Tank On E – [Kiraly Payne] x [Ausar]

I always love seeing young Chicago creatives link up and make some magic, so I was thrilled when I saw this brand new music video for “Tank On E” by Kiraly Payne & Ausar. These are two of the most talented young spitters out of the city, and they are just now starting to hit their stride & show glimpses of their full potential, and you can see some of that in this visual. Kiraly started this joint off right with his stellar performance, dropping many witty lines that you might not catch the first time around, Kiraly is especially into using some fire sports references in his lyrics. Ausar took over toward the middle of this song toward the end of it, coming through with his always well put together, lyrical & at times conscious style to put the cherry on top of this all around solid offering. Shout out to the video director Brandon Chase for helping the homies bring this one to life, go ahead and check it out for yourself below!

Makeup – [Brandon]

Hailing from Riverside, California, Brandon is the kind of artist whose music isn’t meant to listen to once and move on from. Rather, his music acts as an audio companion to life, soundtracking moments of deep emotion and vulnerability in ways that stick with listeners far beyond one listen. Today, this is exemplified with the budding talent’s brand new single, “Makeup.” Acting as an incredibly genuine tale of love, this offering brings forth a focus on the remarkably vivid songwriting skills of Brandon, as he illustrates an intense yearning for love without losing any of its passion in translation. Supporting this storyline, the instrumental works to the same function, using a cathartic acoustic guitar to bring “Makeup” to the next level. That said, thanks to such well-executed storytelling, this song could honestly act as the soundtrack to a short film entirely based around the lyrics. Brandon is most certainly a talent to watch, so be sure to show some love and check out his latest single below! It won’t be long until you’re hearing the Riverside native’s name everywhere.

28 – [Brandon]

Brandon first made his appearance on our platform about two weeks ago with his last offering called “Mourning“, and this afternoon he is back with his brand new music video for “28”. At the start of this sensational video it stated “this is a love song”, and believe me when I say that it’s the best love song you have heard in a months. I hate to compare new upcoming artists to already established GOAT’s in the music industry but man Brandon really gives me Frank Ocean vibes, he creates some truly beautiful music and it’s impossible to not find a liking to his angelic vocals. Take a few minutes of your day to check out this brand new visual below, I promise you will not regret it! directed by Taylor Werfelmann

Mourning – [Brandon]

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today is California creative Brandon who released a brand new offering yesterday titled “Mourning!”. If you pay close attention to the lyrics you will hear that Brandon is vividly describing a relationship he has been dealing with, he painted the picture perfectly with his angel like vocal performance & the soothing instrumental to compliment him made it that much better. This may be the first time that Brandon has been featured on LL but I can assure you that it won’t be the last, stream this brand new record below and if you enjoy it be sure to keep up with Brandon by giving him a follow on Twitter here!

Oogie Mane: Staying the Course

Influence, popularity, and innovation are all central factors that spur the conversation of “mainstream” versus “underground” in music. It is with these metrics that fans deem their favorite artist an “underground legend” or a full-blown “star”, using popular perception and relative terms to grade an artist’s status of fame in a given ecosystem of music. But sometimes this metric just doesn’t fit. In the age of the internet, where social media paves unique pathways for artists of every imaginable kind, the barrier between the mainstream and the underground has become increasingly blurred. Notably, increased visibility of niche scenes is now allowing mainstream acts to dip their hands into the underground, utilizing the boundary-pushing, non-linear styles of smaller artists to predict innovative pushes in sound. This collaboration, or occasional lack thereof, can be demonstrated in a number of ways, sometimes crediting the smaller acts that influenced a mainstream shift and sometimes not. Here enters “I’m Upset” by Drake: a single released for his Scorpion album that arrived right in the midst of a hallmark rap beef against Pusha T, but even more importantly, a single that exemplifies this blurring line between underground and above. I can recall driving home from my …

03 – [Advisry]

