Z4L – [Smino] ft. [Bari] [Jay2]

While Smino’s latest project, NOIR, held a plethora of unforgettable moments, sounds, and styles, perhaps one of the more slept-on elements of the project was the slew of features, all of which kept it close to home for Smino as he picked the perfect cast of characters possible. Today, we see this idea come to life as the new visuals for “Z4L” arrive alongside two of my favorite featured talents on NOIR, Bari and Jay2. First off, “Z4L” is one the best songs on NOIR simply thanks to its lush, electrifying energy as well as the clear chemistry between all three artists. It sounds less like a Smino song with two feature verses and more like a family gathering of sorts, as everyone involved shares the spotlight and contributes to a meaningful, captivating final product. Beyond this, the replay value on this one is extraordinary, making it the perfect song to receive an accompanying set of visuals. That said, along with some cameos from artists including Cousin Stizz and Buddy, this music video illustrates both the feeling and literal storyline of “Z4L” with seamless precision. Especially as we head into the warmer months of the spring, the splashes of color and mesmerizing effects are …

Cubicle – [Buddy] feat. [03 Greedo]

Compton native, Buddy shares a new video for his newly released song, “Cubicle,” featuring 03 Greedo. The song comes off of Buddy’s deluxe edition rollout of his latest album, Harlon & Alondra which features four new records. Buddy channels his inner workaholic while 03 Greedo plays his fun-loving best friend that frees him from the shackles of his mundane nine to five job. After a quick outfit change, Buddy and Greedo hit the streets of California to enact revenge on their office supplies. The video pays homage to the famous cult classic film, “Office Space” when the duo decide to deliver some brutal, bat-swinging justice to the office printer. Hopefully more of the newly released Buddy records receive the video treatment as Buddy continues to shine both sonically and visually. Watch the new video from Buddy and 03 Greedo below and make sure to leave us your thoughts in the comment section below!

I Get High When I Think About Us – [Leven Kali]

Soaked in sun and doused with cathartic accounts of love, I Get High When I Think About Us by Leven Kali is one of the best EPs I’ve heard in the past few months. It’s proudly jaded by love, and with gorgeous, warm-weathered production as backing, it’s addictive from the very opening notes of one’s first listen. Clearly, Leven Kali holds the potential to be a star in the near future, and by executing such a lovable creative vision alongside features from Buddy and Na’kel Smith with this one, I can’t wait to see where the budding talent will go next. I Get High When I Think About Us is a beautiful story, so sit back, click play, and allow Kali to explain his life and love to you in just 3 well-executed songs. I promise you won’t regret it.

Facade Records – [Domo Genesis]

Since his days with Odd Future, Domo Genesis has always been one of the coldest rappers out, using his West Coast charisma and dense technical skill to reach listeners. Today, these strengths are brought full circle, as Genesis blesses us with his brand new Facade Records EP. Just 6 tracks long, this one makes up for what it lacks in length with vivid storytelling and stellar guest spots, featuring Buddy, IDK, Chip tha Ripper, and Cozz as complements to Genesis’ effortlessly smooth vocal cadences. One song after another, Facade Records is true-to-self and clearly not rushed, as Genesis takes his time to communicate cohesive thoughts formed by all of his past experiences to date. This is an impressive project from an impressive artist, so stream the latest from Domo Genesis below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Add It Up – [Buddy]

Fresh off of the release of his stellar debut album, Harlan & Alondra, Buddy is making his name known as one of the most refreshing acts in hip-hop right now. The Compton native is loaded with energetic charisma, and today, he’s here to show it off with an infectious new single, “Add It Up”. Led by the hopeful tagline, “trouble don’t last always”, this song is meant to be a form of inspiration. Buddy is here to preach beyond the reach of everyday struggles, and by communicating the tough times that come with low money, he strikes a chord in listeners everywhere. This rising star is giving us a reason to dance and smile in the face of hardships, so let’s embrace it. Show some love and listen to “Add it Up” at the link provided below.

