Watch 50 Cent’s new interview on BigBoyTV!

50 Cent was the latest guest on BigBoyTV’s fantastic platform, and he had a ton of stuff to speak on so it made for a great conversation. You will find 50 Cent speaking about several subjects including the last season of his show Power, social media, the backlash he got from changing the intro of Power, his working relationship with Starz, not being a bully, Nicki Minaj retiring, the process of making ‘In Da Club’, the growth of hip-hop, how he has maintained his relevance, smoking with Snoop Dogg, Wendy Williams, cancel culture, working on some new music, having over 1,000 songs unreleased, the impact Dre & Eminem had, Jay-Z & Nas, how much Eminem helped him and so much more. Take a few minutes out of your time to get in tune with one of hip-hop’s greatest artists + business moguls.

Watch SiR’s brand new interview with BigBoyTV!

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a massive fan of Big Boy and his platform that he has out on the west coast, he brings through amazing guests on the weekly, and this time around he brought in TDE’s own SiR! They spoke about several subjects such as when he first fell in love with music, his church roots, playing sports in high school, his brothers influencing him, music being his therapy, storytelling, starting off as an engineer, dealing with disrespect at times in the past, when he first got in contact with Top Dawg Entertainment, opening for TDE in 2011 years before he met them, how the song “Hair Down” came together, Los Angeles, Jay Rock, record executives promising him the world & never coming through, not surrounding himself with ‘yes’ men, touring and so much more. This was a dope conversation that you shouldn’t miss out on, check it out below!

Watch Chance The Rapper’s brand new interview with BigBoyTV!

Chance The Rapper is fresh off of a trip to Los Angeles to spend some quality time with his oldest daughter, and while he was out on the west coast he stopped by the neighborhood to chop it with Big Boy and his amazing staff! You will find Big asking Chance about several topics such as his brand new debut album The Big Day, the idea of albums vs. mixtapes, his close relationship with Kanye West, Jeremih, controlling his own narrative, getting married, meeting his wife when he was nine, fatherhood, postponing his tour to spend more time with his family, his relationship with God, social media, and Big Boy even gifted Chance his first-ever lottery ticket. Big Boy never fails to give us fans amazing interviews, so trust me when I say that this was a great conversation, get in tune below!

Watch Swae Lee’s brand new interview with BigBoyTV!

Swae Lee is a real life rockstar who is truly looking at at least another 20 – 30 years of superstardom if he so chooses, he recently stopped by Big Boy’s neighborhood for a brand new interview that you don’t want to miss out on. They discussed several topics such as his die hard fan base, celebrities he asked for a picture when he was growing up, when his father bought him FL, his brand new solo album, touring with Post Malone + what their relationships like, what it was like working with Drake, his tattoos, his relationship with his mother, festivals vs regular shows, times he has had to deal with weird obsessive fans, the future of Rae Sremmurd, jewelry, spending $60,000 on Postmates in a year, his track “Sunflower”, his dream collab, writing for other artists and so much more. Watch this brand new conversation below!

Watch A$AP Ferg’s brand new interview with BigBoyTV!

A$AP Ferg is a staple in the hip-hop community but that’s common knowledge at this point, he is also fresh off the release of his new tape so he got up with the OG Big Boy for a brand new interview. Big + his tea asked Ferg about many topics including A$AP Rocky’s situation overseas & finally getting him back home, his brand new EP titled Floor Seats, growing up riding BMX bikes, his father drawing the Bad Boy logo, the relationship that he had with his dad, growing up a battle rapper, how he initially met A$AP Rocky, being a student of the game, working with Rico Nasty, artists becoming more unique, traveling the world and more! This was a great conversation between great people and I highly suggest that you tune in, press play below.

Watch Young Thug’s brand new interview with BigBoyTV!

Young Thug is one of the most creative & influential artist in the world and he is fresh off of the release of his brand new project, so it’s only right that he sat down with the GOAT of interviewers, Big Boy! Big Boy + his team asked Thug about plenty of interesting subjects including his brand new album So Much Fun, his relationship with Nipsey Hussle, working with Machine Gun Kelly, the idea of album vs mixtape, Lil Wayne, his interview with No Jumper, having a mind that’s always running, tweeting about running for president in 2024, what type of father he is, his relationship with Gunna, J. Cole executive producing his album, a joint project with Juice WRLD, his clothing brand, receiving praise from Elton John, advice he would give his younger self, Jay-Z’s NFL situation and so much more. Watch this awesome new interview below!

Watch Ice Cube’s brand new interview with BigBoyTV

Ice Cube is a living legend and an OG in not only the hip-hop community but the entertainment world as a whole, he recently stopped by BigBoyTV for a brand new interview, and if you know anything about their past conversations you know that their chemistry is always on point so I eagerly pressed play. They spoke about a bunch of topics such as his Big 3 league, more players wanting to get involved with the Big 3, Lamar Odom, the first time he met John Singleton + when he put him in his first movie, his predicts for the next NBA season, the Lakers, season 3 of Hip Hop Squares, the first time he wrote a script, Boyz N The Hood, not watching his old movies too often and much more! Take some time out of your Tuesday to check out this brand new interview below!

Watch Snoop Dogg’s brand new interview with BigBoyTV!

Snoop Dogg is one of the most entertaining people on the planet and he has been for the past three decades now, whenever he steps in front of a camera for an interview you know that he’s about to drop some gems,, especially when it’s with Big Boy + his always friendly crew. Snoop Dogg spoke about several topics in this interview including his relationship with Suge Knight, getting a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, breaking the record & his speech at that event, his brand new album I Wanna Thank Me, memories he has of his homie Nipsey Hussle, self love, A&Ring his whole project, the perception of Death Row Records, his ranking on the Top 50 Lists, smoking with random celebrities, the photo that recently surfaced of him smoking with Kurt Cobain, his track “Let Bygones Be Bygones”, being a grandfather and so much more. Watch this brand new interview below!

Watch Rick Ross on BigBoyTV

Rick Ross is a legend in the game and he is an artist that many new & upcoming artists can look up to, not to mention he recently put out his brand new album that is fantastic, so I was happy to see him connect with the great Big Boy & his A+ crew for an amazing new conversation. You will find Rick Ross speaking on several things such as what it feels like to release his tenth studio album Port Of Miami 2, the first time he met Drake, his thoughts on the A$AP Rocky situation overseas, his relationship with his homie Meek Mill, building his empire, being inspired by 2pac, his image and his brand, ownership, not getting caught up in the internet bullsh*t, studying acts like Ice Cube, challenging himself, his Belaire endeavor, Nipsey Hussle, advice he would give, social media antics, dealing with the passing of his close friend, longevity, having strong relationships, his health situations, working with Nas and Pusha T, the new record with Drake, etc. Watch this brand new interview!

Watch Tyga’s brand new interview on BigBoyTV

Tyga has been having a great past couple of years musically and is fresh off the release of his new album, so it only makes sense that he stopped by the neighborhood for a great new conversation with Big Boy + his energetic team. You will find them asking Tyga about everything such as his brand new album, why he titled it Legendary, the impact that Nipsey Hussle had, turning 30 later this year, being in the game ten years, being in the studio for 220 + days in one year, dealing with outside perception, being in a better space now, reconnecting with Mustard and YG, the west coast, being a father and more. Watch this brand new interview below.