Bandwidth – [Blvck Svm]

Chicago by way of Florida rapper Blvck Svm has been one of the emcees that have been heavy in my rotation lately. His newest record “Bandwidth” is yet another great cog in the wheel of great singles Svm has been able to rattle off. If you speak to music listeners today a lot of people will say lyricism is dead, it’s actually not. It just depends on how you’re delivering your wordplay and story that’s going to appeal to an audience of today. Svm does a great job doing this throughout his catalog while keeping fresh and entertaining. The opening bar captivates your attention from the jump “South Beach fit in the sand I can’t maneuver great, can’t get in the water I’m covered in barracuda bait.” As you venture further along in the song you hear a bar that says “ dancing like Schuster, style stealers (Steelers) are giving him bad Juju.” Vivid wordplay like that is always going to be around and the fact that Blvck Svm has an er for production along with his flow shows that he’s going to be around for a while. Stream Blvck Svm’s new single “Bandwidth” for yourself after the break.

Texture – [Sebastian Kamae] x [Blvck Svm] x [Roosevelt The Titan]

Talented Dutch producer Sebastian Kamae recently caught my attention with “Texture;” a fantastic collaboration with Blvck Svm and Roosevelt The Titan. On “Texture,” Kamae laces a dark Pusha T esque record to produce a drug dealers anthem. The repetitive 808’s and incisive bassline matches the quick tempo of each breathtaking verse, which sounds seemingly effortless due to the low-key tone expressed throughout. Proving that not every banger has to employ overbearing musical traits, the track contains a certain quality of calm that listeners can appreciate. Therefore, the texture of “Texture” is multicolored and multi-layered, which Sebastian Kamae intentionally weaves to his unique creation. Listen to the song below!