Break My Own Rules – [Michi]

Michelle Guerrero, an artist named Michi makes funky Angeleno pop with a mold of classic R&B. Growing up in a Latino home allowed Michi to appreciate a diverse range of musical selections; her heavy influence of Motown and Soul provided inspiration to learn the guitar. Naturally, the discovery for her passion of singing and songwriting soon followed. Her latest single, “Break My Own Rules,” serves as the first track off her new EP Sugarbaby. The opening song specifically is an emotionally charged record for anyone who’s felt anxiety while developing a new crush. Production-wise the psychedelic symphony contains vibrant horns, funky bass, and exuberant choruses producing a blurred sensation of desire for the listener. What I immediately gathered from Michi while listening to her music is confidence. No matter the seriousness, awkwardness, or personal content shared, her vocals are so boldly expressed that each lyric sounds harmless (I’d imagine her personality is similar). Moreover, regardless if one enjoys romantically driven/vulnerably expressive music or not, Michi’s beam of energy is sure enough to impress anyone. Have a say for yourself by listening to the single “Break My Own Rules” below, and if you enjoy, stream the entire SugarBaby EP!

Mario Judah: A Rockstar In Full Effect

No matter how many detractors may disagree, the concept of virality simply cannot occur out of the blue. Even with how sudden these occurrences may seem from a spectacle, being a potential candidate to have your image make rounds across the Internet and beyond takes at least some sort of nuance about oneself, or at the very least, the smallest bit of talent, marketability, or relevancy to our current times.  Placing this notion in the realms of our current music landscape today, artists truly have to make themselves known as a wholly unique and unprecedented act if they want to have any chance of blowing up in such a quick and efficient manner — regardless of where their actual talents lie on whatever preconceived scale the grander public dictates. But as rare the following occasion may be, there certainly comes a time where a viral sensation can effectively transcend the idea of being “a flash in the pan” or even simply being fascinating for a moment’s notice and then fading into obscurity once again.  With that being said, the viral rise of Mario Judah is something that extends even beyond what has just been stated. This 21-year-old Georgia-based phenom embodies …

Move Freestyle – [CP]

Chicago native CP has had a strong outing in 2020 despite all of the adversity with Covid, he has successfully released a couple of strong EP’s + multiple great visuals, and today he is back with a brand new music video for “Move Freestyle”. CP shot this visual on his last trip to Los Angeles where he linked up with video director DreDayDesignz who helped him bring this song to life, and together these two created something to be proud of. CP provided us with some impressive rhymes on this one using his signature whispery flow, as he created a song so good that you can’t just listen once. This year has been a good one for CP but it’s going to be interesting to see what he can accomplish in 2021 on beyond, I am expecting great things from him. Check out this new release below + if you like it then be sure to hit that like button. Produced by Milan & 777Goly

Feelings – [ssgkobe]

ssgkobe is a name that I have been hearing more and more from my friends who are very knowledgeable about music + the industry, he’s a rising young talent that many people have their eye on, and today he is back with a brand new offering titled “Feelings” with Internet Money. I don’t even have to explain how the Internet Money collective can help artists become superstars in a short amount of time, it’s well known at this point because they have done it time and time again, they only work with artists that they really believe in so that’s a great co-sign for ssgkobe to have. It makes sense though because ssgkobe seemingly has all of the talents that you need to become super successful in music, on this joint he created a very ear-pleasing record but that’s a common thing for him. Enough talking about it though, dive into the music below!

Time Will Tell – [Marlon Craft]

Marlon Craft is an artist out of New York who we have featured on our website a couple of times in the past, and today he is back with his brand new record titled “Time Will Tell”. I found this song while scrolling down my feed and honestly the cover art is what caught my eye + made me decide to check out this release, but once I said Marlon Craft spitting thought-provoking + political bars, I was interested to see where it was going. Marlon Craft really got his sh*t off on this joint, he spoke about plenty of the issues that are right here in America, and he called them out in a straight forward manner. I wasn’t too familiar with Marlon other than the time or two I saw him on our site in the past, but I am going to be taking a closer look into his catalog and I suggest that you do the same, click play below.

