19 – [Family Reunion]

Every new Family Reunion release feels like a deeper dive into the mind of songwriter Jackie Carlson—and the rising Chicago-based indie artist’s latest track is no exception. On “19”, Carlson gives listeners a genuine moment of rumination on mistakes made and lessons learned over delicately plucked guitar and choral harmonies. It’s difficult to gain perspective on a part of one’s life while still living through it, but it feels like Carlson attains this sort of “in the moment” reflection through her blunt lyricism. “Made a lot of mistakes when I turned 19” she sings before airing out harsh realities that come with coming of age, following passions, and bouts of loneliness. Her voice tiptoes a line between composed and fragile, on the verge of breaking as she maneuvers through tender vocal runs. Building the track alongside Carlson’s introspective songwriting are producers Camline and Son! who supply moral support in the form of a rumbling bassline and a guitar solo that wraps the track up with a fuzzy, reassuring riff. Listen to “19” by Family Reunion and check out her upcoming LA and Chicago shows here.

Rumination Journal – [camline]

Reflection is a prolific characteristic of music. Whether soundtracking soaring highs or crushing lows, music has the ability to induce reflection, marking perhaps one of its greatest powers. Here to present reflection in its purest form is an artist named camline with the impeccable new 3-track EP, Rumination Journal. Admittedly, I had to refer to a quick Google search to learn what “rumination” meant, but to save those who also didn’t know some time, the word is defined as “a deep or considered thought about something.” In the context of camline’s new EP, the word that really struck my eye from this definition was “considered.” While it may be short in length, Rumination Journal wastes no time on the surface level. Camline’s lyrics take swooping, comprehensive jabs at reflection, and when paired with such elegant, almost ethereal deliveries, listeners are immediately able to escape into presumably the same zone that the artist found himself in while creating the project. Even so, however, Rumination Journal‘s greatest achievement, at least in my opinion, is that of instrumentation. There’s no denying that Camline’s voice is utterly gorgeous. Every word that comes out of the budding talent’s mouth strikes with honest and genuine impact, and taking things …

Skrest (Demo) – [Camline]

As I’ve mentioned in a few past writeups, there’s something inherently beautiful about the idea of a demo. It’s stripped-down, it’s raw, it’s personal, and more than anything, demos are imperfect in the most incredible of ways. Lately, I’ve noticed a trend that more and more artists have been putting out their demos for fans to feast on, and today, Camline does just this with an unbelievable new track entitled “Skrest (Demo).” Being that the title itself nods to the idea of being stressed, this demo might just be one of the more personal releases from Camline to date. In regards to sonics, the utter eccentricity of the instrumental piles this stress up into a supply of feverish energy, and pushing this theme further, the calming, mellow keys in the background of the song keep things under control. Throughout its duration, the demo takes a few left-field turns, and as a result, I truly feel as though it perfectly captures the cyclical behaviors of stress and its effects, mirroring a feeling that Camline was able to seamlessly weave into the music at hand. That said, if you’re looking for an example of why I keep saying I love demos so much, …

Don’t Mind – [Camline]

You never know what gems you might stumble upon thanks to SoundCloud, but the truth is, there’s always another artist to find that you’ll become obsessed with after hearing just one song. For me, this artist is currently Camline, specifically thanks to his brand new single, “Don’t Mind”. Hazy in its instrumentation and slightly off-kilter to fit the relaxed cadences, this smooth offering allows the Chicago talent to speak his mind without any sort of separation between the artist the listener. As the enticing instrumental seemingly engulfs the consumer, Camline croons as though he’s having a candid conversation with a friend, and for that reason, “Don’t Mind” is deeply personal in the best kind of way. I’m blown away by the fact that this song isn’t bigger than it is, and further, I would highly recommend it to any of our readers out there looking for some new music. “Don’t Mind” is a gem, so check this one out at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!