Watch Lord Apex Perform “Vintage Garms” on COLORS

  I’ve been a big fan of West London native Lord Apex for some time now, and today, taking on a well-deserved opportunity, the rising talent is here with his own episode of COLORS during which he performs “Vintage Garms.” Taken off of his Smoke Sessions Vol. 2 mixtape, this song is the perfect release to bring to the esteemed COLORS studio, matching perfectly alongside the hypnotic, deep shade of green that provides a complementary aesthetic to the performance. Additionally, Apex’s rendition of the song is, as expected, hazy and soulful as can be. It’s a perfect example of the effortless charisma that Apex embodies, marking just one of many reasons why he’s one of London’s most promising emcees at the moment. That said, we here at Lyrical lemonade have been big fans of Apex for some time now, and it’s a wonderful sight to see him garnering the attention that he deserves. Watch Lord Apex take on COLORS below! Produced by Drae Tha Skimask

Falling for the Wrong One – [Dreamer Boy]

When it comes to visual direction, aesthetic can be just as important as a song itself in attracting listeners. After all, the first interaction that we have with music is often the cover art before we click play, and further, music videos are often what makes good songs, great ones. Today, we see this on full display with Dreamer Boy’s latest set of visuals for “Falling for the Wrong One.” Taking on the Western-themed persona that best defines Dreamer Boy’s lovable, off-the-wall artistry, this offering brings fans right into the gorgeous palette of colors that make up a sunset in the desert. The song, dreamy as can be, perfectly complements the unwavering beauty of such surroundings, and the organic atmosphere of Dreamer Boy and his friends, simply dancing and singing along to the single, make “Falling for the Wrong One” just as beautiful visually as it is sonically. Needless to say, the in-tune creative direction that Dreamer Boy has displayed throughout his career so far will certainly lead to greater success in the future, so hop on the train before the budding star officially blows up. Check out “Falling for the Wrong One” below and peep our Q&A with Dreamer Boy here! …

PSICODELIC – [Sunni Colón]

California crooner Sunni Colón hasn’t slowed down since releasing his Satin Psicodelic EP back in August of 2018. Keeping the stellar, soulful album alive, he has performed on the ever popular Youtube series, Colors, has a four-stop nationwide run planned, and now, has created a beautiful, unique visual experience entitled “PSICODELIC.” The self-directed video combines pieces of three of the EP’s standout cuts — “Mornin Dew,” “Baby I Don’t Mind,” and Technicolor” — into one, visually-stunning video. Blending three songs into one, five-minute video without it feeling choppy is no small task, but Colón makes it look easy thanks to the soulful bounce in each of the cuts and a cohesive feel in the video, rich with color and life. A visual that will resonate with fans already familiar with his style, but also give new viewers a taste of his sound and direction all while maintaining artistic integrity (just in time for the tour by the way), Colón’s vision and execution here are exemplary. Check out “PSICODELIC” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Sweet Thang – [Kye Colors]

If you listen to the latest effort from Kye Colors and only hear a cut that sounds like it should have been released last month on Valentines Day, then you ain’t listening close enough. February 14th may be for lovers, but we don’t need a holiday to celebrate the finer “thangs”… the classic combo of weed and liquor. Disguised as a love song, “Sweet Thang” is an ode to the intoxicants packed by Kye’s unique style. With a laid-back, sung-rapped approach, Kye definitely has a current sound, but there’s a fuzzy, cushioned atmosphere to the self-produced effort that gives it a throwback feel as well. He uses said style to delivers anode to his favorite intoxicants–weed in the first verse and liquor in the second–with the clever guise of personification. No official word on if this attached to anything larger, but Kye has hinted at a project on the gram so stay tuned and peep “Sweet Thang” below!

Puff Daddy – [JPEGMAFIA] X [Kenny Beats]

JPEGMAFIA and Kenny Beats deliver a psychedelic oozing video for their collaboration, “Puff Daddy.” Beginning at a diner, JPEGMAFIA is awaiting his food that is being prepared by the diner’s only cook, Kenny Beats. After adding a couple of drops of some unknown substance onto MAFIA’s stack of pancakes, Kenny serves him his meal. What ensues next, is a psychedelic rollercoaster ride reminiscent of the 1998 cult classic, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. This is MAFIA’s first video release since his COLORS performance of his song, “Thug Tears” in December of 2018. We have our fingers crossed, hoping for more collaborations between the skilled MC and one of this year’s hottest producers. Remember to put your friends on and show the Baltimore-native some love on Twitter and Instagram.  

