Up” even more special of a release than it already was. That said, Levi Carter’s re-entrance into the spotlight is definitely going to shake things up in rap, as it won’t be long until everyone is talking about the “Smoke Up” artist and his next-level artistry. I can’t wait, but don’t just take my word for it — check out the new visuals at the link below and follow Carter on Twitter here for updates on new music, visuals, and more! Song Produced by CardoGotWingz …

Redemption – [Jay Rock]

One of TDE’s longtime members known as Jay Rock has just returned from a 3-year project hiatus with the Redemption album and a quick word of advice: make sure to buckle-up. Coming in at 13 tracks, the new album is absolutely flooded with West-Coast vibes with help from the likes of Future, J.Cole, Jeremih, SZA and of course, fellow rap juggernaut K-Dot on arguably one of the coldest joints in Wow Freestyle. The standout production also saw contributions from Boi 1-Da, Sounwave, Hykeem Carter, Jake One, D.K. The Punisher, CardoGotWings and Anthony ‘Top Dawg’ Tiffith to name a few. If you were an avid listener of Jay Rock’s sophomore studio effort 90059, the ongoing evolution of the 33-year-olds lyricism continues to shine on this one and to put things simply, the music ultimately speaks for itself. Do yourself a favor and kick-off your weekend with Jay Rock’s third studio-album Redemption and let us know which track is on repeat in the comments!

Swoosh Me Up – [Swoosh]

Just when we need him most, it always feels like Swoosh returns to the spotlight right on time, impressing and maintaining the consistency of hits with each and every new release. The last time he graced our pages here at Lyrical Lemonade was for the CardoGotWings-produced joint, “Swoosh Me Up“, which makes its way back today with a brand new visual companion. This smooth track offers airy flows, abundant charisma, and most notably, some incredibly memorable lyricism to top it all off, so it only follows that it deserved an illustrative music video to match along with the pace of the track. Coming to us courtesy of Checks Cleared, the cinematic scenes show Swoosh hanging out at the basketball court, only to be smoothed over with a scene from White Men Can’t Jump as the cherry on top. “Swoosh Me Up” is dripping in effortless style, so be sure to watch the visuals below and let us know what you think in the comment section!

Fraternal Twins – [A$AP Twelvvy] & [A$AP Ant]

A pair of A$AP Mob’s most prominent lyricists have come together for an absolute heater of a track in the DJ Nick- exclusive titled Fraternal Twins. Both Twelvvy & A$AP Ant (also known as YG Addie) obviously have roots that go deep within the A$AP family history and being longtime friends on top of that, Fraternal Twins is one of several ways you could describe the pair. Backed by the waves of CardoGotWings production, both Twelvvy & Ant went in on an array of topics including fast cars, expensive diamonds and being living legends respectively. This is obviously one of several connections these guys have in the archives, but with each song is only more evidence to the fact that A$AP withholds some of the strongest emcees in rap. Having said that, let this one ride below and keep posted for the next Twelvvy/ Ant collaboration that shouldn’t be too far away.

Staff Picks: Top Songs of the Month (February 2018)

Well, February was yet another crazy month of releases adding to what looks like is going to be a legendary year of music. Not like that’s any surprise, but we’ve made it easier to follow with our Staff Picks for some of our favorite artists in the past month. Make sure to get put-on some fresh sounds below and let us know which joint had your vote for this months best! _ Yung Bans – Off It  This wasn’t the only track LL regular Yung Bans unleashed on us this past month, but it was certainly worthy of a spot on our Top Songs list in February. For the Yung Icey-produced record Off It, Bans was in his bag like usual with his laid-back autotune delivery on money, diamonds, women and being off the sh*t. Not only that, speculation grew this month around the Atlanta natives potential affiliate with Future’s Freebandz label, in which the label boss later went to Twitter explaining that “YungBans is signed to YungBans.” Talk about a major co-sign. Be sure not to miss out on yet another hit from Yung Bans below.   _ Gunna – Pedestrian  YSL newcomer Gunna came through with his hit-filled …

Michael Phelps – [Pi’erre Bourne]

When it comes to the star-studded names behind the boards in today’s music scene, CardoGotWings and Pi’erre Bourne are inarguably two of the first names to come to mind. They’re each responsible for not only setting many of today’s trends that we hear riddled throughout so many different types of music but also for an insane number of hit songs that you may not have even realized they were behind. Regardless, we get to hear these two hit machines join forces today in Pi’erre’s new Cardo-produced single, “Michael Phelps”, complemented with accompanying visuals courtesy of @MvrkoVisuals. As established in the past with standout tracks such as “Honeyberry” and “Pokeball”, we know for a fact that Pi’erre is a powerhouse beyond his production prowess, but also as a solo artist. This single proves once again that his relaxed vocals and effortless style can hold themselves up to make anthem after anthem, and as we await the fourth edition of the Life of Pi’erre series, “Michael Phelps” will surely ramp up the anticipation. With that being said, be sure to give the latest from Pi’erre Bourne a listen below and let us know what you think in the comment section.

Watch HNHH’s Latest ‘How To Roll’ Segment With Cardo

Cardo (aka CardoGotWings) is a legendary producer out of Dallas, Texas who has worked with just about everyone you can think of making a name for themselves in the hip-hop scene. Being a longtime go-to producer for several artists known for their marijuana use, it’s really no surprise the 33-year-old is an experienced weed smoker/ backwoods roller, so it was only right that the good people at HNHH got him for their next ‘How To Roll’ episode. From reflecting on his first smoking experience to quitting after touring with Wiz Khalifa, one of the most intriguing questions was his go-to munchy choice in which he answered with ‘a grilled-chicken salad.’ This was most definitely one of my favorite segments to date, so without further ado, check out Cardo’s ‘How To Roll’ interview with HotNewHipHop below! Via: HotNewHipHop 

Swoosh Me Up – [Swoosh]

Hailing from Long Island, Swoosh is an artist that will undoubtedly have a massive year in 2018. His current catalog of hits including “Get Out My Face” and “Aint’ No Way” is already nothing to look past, and today, he’s ready to add to this line of bangers with a new single titled “Swoosh Me Up”. Produced by one of today’s most sought-after hitmakers, CardoGotWings, this smooth, melodic offering gives Swoosh space to breath as he unleashes his intoxicating flows and hits listeners with a number of braggadocious bars – two aspects of the rising talent’s music that have attracted fans since square one. With these features mentioned, “Swoosh Me Up” is able to achieve a luxurious sound overall, perfectly fit for the warm weather to come. Be sure to listen to the latest from the Long Island hit machine below and let us know what you think in the comment section.