South Florida’s Prospectt drops visual for “Bluffin.”

There are just some tracks you know you’re going to mess with right off the rip. So was the case with Prospectt’s latest release “Bluffin,” a high-energy, raw track accompanied by a brand new visual shot y The Holyhood that’s got listeners everywhere excited. A low, raspy delivery over this bass-heavy instrumental produced by Chris Rojas combines for a flawless track, and you can hear it from the first line. Prospectt’s flow switches keep listeners on their toes, while the catchy hook keeps them grounded for its entirety. The visual is dark, blurry, and mysterious which are feelings also given off by the track, and the combination of the visual with the audio is one that works seamlessly. Jump cuts and speed ramping give a high-energy and fast-paced feel, while transitions and lighting effects provide creative and colorful aspects that add to the mood. I’m excited I came across this track early, and apparently so are many others. In just a week, the video’s received 3.4K views, and I expect that number to keep climbing. Check out “Bluffin” on YouTube below.

BigSmokeChapo – Maharishi

Music has always been a major part of Clayton County artist BigSmokeChapo’s uprising since he was two years old. During his childhood, Chapo was exposed to his father’s career as a rapper, which inspired him to try out his talents in the booth. A few years later, Chapo craft caught the eyes of Lil Yachty, Trippie Redd, and Destroy Lonely. His sound is a combination of hip-hop and trap that keep his fans eager for me. To start the year, Chapo released his latest single “Maharishi,” the perfect rage record. “To me, this song and video is a reset. Not just for the culture but for me also. It’s showing the brand and how I’m coming this time around. Separating myself from the gangsta rapper image I’m known for, but still having that street niche in it because I’m from that,” Chapo explained to me. “But I’m so much more than that. It brings that rage, mosh-type vibe that I love, and overall it’s just a feel-good song. I made this song for people to wake up, put that fit on, and feel confident going outside. Live in that confidence.” The record visual showcases a party with Chapo performing, and fans engaging …

Moncler Moon Boy gets assists from CP and Spenzo on their Mafia Beatz produced “TFMB.”

Upcoming Chicago artist Moncler Moon Boy, assisted by city legends CP and Spenzo, impresses listeners in a new joint titled “NFMB.” Produced by Mafia Beatz, it has a modern feel, with digitized instruments and alienlike sounds that mesh well with the new wave of hip-hop. I hadn’t heard Moncler Moon Boy prior to this track, and I was pleasantly surprised. His hook and fine-tuned vocals laid a catchy foundation for CP and Spenzo to capitalize off, and that’s exactly what they did. If you’ve read the site before, you’ve likely seen the city legend CP’s name before. He’s been on a hot streak, with his latest project HALL OF FAME gaining him serious steam as he rolls into 2023. Spenzo killed his verse too, as his delivery fit really well into the creative beat. He and CP added the additional firepower needed to land this track into listeners’ libraries everywhere. Moncler Moon Boy is looking to ride this wave of momentum, and with work like this, it’s no doubt his name will continue to keep finding its way into listeners’ rotations. I’m excited to hear how his versatility grows his following. Check out “TFMB” on Spotify below!

22 songs that inspired me in 2022

In my opinion, inspiration is one of the most valuable feelings known to man. When you have it, you feel unstoppable, but when you’re without it, life feels nothing more than a useless search for meaning and fulfillment. What I love most about inspiration though is that people can find it in so many different ways. If you’ve kept up with my writing throughout the year, then you’d know that I made a vow to myself earlier in 2022 that I would only write when a song or project inspired to the point of wanting to put words behind it. Although this past year was a fast one and it seemed like new songs were dropping left and right, there truly were exceptional artists who inspired me more than they would know. For my last article of the year, I wanted to do something special, so I decided to compile 22 of my favorite songs this year with small personalized notes to each artist. Each song and artist on this list mean a lot to me and I pray they inspire you in the same way they’ve inspired me. — “Security” by Will Keeper Will, This is the most beautiful …

Test 11 – [Pardyalone]

