Baby – [Blueface]

Blueface is certainly no stranger to the Lyrical Lemonade platform, he and Cole have made plenty of classic music videos in the past, and today they are back with a brand new visual for “Baby”. One special thing about Blueface is that he can make damn near playful songs that only he would be able to make like this one, but at the same time, he drops off impressive bars within his verses that you cannot deny. Blueface & Cole went crazy with the different color-coordinated shots on this video and we got to see a ton of Blueface’s awesome + fun-loving personality, something that I believe LL videos bring out of him the best. Blueface is the new face of the west coast hip-hop community, and I believe he’ll be here to stay for many years to come. Watch this brand new music video below, and if you haven’t already, subscribe to the Lyrical Lemonade YouTube channel!

Proud of U (Remix) – [1TakeJay] ft. [Blueface]

If you have read some of my other articles, you already know I have a deep devotion to West Coast Hip-Hop music. I just love the sliding synths, hard-nosed attitudes that shine through, and all the different personalities that can make this type of music great. Blueface has obviously become a household name on that side of the country, and although 1TakeJay has been rapidly climbing up the ranks, I still think he deserves a lot more respect and recognition than he receives. As for their most recent collaboration, the two talents team up for a remix of “Proud of U”, a song Jay originally dropped earlier this year. Low the great, a frequent collaborator of West Coast artists, utilizes alternating keys and synths, some staticky percussive sounds, and absolutely pounding 808s to add some extremely interesting vibes and an even more hasty tempo that both of these artists know exactly what they need to do with. On the chorus, Jay takes over and utilizes a slightly aggressive yet notably enthusiastic approach to deliver his lyrics. As he gets into his verse, he uses a similar cadence that provides a seamless continuation from one part to another before switching things …

3WAY – [YS] [BlueFace Bolo] [Calaso Check]

Atlanta trio BlueFace Bolo, Calaso Check, and YS came together for a new visual for their FF Tana produced track “3WAY” that features my three favorite verses from each of these artists yet, as all of them respectively seem to improve tremendously from release to release. These three have all worked together extensively before and are carving out their own sound and flow in the midst of a city with literally thousands of other rappers, yet still find a way to stay unique and trendy. YS especially seems to just get better and better from song to song and I have a feeling that we will be hearing from Lil Yop for a while, and he skated on this track, dropping some of his hardest bars yet and it is obvious that he is starting to care as much about his lyrics as he does his delivery. BlueFace Bolo has one of the most interesting voices in all of Atlanta to me as it is equally twangy and raspy and lands perfectly over the beat for the entirety of his guest verse. Calaso Check is also as good as ever on “3WAY” and his second verse in particular was one …

Tour – [Blueface] ft. [Asian Doll] [NLE Choppa] [Kiddo Curry] [Sada Baby] & [9lokkNine]

It seems like in the current state of Hip-Hop, although there are collaborations left and right, you rarely see more than one or two other artists hop on a song together. This might be due to the fact that it’s more common to have tracks that run two minutes or less rather than extending into the four or five-minute range like before, or it could be because it’s tough to get an abundance of artists together at the same time considering new talents are popping up all over the country. Regardless of what the reasoning is, Blueface’s most recent song “Tour” recruits some of the most notorious rising artists in all of Rap music. Creeping piano keys, building kick drums, and pace-setting percussion lays the pavement for a West Coast banger, which isn’t uncommon whatsoever for the Los Angeles Rapper. Blueface does a great job of aggressively attacking certain words, ditching his normally off-kilter flow and sticking to a more rhythmic rhyme scheme. Asian Doll, who’s someone I always see in the headlines, is also an artist I’m not as familiar with. Her verse blew me away in all honesty, as she meshed oh so well with the beat and …

Obama- [Blueface] ft. [DaBaby]

Blueface has been one of the most-watched artists in the Rap game and for good reason. Although some of his songs are unimpressive and gimmicky, other tracks are complete bangers that are played on repeat all over the country. His aggressive persona over hyphy West Coast beats bring a freshness to the classic genre and helps him stick out from other artists making similar music. Another notable thing about the West Coast phenom is the fact that he doesn’t seem to be biting anyone’s style, and his own sound is so difficult to imitate that I haven’t personally heard anyone try and create their own renditions. Although I’m a couple days late to the party, Blueface recruited Charlotte hitmaker DaBaby for yet another single off of his upcoming album Find the Beat called “Obama”. The beat is as unique as Blueface, containing smooth saxophone licks with trap percussion and abrupt but banging 808s. For his verse, Blueface has a toned-down flow full of sexual innuendos and lines about being rich and successful. He brings his signature energy a bit more for the hooks which are pretty attention-grabbing and entertaining. DaBaby, on the other hand, slows his flow up more than …

