Too Close – [D. Savage]

Los Angeles is a city that absolutely thrives in the music industry, but when sitting back and thinking of all of the insanely talented artists and the various diverse sounds coming out of the West Coast for decades, this is not a shock to anyone, no matter how seasoned or novice of a music listener you might be. Some talents get so much shine in blogs, publications, and other mediums, while others are making such incredible music that doesn’t seem to get the same recognition, but I love being able to change this with the platform I am so lucky to have, and I’m never going to let an emcee receive anything less than the justified amount of respect that they deserve. D. Savage is an artist who has over a million monthly listeners on Spotify and has been a force in the game for quite some time, yet I feel like I don’t hear his name mentioned nearly enough, so after I saw that he released a Cameron Nichols and Rice Cognac-directed music video for his song “Too Close”, I knew I had to write about it. This record is featured on his album BPL, which was released earlier …

Too Close – [D Savage]

On Christmas day, D Savage released his video to the track “Too Close,” off his latest album BPL which released on November 12. The track, which is just short of two minutes in length, is a high-powered hit that brings the same energy that Savage has brought in songs throughout his entire career. Themes of women, money-making and competition are prevalent throughout, while also pointing to messages of his genuine nature and lack of changing throughout his career and fame. “With or without money I’m the same n***a,” Fans wouldn’t disagree, as the prominent star who culminated his following through brilliant success on SoundCloud and with short media snippets, has continued his same music methodology and kept his fan base close. The video, shot by Cameron Nichols and Rico Cognac is an interesting trip, with a wide spectrum of color that includes heat-map filters and loud, vibrant graphics, which match the high-paced vibrance given off by the song. Watch the video for “Too Close” by D Savage on YouTube below!