Edging (Alternate) – [Blink-182]

Blink-182 is one of the most legendary musical acts of all time, especially in the past twenty-five years. We recently had the privilege to direct their new music video for “EDGING” which dropped on Blink’s YouTube last week, and this week, we released the alternate version of the video on our own channel! For the most part, the video itself is the same except for a slight few changes, but the introduction is different and the ending has a different twist! This video is the definition of worlds colliding but it worked out so well, if you haven’t watched it already, check it out below!

Watch the Behind The Scenes for Blink 182’s “Edging” Music Video

Last week we released the new Blink 182 music video for “Edging”, and just yesterday, we put out the alternate version of the music video on our LL channel. This was a legendary collaboration, it’s something that we are very proud of and we are happy to be bringing you the behind-the-scenes of the video shoot! If you don’t already follow our ‘Lyrical Lemonade 2’ YouTube channel – I highly suggest that you do, we have a great amount of content that provides a peek behind the curtain of the Lyrical Lemonade experience. Anyways, enjoy the rest of your day, and check out this BTS below!

EDGING – [Blink 182]

Growing up in the early 2000s, it was damn near impossible to not be a fan of Blink 182, and trust me, most of us here at Lyrical Lemonade were massive fans of the band growing up. Now here we are many years later and this was a massive week for Blink 182 as they announced a new album, a world hour and today – dropped their new music video for “EDGING” directed by LL’s own Cole Bennett! You’ll find a heavy amusement park theme throughout this visual, something that CB has been diving into a bit, and it was the perfect fit to match the energy of this record. Out of all of the music videos we’ve shot throughout the years, this one feels the most full circle for me. This is a beautiful collaboration, hopefully, this is the first of many, watch this new release below!

Strings – [Tuxx]

It may not be super apparent based on my current taste in music and many of the songs I write about, but I grew up a huge fan of rock music. At first, it was bands like AC/DC and Van Halen that really helped me grasp what music as a whole was, but then as I got older, I got extremely into punk rock and pop-punk thanks to bands like Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, and Blink-182. By the time I got to high school, I had shifted most of my focus on rap, but these are still bands and genres that are engrained in who I am, so you can bet that I was extremely excited when certain hip-hop acts started to incorporate these sounds into their music. Obviously, there are elements of these genres in music created by everyone from the late greats like Juice WRLD and Lil Peep to hyperpop acts like Brakence and ericdoa, but one person who I have been seriously impressed with is Tuxx. He is an emcee that I haven’t kept up with as much as I once did probably about a year ago, but I always try and listen whenever he drops …

American Blueprint – [Tuxx]

One of my favorite things about the new age of music is the fact that so many artists are creating a sound that brings me back to earlier days of my life when I was just skateboarding with my friends (I was terrible, don’t get me wrong), listening to music, and not really caring too much about what was going on in the world. Bands like Blink-182, Sum 41, My Chemical Romance, Rage Against the Machine, and plenty of others were on the playlist, and we would rotate through all of their albums what seemed to be every day. Now, even though these are bands that I only revisit every now and then, I feel like I don’t go back as often as I might’ve expected to because so many talents are incorporating this sound into their music currently, and although there is clearly a variety of different influences and innovations that make them sound unique and individualistic, there is a root of this punk-inspired sound that I have always been drawn to. One of the artists who seems to be doing this better than most right now is Tuxx, an Arizona-raised emcee who has been blazing his own trail, …

Sugar Rush – [PARTYOFØNE]

UK-based burgeoning rockstar PARTYOFØNE grew up with Rush in his ears and an undeniable desire to create. This combination brings us to his debut single, “Sugar Rush,” a heavy pop-rock anthem that is electrifying to its core and an immediately gripping introduction into an artist who appears primed for big things. PARTYOFØNE’s debut captures that lingering tingle, on-set buzz, the euphoric shot of bliss that courses through your veins when doing what you love. The appropriately titled debut, “Sugar Rush,” is an exceptional glimpse at PARTYOFØNE’s vivid lyricism and dynamic voice that illustrates both the excitable feeling of a rush and the inevitable crash. Supported by an array of blink-182 reminiscent drums, layered guitar riffs, and a dash of electronica that helps overture his sterling vocals throughout the chorus, PARTYOFØNE personifies his name to a tee, delivering a sound that can soundtrack any night out. Despite this being PARTYOFØNE’s first single, a song this good only makes me eager for what else is in store. Listen to PARTYOFØNE’s debut single, “Sugar Rush,” below.