Finesse the Beat- [Blueface]

Blueface took the world by storm this past year with his new take on classic West Coast beats. The aggressive nature of his voice brings the energy of every single one of his songs through the roof and fans couldn’t get enough of him. One of the main things that people noticed was the fact that his flows were never really on pace with his beats, something that some would say is a problem of his and others would consider a strength. He plays along with this joke on his latest single “Finesse the Beat”, where he raps about almost mistakenly finding the rhythm of the instrumental. The beat is minimal with piano dominant notes, which isn’t uncharacteristic of the West Coast phenom, and allows Blueface to get his point across clearly and intentionally. He brings his assertive delivery once again on this hit, making it seem as if he’s mad but having fun with these off-beat accusations at the same time. It’s doubtful that Blueface’s debut album with see the light of day before the end of the year, but “Finesse the Beat” and all of his other hits from throughout the year should be able to hold fans …

Close Up – [Blueface] x [Jeremih]

Summer might be over, but Blueface and Jeremih are seemingly trying their best to keep the season alive with their latest song “Close Up”. Jeremih was recruited to sing both the hook and a verse, so he decided to do what he does best with his unbelievable voice and turn this track into a hit, which is something Blueface has been consistently doing as well. I’m not going to lie, this was an unexpected sound for me. It has an almost island-like vibe, something you’d want to play while hanging out at the beach or at the pool. I had no idea what to expect going into my first listen considering Blueface is known mostly for his uncharacteristically unique interpretation of West Coast hip hop while Jeremih has been known to surprise me on occasion with the different genres he has dabbled in. I anticipated Jeremih to adapt to Blueface’s style, but the end result ended up being quite the opposite, and I’m not mad at it. It’s refreshing to see Blueface take a risk and make a song like this, and I really hope to see him experiment more in the future as well. “Close Up” is a straight-up …

Watch Blueface’s brand new interview with The Breakfast Club

Blueface has grown into one of the biggest new artists in the world over the past year or so, he always has very entertaining interviews  so when I saw he stopped by The Breakfast Club I was eager to watch it! Angela, Envy and Charlamagne asked Blueface about plenty of things such as how his life has changed in the last year, claiming he’s the best lyricist, his girlfriends, the XXL Cover, the last time he had a Breakfast Club interview, his competition, his situation with his family, his manager Wack answers some questions, his legal issues, his new EP out August 9th and more. Take a few minutes out of your day to watch this brand new interview!

Watch Stro The MC’s brand new interview with Sway In The Morning

Stro The MC is someone who I first got familiar with a few years back when he did a collab record with Chicago natives Logan and Femdot called “3 Man Weave”, and I have been following his career since that point, so I was very happy to see that he stopped by Sway In The Morning for a great new conversion. You will find Sway, Heather B and Tracy G asking him about plenty of things such as his acting career, how he carries himself, his latest project “Last Friday”, growing up in Brooklyn, growing up in the same neighborhood as Bobby Shurmda, hip-hop shaping his life, being inspired by Ice Cube, Grade A Tribe, Oakland, the XXL Freshmen, remixing a Blueface record, getting his own place, building his brand, how it feels to be on multiple Netflix shows, his future releases and more! Check out this awesome new interview below.

Bussdown – [Blueface] Ft. [Offset]

California rap sensation Blueface and Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett have built themselves quite the catalog together so far, haven’t they? These two have blessed millions of fans with fantastic music videos for “Bleed It”, two of the remixes to “Thotiana”, a couple great feature tracks and now the super duo are back with a brand new visual for “Bussdown” featuring Offset! Cole and Blueface have always brought a certain level of comedic acting to their visuals, and this one finds Blueface getting a job promotion from a janitor to a bus driver in the beginning skit, a funny twist that ties into the title & the rest of the tremendous video. I was excited to see what Blueface and Offset would sound like when diving into this one, but they really complimented each other perfectly, hopefully we get to see these two work together again in the near future. Take a few minutes out of your day to watch this brand new music video, and don’t forget to subscribe to Lyrical’s Youtube channel if you haven’t already!