Watch Berner On Drink Champs

Berner is one of the greatest creatives in the game when it comes to making good music but even more so when it comes to being an excellent businessman, and he recently stopped by the Drink Champs to chop it up with N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN for a great interview! They spoke about a ton of topics such as his clothing company, spending time in Arizona, growing up in the Bay, Gary Payton’s weed company that he helped him create, his new record with Fat Joe, how he first got connected with Wiz Khalifa, being signed to Taylor Gang at one point, doing a project with Cam’ron, the success of his Melrose Cookies location, traveling to Amsterdam, his homie BReal, wanting to work with DMX & Nas, dealing with anxiety, politics that happen in the weed business and he even told a funny story about an experience with Diddy! Plenty of gems were dropped in this interview, take some time out of your day & check it out!

Watch Chris Webby’s brand new interview on The Smokebox

Chris Webby is an artist out of Connecticut who has been doing his thing for many years now, and he recently stopped by the BReal TV headquarters to chop it up with BReal on a brand new episode of The Smokebox. You will find these two speaking about plenty of topics including their collab track together called “Sativa”, his last project, handling the business aspects of his career, the music industry, cannabis, the streaming age, his visuals, tour life, his creative process, who inspired him, seeing Eminem & Jay-Z perform when he was younger, his favorite rapper currently, and more! Check out this brand new interview below.

Watch A$AP Ant on The Smokebox

A$AP Ant aka YG Addie is one of the core members in the A$AP collective, so when I saw that BReal brought him in for a new episode I instantly clicked the link! You will find these two talking about plenty of topics such as considering himself a hip-hop historian, the importance of the people around you, cartoons, artists he grew up listening to, his parents, making his first CD in 6th grade, Yams, New York’s rap scene in 2011, how he met his A$AP brothers, his fashion sense, the first time he smoked, California and more. Check out this awesome new conversation below!

Watch Alchemist’s brand new interview on The Smokebox

Alchemist is one of the best producers in the game but that goes without saying, and he stopped by The Smokebox recently to chop it up with his long time friend BReal. You will find them talking about a ton of interesting subjects including hanging out with Cypress Hill at a very young age, his relationship with Action Bronson, his work on the Temples of Boom album, having bar work as a teenager, Mobb Deep, putting his 10,000 hours into his craft in order to master it, meeting Busta Rhymes when he picked him up from the airport and more. Check out the first part of this conversation below as we wait for the second part that hopefully drops soon!

Watch Young Buck’s brand new interview on BRealTV

If you consider yourself to be a fan of hip-hop then you surely know of G-Unit’s Young Buck, who recently stopped by BRealTV for a dope new interview on The Smoke Box. You will find them talking about plenty of interesting topics such as the impact he had when he entered the game, selling CDs by hand back in the day, being an independent artist, being influenced by Scarface & Jay Prince, wanting to connect with Future, not chasing trends, working on new music, his relationship with 50 Cent after not speaking for seven years, reflecting in prison and so much more. Take a few minutes of your time to peep this brand new conversation below.

Watch Gunplay’s brand new interview with BRealTV

BRealTV has been providing a ton of good content for some years now, and the other day they had Gunplay on their newest episode of The Smokebox! You will find them discussing plenty of subjects such as his brand new album, taking the independent route for the first time, no one being original in the game, why 2pac had such an affect on him, how he created the cover of his album, looking up to Tech N9ne, being raised by hip-hop, working with Rick Ross & Curren$y and so much more. Watch this brand new interview below!

Watch Dame Dash’s new interview on BRealTV

Dame Dash is a legend in the hip-hop community and he is someone that I look up to a ton, so I was more than excited when I see that B Real brought him in for a brand new episode of The Smokebox! You will find them speaking about plenty subjects such as his business endeavors, medical marijuana, health, Dash Diabetes Network, eating a plant based diet, working on documentaries & movies and more. Take a few minutes below to check out this awesome new interview below!