Feel Like Drugs – [Santino Le Saint]

UK crooner Santino Le Saint makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut today with an R&B-centered effort in “Feel Like Drugs.” Tackling a relationship that’s lost its high, Santino deals with the comedown. Despite knowing things aren’t the same, he seems unable to let go; his striking, emotionally-charged performance lending authenticity to the message. Though emotional, the song doesn’t lack power. Both Santino with vocals that really jump out at you, and the beat (particularly the crisp snares) have a certain flair that gives this some serious kick. Love may not feel like drugs, but the video certainly does. With an array of colors, neon flashes, and some interesting POV shots, the video has a trippy feel, and, even with a simple setting–just Santino alone in his studio wrestling with conflict–it keeps you engaged from start to finish.

CALL SECURITY – [Kelow LaTesha]

Brevity may be a dangerous game for artists–too short and the effort feels incomplete–but it’s one, Kelow LaTesha wins on her new offering, “CALL SECURITY.” Clocking in just under two minutes, LaTesha manages to create a complete a wild experience that you’ll replay more thana more than a few times to get a handle on. Despite the short(er) runtime, the track has everything you need: Attitude, energy, a wild beat, lyrics that you’ll want to scream out, and an amazing video that brings the colorful yet attitude-filled offering to life. A “fuck love” anthem perfect if Valentine’s Day has left a sour taste in your mouth, The DMV emcee tackles fractured relationships with a brash, at times out-of-control flow, that works so well with the production’s slurred, off-kilter energy.  Incorporating 3D photography (from The ill Nada) and some Instagram-worthy fights, the TylerbStudios-directed video has a modern feel, but the striking colors, close-ups, and some surreal twinges, give off a late 90’s Busta Rhymes vibe. Succinct, but never sacrificing content for time, LaTesha creates a complete effort that builds momentum for her TSA EP

A Calabasas Freestyle – [Jaden Smith]

Jaden Smith returns with a new visual for his song, “A Calabasas Freestyle.” The new visual comes off of his latest project, The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story. Jaden is surrounded by fellow MSFT collective members seen skating, loitering and flexing . Set in beautiful Calabasas, California the shots remain cinematic with powerful colors of orange and purple setting the back drop for the powerful new video.   Watch the new video from Jaden Smith below and make sure to show love to Jaden on Twitter and Instagram.

Got Muscle – [Goldlink] ft. [Peewee Longway] & [WaveIQ]

Just a few weeks removed from Goldlink’s latest performance of “Justine’s Interlude” on COLORS, the DMV star himself is back on Lyrical Lemonade to take over headlines with an incredible new single, “Got Muscle”. As you can expect with any new music Friday, we definitely received some great new music yesterday, but looking back, I think Goldlink’s latest takes the cake as my favorite offering not only of the day, but of 2019 so far. Equipped with features from Peewee Longway and WaveIQ, “Got Muscle” has the unwavering confidence and captivating personality to be a hit, and personally, I know that I’ve had this one on repeat since it dropped. It was the last song I listened to before going to bed and the first I listened to when I woke up, and today, I plan on bumping this one all day long. The music speaks for itself here, so I’m not going to rant about both the sound and lyrical performance on this one. Just know that they’re both top-quality. And word to Peewee Longway — didn’t see this collaboration coming, but wow, did he kill it. Stream “Got Muscle” at the link provided below and let us know …

6 AM – [Ren Haze]

At 6 AM, the world starts to wake up, pastel colors and morning fog start to fill the sky, and things pick back up from the day before — that is, if they ever ended the previous night. Here to soundtrack this beautiful time of the day, an artist by the name of Ren Haze is here on our pages with his brand new single, “6 AM”. Thinking about what I picture 6 AM to look like (and in reference to the song’s artwork), I believe it’s safe to say that Haze’s latest is the perfect soundtrack for the early morning hours. It’s comfortable yet energized, all the while honest and thorough as can be. The lyrics are a function of the surrounding sonic atmosphere, and in such a way, “6 AM” acts much more as a painting than it does a song. Truthfully, this is one of the most beautiful pieces of art I’ve stumbled upon in recent memory, and while this is a bold claim, the music speaks for itself. With the skill exemplified in “6 AM”, Ren Haze is ready to accomplish big things in 2019, so check out his latest single below and stay up to date …