In my time writing for Lyrical Lemonade, I’ve noticed that the music I hold closest is the music that is able to paint a vivid picture. Whether this picture depicts an emotion, an event, or something else, it’s comforting to be able to translate sound into a scene in your head, and such is the case with all 3 songs on Advisry Radio’s latest release, 03. Putting together a trio of songs written and performed by Jonathan Richetts, Glen the Saiyan, Keith Herron, and Brandon Collins, this offering develops a world of sound by using off-the-beaten-path sonic direction and unapologetically true-to-self lyricism and instrumentation. Each of the four rising talents presents themselves in a light of proud individuality and eccentricity, and in this way, 03 comes across as a gorgeous pack of music in all of its synth-led, sun-soaked glory. This is a must-listen release for anyone trying to expand their palette of musical interests, so be sure to check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments! Produced by: Brodie Harvey, Jonathan Richetts, Brandon Collins, Glen the Saiyan Executive Produced by: Keith Herron Engineering by: Jonathan Richetts, Glen the Saiyan Written/Performed by: Jonathan Richetts, Glen the Saiyan, …

Road Less Traveled… – [Quentin Miller]

In my eyes, Quentin Miller is one the most consistent artists in rap right now, and today, he’s here to prove this prowess with an addictive new offering entitled “Road Less Traveled…”. As the title denotes, this song shows us a perfect example of Miller doing his own thing and paving his own lane regardless of what others are doing or saying. Throughout the many miles that he’s traveled in his career, the ATL-bred talent has always stayed true to himself, and with his latest, he keeps this theme going with unforgettable lyricism and a knocking beat that will be stuck in your head after just one listen. All things considered, Quentin Miller is making some of the finest music of his career, so be sure to keep a close eye out and watch the hypnotic visuals for “Road Less Traveled…” at the link below! Directed by @bcpbrandon Produced by Nick Miles

Watch Saba on NPR Tiny Desk

Unless you have been living under a rock you clearly known who Saba is at this point, the Chicago native released arguably my favorite album of the year “Care For Me” a couple months back & he recently stopped by NPR Tiny Desk to performance some cuts from the album. He didn’t go solo though, he was assisted by plenty of great minds who helped him create the previously mentioned album such as producers & keys Daoud & daedaePIVOT, Noah Frank on the trumpet, bass player Cheflee, drummer Brandon Farmer and his father, theMIND & Kaina on the vocals. Saba also recently released his brand new vinyl for “Care For Me” so if you loved the album like we did here at LL be sure to purchase it here, and if you are in the city be sure to support the second annual John Walt Day on November 24th, you can find tickets for that here.

Ninja Turtle – [Keith Ape] Ft. [Wifisfuneral]

Shortly after announcing his debut EP Born Again releasing on September 28th, Keith Ape has let loose a riveting single from the tape with none other than Wifisfuneral titled, Ninja Turtle. Produced by Working on Dying’s Brandon Finessin, the action starts right away as Ape bodied the opening verse on feeling like a member of the TMNT before Wifi bursts on the scene with charismatic bars on the fakes around him and his notable drip that comes with a pretty penny. Now based in Los Angeles, the South Korean-born Ape is set to embark on 88Rising’s Head In The Clouds tour this month which will see a number of states get to witness the energy on his forthcoming debut. If you happen to get the chance to attend I would certainly take advantage but for now, tune into the latest offering in Ninja Turtle below!

DayWalker – [Zoe Cartier]

For those who have been paying close attention to our lemon-filled pages over the past few weeks, you’re probably familiar with the name Zoe Cartier by way of her song “Susie“. Today, however, adding to her comprehensive catalog of impressive offerings, this rising talent is here to bless us with a brand new single entitled “DayWalker”. Featuring production from frequent collaborator Brandon Huling, this track finds its fuel within a much more ominous setting of sound than Cartier’s previous effort. Her brutally honest lyricism marks the importance of finding those who will ride with you from day one, all the while condemning those who hated from the start. It’s a fairly straightforward approach, but the young artist is sure to do this theme justice with her signature, alluring vocal styles and simplistic yet blunt lyricism. That being said, click play on “DayWalker” below and let us know what you think in the comments!