Add It Up – [Buddy]

Compton’s own, Buddy has been taking the industry by storm as of late. The 25-year-old was the last signee to Pharrell’s Star Trak label, recently renamed to I am OTHER, back in 2011. He released his first project, a mixtape titled IDLE TIME, in 2014 that featured the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Freddie Gibbs, Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus. His debut album, Harlan & Alondra, was released in late July and received critical acclaim from publications and artist around the country. Known for his blend of hip-hop and jazz, Buddy has remerged to share a new song on his SoundCloud titled, “Add It Up.” The song exploits Buddy’s range as a vocalist as he bounces along to a funky, gospel-fused beat that focuses on live instrumentation. The song is a motivational anthem, sampling a passionate sermon whose message aligns with the song’s overall theme; resilience. Listen to Buddy’s new song and tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Harlan & Alondra – [Buddy]

Compton has another star on its hands and he goes by the name Buddy. This rising talent has been on my radar for a few years now, and today, he’s here to take the spotlight and show the world what he’s capable of with an incredibly honest new album, Harlan & Alondra. At the very heart of its inception, this album is a family affair — a moment for Buddy to brings his full personality to the light and tell us about the live he has lived so far, all the while touching bases on the issues in today’s world and how they affect his growth as a person. Both aspects of the project are illustrated with sun-soaked instrumentals and stellar feature spots from Guapdad 4000, A$AP Ferg, Ty Dolla $ign, Snoop Dogg, and Khalid, all of which shine on their respective spots. With this, the unwavering energy that Buddy blesses us with on this album is second to none. He takes his entire world and fits it into just under 40 minutes of timeless music without compromising the story in any way, and for that, this needs to be on the top of your must-listen list. Check out Harlan & Alondra …

Whats Worse – [Yung Dutch]

Chicago rapper Yung Dutch finds inspiration from the darkest of emotions, and the young artist once again utilizes this strength on his latest track. “Whats Worse” showcases Dutch flowing and letting his mind wander as he airs out his imperfections to someone whom he gave his heart away to. Scorned, pained and looking for solace, Dutch lets his loneliness consume him and faces his demons head-on. In the process, he’s offered up one of his strongest songs as of late and also one of his most accessible. Producer evilbuddy accompanies Dutch’s angst with a floating guitar loop and lo-fi drums, setting the scene for lyrics that feel caught between confession and coming to terms with harsh realities of love. Drift away with Yung Dutch on “Whats Worse” below:

Buddy – [Pretty Reef]

Pretty Reef is a multitalented artist with no shortage of energy, and today, he’s here to put this exuberant personality on display with a brand new, Zach Skywalker-exclusive track entitled “Buddy”. Produced by TonyJR1900, this rapidly-paced offering can be simply summed up as a good time in musical form. It’s playful yet infectious, shedding light on Reef’s relentless lyricism while simultaneously blessing listeners with quick drums that demand for this song to be kept on repeat for hours. Pretty Reef is getting better with each successive release, and his refined style and intoxicating personality in this one act as undeniable proof. With that being said, “Buddy” is just the right song to drop off in time for the warm weather, so be sure not to sleep on this one. Give it a listen at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Black – [Buddy] ft. [A$AP Ferg]

Compton artist Buddy has slowly cemented himself as one of this generation’s standout acts, destined to continue on this rapid path of growth as he slowly ascends to stardom. Following this pace, the potential is sky high for the rising talent, and today, he showcases this very sentiment with a prideful new single titled “Black” featuring A$AP Ferg. Right off of the bat, this single shares a confident identity in its proud embracing of black history and culture. It’s always a great sight to see when artists embrace their respective culture in such a brilliant display of artistry and impactful lyricism, and seeing these two incredible artists join forces to share this common ground is a dope sight in every way. There’s much more that I could say about this well-executed release, but I’ll let it speak for itself. As we await Buddy’s forthcoming album, “Black” will certainly ramp up the anticipation and excitement around his name, so be sure to give it a listen at the link below!