There have been too many artists that have impacted me personally this year alone to even begin tallying up the numbers. I love this because I can look back at where I was last year and see how much I’ve grown as a human being, and when there is a single artist that pops into my mind and makes me truly appreciate their art above almost anyone else I’ve come across this year, that’s saying a ton. Pardyalone is this artist because although I may not listen to him constantly due to the raw, emotional nature of his music, there are certain times when I simply need to turn on his songs to get through certain struggles and moments of pain. I don’t cry often, and that’s not a toughness thing. I wish I did cry more, but it just doesn’t happen for some reason. When I need to shed a few tears, let my emotions out, and try to move past the speed bump that stands in front of me, I head right to Pardy’s Spotify profile and the waterworks completely unleash. That says so much about his music, at least to me, because the way he puts his …

On Go – [Pretty Liyah]

Last week I was at Schubas Tavern in Chicago for a These Days showcase to see my good friend CP perform, and right after CP’s set, an artist that goes by Pretty Liyah hit the stage and stole the show. I had been hearing about Pretty Liyah from a few different people prior to this, but after seeing her perform, I knew that I had to take a listen to her catalog. Not too long ago, Pretty Liyah teamed up with DJ Shon to release a new mixtape called On Go, and it’s a really solid body of work! One of the main aspects of this mixtape that I appreciated is the range that Liyah showed; there was a certain level of vulnerability in records like the intro + the outro, while there were also braggadocious and light-hearted songs to compliment. This song was definitely one of the best tapes to come out of Chicago this year, be prepared to see it again on our year-end list in a few weeks! Listen to the project via Live Mixtapes here!

Gimme That – [27Delly]

Harlem’s secret weapon 27Delly starts cuffing season right with his newest island-themed track, “Gimme That.” An incredibly versatile artist, this smooth single demonstrates his melodic abilities with a West Indian/NYC-infused feel that will surely reach beyond typical genre boundaries. “Gimmie That” is the first offering from his newest EP, Wake Up, and if it’s any preview of what’s to come, there’s no doubt he’ll see continued success. I’m a huge fan of his delivery in this joint, and I’m hoping he’ll have some similar energy in the project, too. This project will be his second multi-track project of an already successful 2022. Staying ahead of the times, this new EP will be delivered through 300’s Sparta Distribution in partnership with Royal, so each release will have an NFT element where fans buy into a share of Delly’s royalties. While the modern digital landscape is continuously changing the music industry, look for Delly to continue to maximize the opportunity in creative ways. Check out “Gimme That” on Spotify below!  

10pm in the raq – [CP]

Just about an hour ago, Chicago native CP blessed us with a brand new music video for “10pm in the raq”. There has been a plethora of visuals that have been released by CP over the past few years, but this one is BY FAR his best-directed music video, in my opinion. CP connected with Detroit-based videographers @boominfilmz who directed this one, and shout out to them because they did a FANTASTIC job here. CP has been hitting a stride lately, and he’s building on that this Friday when he performs at Schubas, check him out if you’re in Chicago. Check out this brand-new music video below! Produced by LOTTO


Lyrical Lemonade favorite, CP, just dropped a phenomenal project that more people need to be talking about. When searching for new music to listen to, I often times spend my time trying to discover artists who have a unique sound and undeniable confidence. These artists are hard to find, but someone who embodies those characteristics is none other than CP himself. The Chicago native is most definitely a known act around the area, but it’s apparent that he’s picking up steam with every release. Today he makes it onto our page for his latest EP called, “HALL OF FAME (HOF)”. The 5-song project is one of my favorites by CP thus far as it exudes an addictive listening experience that I think everyone needs to experience. From the production all the way to CP’s flow, this joint is just smooth in every way possible. I’ve attached the project link down below, so tap in with this one asap and let us know what you think!

It Won’t Happen Again – [Lang]

I’ve found myself deeply invested in Houston’s music scene for a few years now, and yesterday, one of my favorite new projects from the city in quite some time arrived from an artist named Lang entitled It Won’t Happen Again. 12 songs and just over 30 minutes in length, It Won’t Happen Again is a deeply focused release from the rising talent, scarce on fluff, littered with a rollercoaster of captivating sonic highs and lows, and guided by illustrative production at the hands of his Houston-oriented team. From the high-octane first notes of “Die4u” to the contemplative moodiness of “Hate It All,” Lang’s newest taps into a range of emotions without losing direction along the way, and in doing so, shows the clear benefit of keeping things close to home during the creative process (worthy of note, the project is executive produced by Houston producer IWANTDIOR). The youth in Houston is doing things at a very high level all on their own, and It Won’t Happen Again stands in line with such, landing as a must-watch introductory moment for Lang and crew. Give this one a spin all the way through at the link below and be on the lookout for more …