Screwed Up – [Nevaeh Jolie] Ft. [A Boogie wit da Hoodie]

Nevaeh Jolie is an artist who I recently got familiar with a few weeks ago, and I instantly saw that she had everything it takes to become a star in the music industry, so I was intrigued to see what was to come. Today, Nevaeh Jolie is making her debut on our website with the premiere of her brand new music video for “Screwed Up” featuring A Boogie wit da Hoodie, it’s a solid visual that you don’t want to sleep on. As soon as you press play, if you are a knowledgable fan of hip-hop’s history, you will notice a familiar melody that she sampled on this record before he came onto the beat with her luscious vocals after A Boogie kicked it off. These two artists complemented each other as well as possible, the chemistry was undeniable and it left me hoping to see them work together more in the future. The visual itself was aesthetically pleasing in my opinion, much love to the video director Walu for making this one possible. Check out this brand new visual + read my Q&A with Nevaeh Jolie below! EM: What was it like growing up in New Jersey? Nevaeh: When I first …

On Me – [Tay Money]

When you think about music over the last year or so, not many artists can say that they’ve had a better run than Texas native Tay Money, who is back on our website today with her brand new music video for “On Me”. Tay Money has taken the music world by storm, dropping hit records one after another and this new joint here is only going to strengthen her stacked catalog. This stellar song was complemented with the perfect music video to match, but what else did you expect from Tay at this point, because she always comes through with great content. Watch this brand new visual below and if you enjoy it, then be sure to keep up with Tay Money by giving her a follow on Twitter here! Produced by Bankroll Got It

Blindfold – [Gunna] ft. [Lil Baby]

There are certain dynamic duos who simply elevate each other on all fronts no matter what industry or profession you look at. When it comes to rap music, Gunna and Lil Baby are two of Atlanta’s most in-demand superstars without a doubt in anyone’s mind, and it has been this way since even before their “Drip Too Hard” days. While they simply seem to make each other better, they also make one another work harder as if there’s an unspoken challenge between the two to try and outdo the other artist. Either way, there is never any love lost because they both just compliment each other seamlessly and there hasn’t been a single time where one has truly overshadowed or outshined the other, and I’m not sure that day will ever come knowing just how talented the two rappers are. Even the release of the deluxe version of Wunna didn’t take away from how incredible “Blindfold” was off of the original, and it once again shows the duo at the top of their respective games. Considering that Wunna was a massive success and I don’t want to bore you with a repetitive explanation of the song itself, I’m going to …

Trackstar – [Jay Wood]

Chicago native Jay Wood returns to Lyrical Lemonade with an exciting debut EP titled Trackstar, which marks his first official project. The EP features production from in-house Freesole producer Moses Mode and Namesake, with the latter most notably having worked with STL’s pinkcaravan! Wood tends to infuse relatable songwriting, smooth r&b hooks, and raw lyricism to create a differentiated, yet refreshing sound from his Midwest contemporaries. As a member of the south suburban collective Freesole, Wood’s resume already consists of opening for Ugly God, as well as Ravyn Lanae at the University of Missouri. He’s also traveled nationwide by performing with Sofar Sounds, while providing consistent support for the local Chicago rap scene in the process. On the track “CHAMPAGNE,” Wood flaunts a luxurious lifestyle over Namesake’s ominous, 808-heavy production. Conceptually, “TRACKSTAR” is the standout song on the tape. Wood writes about a situation-ship, where non-commitment consequentially results in the couple sabotaging the relationship altogether. “WE GOOD?” featuring Freesole’s S.O.S. displays Wood’s R&B capabilities, with passionate remarks emphasizing the importance of checking on a partner after falling out. The song also verifies the necessity of overcoming adversity in any stable, long-term relationship. On “ICEBREAKER,” Wood concludes the EP by shooting his shot at a potential partner, demonstrating his …

Thank U – [MOODindigo]

Certain artists bring more to the table than just music, the truly special ones carry with them an aurora that fills the room when you press play. Although his new song, “Thank U,” is only his second single, MOODindigo has made an unmistakable impression with both of his records falling into a vein of music that toes the line between instrumental euphoria, hypnotizing harmonies, and striking lyricism. The combination of these elements texturizes an exciting and imaginative new sound that exemplifies the kind of experimental frontier many newer artists have taken. MOODindigo’s performance on the new single goes hand-in-hand with the song’s heart-stirring subject matter that accurately captures feelings of uncertainty and the feeling of being out of place. Written as a sonic thank you to a prominent figure in his life, MOODindigo creates a record that warrants your attention, not only because the music is candidly great, but also because the music submerges you into something much more personal. Listen to “Thank U” by MOODindigo below.