Watch Greentea Peng Perform “Downers” on COLORS

Aside from being one of the best performing platforms in regards to artistic integrity and overall aesthetic, it can’t be understated that COLORS has also grown its reputation as one of the better tastemakers in the music world. Seemingly every week, at this point, I find myself discovering a new artist from the COLORS YouTube channel, just as was the case with London native Greentea peng and her new performance of a song called “Downers.” Highlighted with a smooth green background — likely in reference to both her name and sound — this performance brings the emotional impact of “Downers” to a new level. Each and every single one of Peng’s lyrics take listeners deeper into her introspective state, and the artful way in which she reflects on drug use only heightens the stakes of the song. Needless to say, not only does this episode hit hard in regards to the pure beauty of the performance, but the fact that it’s also the premiere of a previously unreleased song pushes the power of “Downers” twofold. In my eyes, few COLORS performances hit as hard as this one, and all in all, Peng snapped in both her performance and in the decision …

Sensi – [Greentea Peng]

Describing Greentea Peng as unique does not cut it. Her EP, ‘Sensi,’ is an incredible blend of R&B and Soul. She deeply connects with her listeners through her ability to elegantly decorate each track with luscious and soothing vocals. Peng’s easily digestible and relatable lyrics also allow her audience to grasp onto her story. “I’ve been young, and I’ve been dumb.” Then comes in the perfectly groovy and uplifting neo-soul inspired production that Greentea Peng effortlessly delivers on. Other tracks on her EP, such as, ‘Loving Kind’ have hip-hop and trap-inspired elements, and can be compared to the likes of Chicago’s very own Eryn Allen Kane. I recently discovered Greentea Peng through her recent Colors appearance.

Watch ScHoolboy Q Perform “Numb Numb Juice” on COLORS

Fresh off the release of one of 2019’s premier albums so far, CrasH Talk, it feels as though you can’t go to any party or event without hearing a ScHoolboy Q song — and deservedly so. After releasing a fantastic album and solidifying himself as not only one of the most honest, technically-skilled rappers alive, but also one of the most likable characters off the mic, things seem to be going well for Q. Today, he gives back to the fans yet again with a fantastic new performance of “Numb Numb Juice” on COLORS. As COLORS always seems to do, this video picks a perfectly-fit aesthetic to match Q’s lively energy and raw, confrontational deliveries. At its core, “Numb Numb Juice” is a hard-nosed release, and Q seamlessly translates this into his live performance with losing any of the song’s quality or impact. The yellow background matches this intensity, giving the performance a nice boost in regards to presentation. Once again, COLORS came through by featuring one of the best artists in music today, and the result is another must-watch video. Don’t sleep on this one — watch ScHoolboy Q perform “Numb Numb Juice” below and let us know what you think …

Rose | A COLORS SHOW – [YellowStraps]

I tend to keep up with the popular segment on YouTube A COLORS SHOW as much as I can, always giving their channel glances and visits weekly for interesting new live performances. So this morning when I opened up my home page on YouTube, not having any reason in particular to be online, I clicked on their newest upload – from an group I’ve never heard of called YellowStraps. Instantly I was intrigued hearing an ominous instrumental in the background shortly followed by an ambient, foreign vocal. “Guided by the silence, hold me in the light.” The first line instantly drew me in, and following came a wide pan of the studio in which there was another artist strumming a guitar accompanying the singer. This alternative piece was ominous, and the fact that it was a live performance only intrigued me more. I looked up the original single, but found it hadn’t even been released yet, interesting. YellowStraps is a group out of Brussels, Belgium, and have been releasing music steadily since 2013. Their work has been recognized heartily in Belgium, and as of late with their most recent EP release, Blame, have gotten popularized in North America. They’re a self-taught duo, with …

Watch Skepta Perform “No Sleep” on COLORS

If I had to guess, Skepta’s fantastic new album, Ignorance Is Bliss, might just account for 90% of what I’ve listened to since it released. The London emcee is definitely one of my favorite artists right now, and today, making this moment all the more special, Skepta is back on our pages with a brand new performance of “No Sleep” — one of the album’s standout cuts — at the COLORS Studio. Usually, an appearance on COLORS will feature an artist standing in front of a solid color that, in some way, matches the sound and aesthetics of the music at hand. Skepta being Skepta, however, entirely rewrote this format with his new episode, choosing to use the heat-sensing color direction of the album’s cover art as both the background for the performance as well as the coloring placed on the performer, himself. Needless to say, the latest COLORS show is one of the best yet, with Skepta’s cool, confident style leading the charge. That said, watch the Top Boy’s new COLORS performance at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Doggy – [Kye Colors]

This man Kye Colors has been releasing a bunch of music over the past few months, and today he is back with yet another new track titled “Doggy”. I am expecting the Missouri native to be dropping a full length at any time now, he has released single after single of nothing but heat, so it’s only a matter of time before he runs out of singles and just gives us the entire tape. Each and every one of the recent records he has released have sounded similar sonically, and I am sure once I hear them complied together it’s going to sound sensational. Check out Kye’s latest release below and if you like it don’t forget to give him a follow here.

