Titanic – [Earl Sweatshirt]

At this point in my career, there aren’t many things I hear that truly make me take a moment to sit back and ingest a song without allowing any sort of impedances or distractions to break up my attention. When I first got into hip-hop music, Odd Future was a group that I legitimately couldn’t get enough of, and whether it was the music, their connection as a collective, their antics, or anything else, I found myself not even going a day without listening to their music or watching their videos. I was fully obsessed, to say the least, and while Tyler, Frank, Hodgy, Mike G, and everyone else in the group were constantly blowing my mind, Earl Sweatshirt was someone who I just couldn’t get enough of. Early on, he was showing exactly how complex and unique his creative process was, but I think the thing that had me addicted was the fact that he did some of the most inventive things in the entire history of music without the bells and whistles, humbly spitting bars that were so intricate that it could take dozens of listens before you fully understood and appreciated a single lyric. As time has …

Tabula Rasa – [Earl Sweatshirt] ft. [Armand Hammer]

Earl Sweatshirt is as much of a phenom as he is elusive, and this has been a fact over the past half-decade or so. Nonetheless, when he comes out of the shadows, he proves time and time again that there’s not an emcee that could stand a chance against him bar for bar, and I don’t know how he can continue to deliver such creative, lyrical records every time he releases something new. It has been a few years since we received his last solo release entitled FEET OF CLAY, but I couldn’t be more amped up about the announcement that his next project SICK! is set to release on January 14th of the new year. Although the hype surrounding Earl projects is always through the roof, he decided to team up with Armand Hammer, a duo that has been making waves in the industry recently, and together they brought “Tabula Rosa” to life, which comes equipped with a Josh-directed music video that shows these three artists spitting their bars all in one take, which isn’t an easy feat after hearing some of the insane lines they spit. The Alchemist took over on the production for this record and considering …

2010 – [Earl Sweatshirt]

To me, Earl Sweatshirt is so much more than a rapper. I first got into him over a decade ago when he was running with the Odd Future crew, and while everyone in that legendary group brought something unique to the table, Earl was just moving so much more differently than anyone else in the entire industry, let alone OFWGKTA. Since then, he has ventured off on his own, releasing more and more albums that seem to get more inventive each time, and while Doris is still a top 5 favorite project of mine, I think Earl has so much more left in the tank. His experimental sound is nothing short of captivating, but the way he uses his words lets you know just how intelligent, creative, and all-around legendary that the LA-based emcee truly is. Simply put, you might not understand everything Earl puts out, but he creates his music in such an abstract way that I can have an extremely different takeaway than you might have, and that’s nothing short of magical, in my opinion. Despite the fact that he has been featured on so many different songs since his last project FEET OF CLAY released back in …

Easter Sunday 97 – [ZelooperZ] Ft. [Earl Sweatshirt]

Detroit native ZelooperZ is certainly no stranger to our website and this evening he is finding himself back on our platform with the release of his brand new music video for “Easter Sunday” featuring Earl Sweatshirt. Hundreds of thousands of songs get released on the internet everyday but this one is by far the best one you will hear all day, I know that’s a bold statement but it’s true, it’s a 10/10 in my book. Between the soulful production and the tremendous verses there’s truly nothing to dislike in my opinion, I’m going to be bumping this for at least the rest of the week and I hope to see these two work together more in the future. Watch this brand new visual below and if you like what you see then be sure to share this track with a friend! Produced by Black Noi$e

Easter Sunday – [ZelooperZ] ft. [Earl Sweatshirt]

ZelooperZ is back again this year with a new project, Dyn-o-mite, releasing on streaming services next week, just a few months after the impressive Wild Card from earlier this year. The track “Easter Sunday” features none other than the top-tier new school MC, Earl Sweatshirt, who is coming fresh off his mind-bending and boundary-pushing Some Rap Songs, an album that arrived late last year. The two-minute track is split pretty evenly between ZelooperZ and Earl, who both snap as they each rap for about a minute. ZelooperZ starts the track off with a really great verse, and Earl doesn’t disappoint, dropping a lyrically dense, intoxicating verse featuring multiple quotables as always. The beat on here, courtesy of Black Noi$e, is absolutely mesmerizing, featuring a beautiful and uplifting grand piano sample, along with some funky bass. Check out this track, along with the rest of the album a week early by supporting on Bandcamp below! Dyn-o-mite by ZelooperZ

and more. – [Remy Banks] ft. [Wiki]

New York is the stomping ground of an endless supply of talent right now, and amongst the city’s most exciting artists are two acts going by the names Remy Banks and Wiki. Today, we see the NYC representatives join forces with a soulful new single, “and more.” Finding its identity within a delicate, heart-penetrating sample, this song takes listeners through 3 and a half minutes of vivid lyricism and unmatched charisma from the two featured artists. They rhyme with machine-like rhythm and an undiluted sense of personality, making for an incredibly entertaining release and a song that skillfully brings to fruition the soul-based, New York sound that hip-hop knows and loves. That said, “and more.” is one for the books, so be sure to check it out at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments! Produced by Black Noi$e Recorded & Mixed by Leon Kelly Artwork by Richard Terrana