Gravestone – [Tuxx]

For those who know me, you know just how much I enjoy the crossover between rock and hip-hop. While I grew up on bands like AC/DC, Greenday, and Blink-182, I moved into rap and hip-hop in my middle school and high school years, and now seeing artists bringing these genres together just makes everything come full circle for me. I’ve been a big fan of artists such as the late Lil Peep, Lil Tracy, Iann Dior, POORSTACY, and others, but when I hear about new artists making waves in this genre-mashing scene, I need to tune in immediately. When the homie Sam McGrath hit me up and said he was shooting a visual for LA by way of Arizona artist Tuxx, I had no clue exactly what to expect, but after tuning into “Gravestone”, I was as impressed as I’ve ever been. Considering he has worked with hitmakers like Nick Mira, PAYSO, Baker, Playdoe, and Sam Thraxx in the past, I knew I was in for a treat, and considering the last three producers brought this hit to life, I was even more excited. It’s clear that there is a pop-punk influence behind his vocals that combine with the guitar-forward …

Wait! – [Yung Gwopp]

If there’s one thing that I love about music, it’s the fact that it spans way further than any border or boundary could ever even dream of containing. We’ve got international superstars like The Kid LAROI, Skepta, and Slowthai, to name just a few, yet they’re setting examples for kids all over the world to chase their dreams and do anything they set their mind to as long as they have the work ethic and determination to get the job done. For Yung Gwopp, he moved from rural Australia to the big city of Brisbane at a young age. While growing up, he listened to bands like Green Day and Blink 182 before shifting his admiration in the direction of more hip-hop-forward music. Discovering music production at the early age of 12, he was able to test out a plethora of different sounds that would eventually go on to form the foundation of his music, and after checking out his latest song “Wait!”, all of these influences are fairly clear throughout even with his own unique spin on things. In the instrumental, we’re greeted with light, airy synths that sound almost Pi’erre Bourne-inspired prior to tapping hats and pithy 808s …

Kite: A Platinum End For Bright Beginnings

Each and every artist that makes up the current-day online music landscape is defined by nothing more than their own sense of individuality. These acts stand out so vividly amongst each other due to how they embrace their individual nature by themselves through their music and image alike, but what makes this scene so fascinating is how they do so collectively in such large numbers at the same time ever-so-constantly.  That is where an artist like 18-year-old phenom Kite comes into play. The Atlanta, Georgia native is essentially one of the most ideal reflections of what these ideas represent towards this entire scene as a whole. This magnificent talent has made an already-experienced career flourish on years end with their one-of-a-kind vocal inflection, superb pop prowess, and an all-around spotless approach to their craft that has made them one of the most defining long-lasting figures out of this burgeoning scene.  Being a member of Goonncity, Helix Tears, and Graveem1nd simultaneously, they have brought with them a dynamic outlook to their artistic presence that seems to find its place in a variety of collectives and other collaborations alike. Though their sound is absolutely untapped, they still find ways to spread it …

bite the bullet – [conner]

The talents of the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and producer, conner are on full display once again with the release of his latest single, “bite the bullet.” His previous releases, “theme song,” and “recents,” both featured the vocalist under a more pop-centered spotlight with elements of punk rock hanging in the rafters. The opposite can be said of his latest release that appears to shine a light on a more definitive direction for the 25-year-old Hagerstown, MD native. “bite the bullet” is bursting with energy, riddled with grit, and undeniably addictive. The song begins with a forceful gut-punch in the form of swelling guitar chords that plants a clear and present flag in the sand that reads, “pop-punk never left.” The nostalgic feeling and energy created by the song draws you back to the rebellious and angsty nature of 2000s bands such as Weezer, Blink-182, and Sum41. Their spirit appears to flow through conner as he incorporates his love for the genre with his obsession with speed, and all things gas-fueled and action sports related. There’s a slim chance you’ll leave this song without reiterating its ear-worm chorus, “full speed, don’t stop, steppin’ on the gas til’ it’s maxed out!” …