Sensational – [Yung Gravy]

Yung Gravy has to be one of the most entertaining characters we’ve seen in rap in quite a while. His silky smooth braggadocio and endlessly charismatic personality are just two pieces to one of the weirdest, wildest, and most fun puzzles that we’ve been blessed with in some time, and the best part of it all is that Gravy is seemingly one of rap’s most unlikely heroes. Nevertheless, the man himself has grown into an international star, and today, he’s here to bring this home with his long-awaited new album, Sensational. 13 tracks long, Sensational is just about as Gravy as it gets. The random soul samples and hilarious, vivid lyrics make for an endless supply of anthems, and just as we’ve seen in the past, Gravy’s lovable personality helps turn the new album into an oddly captivating release, all the way through. Sure, I love “serious” rap and I definitely appreciate the art of it, but that’s not to say that I don’t love sitting back, taking a break from everything, and listening to someone as fun as Yung Gravy think of 10 million ways to say he’s going to hit on your mom. It’s absolutely fantastic and honestly, more fun than a lot …

Watch Loyle Carner Perform “Ice Water” on COLORS

Loyle Carner’s newest album, Not Waving, But Drowning, has to be one of my favorite projects from the past few years, hands down. Especially nowadays, we often see artists drift from the art of the full album, but instead of following this blueprint, Loyle Carner leans right in, and the result is always something special. With this in mind, Carner is on our pages today with a new performance of “Ice Water” for COLORS — one of my favorite songs off of the album and a cut that perfectly attests to his impeccable storytelling. Backed by a soulful, sample-based instrumental, “Ice Water” is a refreshing listen from the first second to the last, soundtracking the progression of Carner’s thoughts regarding his current love. Throughout each verse, he thinks deeper into the relationship itself, and resulting is a notably self-aware offering that I’m sure many of our readers out there can resonate with in some way, shape, or form. With this in mind, the COLORS performance of the song certainly doesn’t disappoint, allowing Carner to showcase just how effortless it is when he hops on the mic. Few artists are as calm, cool, and collected as he is, and to see such …

Freaky Deaky – [Kye Colors] Ft. [Daduworld]

A few days back Kye Colors released a new record and that left me with a thought that this may be apart of a bigger release, a possible full length tape, and today he doubled back with a brand new joint titled “Freaky Deaky” featuring Daduworld. Just from taking a glance at the title you can probably guess where this one is going, but Kye and Dadu definitely created an ear pleasing melody that sounds like something you might have heard blasting out of a car in the 2000’s due to the great production & overall sound. Actually now that I think about it this new joint would make sense to be on the same project as his prior song, they both have the same vibe so I will be impatiently waiting for a full length tape for Kye to arrive hopefully sometime this summer, for now just press play below.

Lonely Suburban Blackboy – [Myles Cameron]

Making a very special return to our pages today, New York native Myles Cameron delivers his new, remarkable project titled Lonely Suburban Blackboy. This project follows the release of the three standout singles; “Picket Fences”, “Nothing Gold”, and “Yellow”. Lonely Suburban Blackboy can be simply described as a bond between his magnetic vocal deliveries and his close-to-heart songwriting. Quoted by Myles himself, “Lonely Suburban Blackboy is a character portrait. It’s based on two major themes; blackness in white spaces and warm colors and aesthetics. The process of writing was pretty difficult honestly. I had to do a lot of digging within myself and put some of my biggest insecurities and worst memories on the page. After having gone through that whole process though, I feel more confident and secure in myself than ever before.” I was very impressed with how raw and authentic this project was, for it was refreshing to feel as though I was experiencing what Myles had felt during those times. Furthermore, Myles will be playing a show in Brooklyn, New York on May 30th that will be centered around this project so make sure you check his socials for details. All in all, be sure to stream Lonely Suburban Blackboy …